Types of Beanies for Men: The Definitive Guide


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Updated December 3, 2023

Ribbed Beanie Brown Male Model Stylish Men Different Types of Beanies for MenPin
Discover different types of beanies for men. Photo: Shutterstock

Searching for that elusive blend of comfort and flair as the temperature drops? Look no further than the beanie, an essential hat that has gained immense popularity for transcending functionality.

Far from just a shield against the chill, a beanie is a canvas for your sartorial expression. But donning a beanie isn’t as simple as plopping it on your head. The art lies in choosing the right style from the various types of beanies for men and wearing them with finesse.

In our comprehensive guide, you’ll discover a curated selection of men’s beanie styles, each accompanied by expert tips that will empower you to elevate your ensemble effortlessly, whether for a classic vibe or something more hipster.

Types of Beanies for Men

From timeless, relaxed options to contemporary designs, the men’s beanie landscape offers many choices to align with a diverse array of men’s clothing seamlessly:

Cuffed Beanie

Man Cuffed Beanie OutdoorsPin
Wear a cuffed beanie for an effortless cold-weather style. Photo: Shutterstock

A cuffed beanie hugs the contours of your head, offering a snug fit. The defining feature, a cuff at the hem or bottom, can be adjusted up or down to suit your mood. Fold it for a polished appearance, or let it sit low for a more laid-back vibe—this versatile style pairs well with anything from a tailored coat to casual wear.

Slouch Beanie

Slouchy Beanie MenPin
Add an element of cool to your look with a slouchy beanie. Photo: Deposit Photos

The slouch beanie is the epitome of effortless style. Its longer length allows it to drape casually over your forehead, creating an air of nonchalance. This beanie is your go-to for a relaxed weekend or a casual outing. Pair it with a loose shirt and distressed jeans to complete the laid-back look.

Knitted Beanie

Knitted Beanie MenPin
Nothing quite says winter like a knitted beanie. Photo: Deposit Photos

Knitted beanies are the quintessential winter headgear, crafted from thicker yarn or knitted fabric that promises to keep you warm. These are not just for ski trips. They can add a rustic touch to your everyday attire. Knit beanies go well with flannel shirts and rugged boots for outdoor adventures or a casual day out.

Cuffless Beanie

Porsche Design Classic Cuffless Beanie MenPin
Tap into sleek, minimalist style with a classic cuffless beanie. Photo: Porsche Design

The cuffless beanie is the minimalist’s dream, devoid of extra fabric at the bottom. It resembles a skull cap and offers a streamlined look. This style is perfect for those who want a no-fuss, easy-to-wear option, especially when your hair refuses to cooperate. Pair it with a simple t-shirt and jeans for an uncomplicated yet stylish ensemble.

Fisherman Beanie

Fisherman Beanie Red Men Style Man Sweater OutdoorsPin
Channel winter style with a fisherman beanie and Nordic sweater. Photo: Shutterstock

The fisherman beanie is a potent choice, often crafted from solid materials that can withstand the elements, including the wind. It comes with a distinctive brim at the front, adding an extra layer of protection and style.

This beanie is your ally for winter sports or any outdoor endeavor where you must be shielded from harsh conditions. Pair it with an Irish sweater and boots to complete the adventurous look.

Bobble Beanie

Bobble Beanie MenPin
Bobble beanies provide cold-weather outfits with a whimsical quality. Photo: Deposit Photos

The bobble beanie is the whimsical addition your winter wardrobe has been yearning for. Its knitted design is crowned with a pom-pom or bobble, injecting playfulness into your ensemble. This style is ideal for casual outings where you want to make a lighthearted statement. Team it up with a colorful scarf and a cheerful attitude.

Brimmed/Visor Beanie

Visor Beanie Men VansPin
Enjoy the benefits of a cap with the brimmed visor beanie. Photo: Vans

The brimmed visor beanie offers the best of both worlds for those who seek warmth and flair. The added brim provides extra coverage for your ears and forehead and infuses your look with sophistication. This beanie can be dressed up or down, making it versatile. Pair it with a tailored coat for a refined appearance or a casual jacket for a more relaxed vibe.

Earflap Beanie

Earflap Beanie MenPin
Stay warm during winter with an earflap beanie. Photo: Deposit Photos

The earflap beanie is the unsung hero of winter headgear, designed for those who refuse to let frigid temperatures and icy winds dictate their outdoor plans. Crafted with extended fabric flaps that cover the ears, this beanie offers an extra layer of warmth where you need it most. 

It’s ideal for outdoor enthusiasts or even a child playing in the snow for hours. The earflap beanie often comes with ties or straps, allowing you to secure the flaps under your chin or lift them when you’re back in a warmer setting. 

Pair it with a heavy-duty parka and thermal gloves, and you’re ready to face even the harshest winter elements.

Personalized Beanie 

New Era NFL Las Vegas Raiders Pom Beanie HatPin
Sports beanies from brands like New Era are a great way to share the love of your favorite sports teams. Photo: JD

Beanies offer a blank canvas for your creativity, allowing you to infuse them with your style. Embroidered logos let you flaunt your allegiance to a sports team or a beloved band. 

If subtlety is more your speed, consider monogramming your initials for a bespoke touch. Those who revel in flair, patches, and embellishments can transform a basic beanie into a head-turning statement piece. 

These options let you express your individuality and create personalized gifts that resonate. So go ahead, make your beanie a true extension of you.

Beanie Materials

Acne Studios Wool Mohair Beanie MenPin
Elevate your style with a wool and mohair beanie. Photo: Acne Studios

Beanies are crafted from various materials, each offering unique benefits in terms of comfort and warmth. Natural fibers like merino wool and cashmere are the gold standard for insulation and breathability, making them the go-to choices for colder settings and designer beanies.

Cotton, another natural option, offers a breathable yet less insulating alternative suitable for milder conditions. In contrast, synthetic materials like acrylic and nylon provide a lighter touch but may need to catch up when keeping you warm.

Regardless of whether you’re gearing up for a cold winter or simply in search of a fashionable accent, the material of your beanie is a pivotal factor in your overall comfort and style.

Choose the Right Color

Man Beanie Outside MorningPin
The casual everyday style is effortless with a beanie. Photo: Shutterstock

Selecting the ideal beanie color is more than a whimsical decision. It’s a strategic move in crafting your ensemble. Consider beanies in neutral shades like black, gray, or navy for a versatile, everyday look. These hues epitomize effortless style, easily coordinating with various outfits.

Beanie Long Hairstyle MenPin
Wearing a beanie is a great way to add color to your ensemble. Photo: Deposit Photos

A vibrant red, mustard yellow, or electric blue beanie can be a game-changer if you’re adventurous. But tread carefully: the key is to harmonize this burst of color with the rest of your attire. Think about how the beanie’s hue interacts with your shirt, trousers, and footwear colors. The objective is to assemble an outfit that feels both cohesive and intentional.

Red Beanie MenPin
Red adds a stylish change of pace when it comes to beanies. Photo: FP

Navigating the color landscape requires a basic understanding of color theory. For instance, warm tones like red, yellow, and orange can create a striking contrast when paired with cool shades like blue and green. This is because they sit on opposite ends of the color wheel, and their juxtaposition results in a visually engaging ensemble.

Whether embracing the monochrome trend or mixing and matching, your choice of beanie color can make or break your look.

Consider Your Face Shape

Man Orange Beanie SunglassesPin
Keep in mind the shape of your face when choosing the ideal beanie. Photo: Shutterstock

When choosing a beanie, your face shape isn’t just a footnote—it’s a central factor that can dramatically influence how well a particular style suits you. For those blessed with an oval face shape, the world of beanies is your oyster. This shape is considered neutral, making it compatible with any beanie style.

If your face leans more towards the square side, steer clear of too snug or stretchy beanies. Your ideal match is a looser, slouchy beanie, preferably with a rolled brim to introduce some volume and soften the angularity of your face.

An oversized beanie with a generous brim can work wonders for individuals with an oblong face shape. This style adds width to your face, balancing out its elongated proportions.

And if you’re navigating life with a round face, opt for a more compact beanie that perches just above the ears and boasts an angular design. This will lend structure to your face, creating a more balanced look.

Styling Beanies & Hair

Beanie Long Hair MenPin
A beanie is a stylish addition to long hair. Photo: FP

Your hairstyle isn’t just a footnote when selecting a beanie—it’s a crucial element that can either make or break your look. For those sporting shorter hair, almost any beanie style will do, from the snug fit of a cuffed beanie to the loose drape of a slouch beanie.

However, if you have longer locks or a voluminous mane, you’ll want to opt for beanies that can accommodate your hair without flattening it. A slouch or cuffless beanie can give your hair the room it needs while keeping you warm and stylish.

Think of your hairstyle as another accessory that works in harmony with your chosen beanie, creating a cohesive look that’s uniquely you.

When to Wear Beanies

Beanie Outfit Puffer MenPin
Complete your winter fits with a beanie. Photo: FP

Beanies are not confined to the winter months, although that’s when they shine brightest. In winter, they serve a dual purpose: providing warmth and elevating your style.

Paired with a coat and boots, a beanie becomes the finishing touch to a quintessential winter ensemble, capturing the essence of the season. But don’t relegate your beanies to the back of the closet when the snow melts, or the sun comes out.

These versatile headpieces can also make a statement in spring and summer. For a laid-back vibe during the warmer months, consider beanies in lighter hues like white or beige. Pair them with shorts and sneakers, and you’ve crafted a relaxed yet stylish look that defies the calendar and captures the beauty of each season.

Beanies with a Purpose

Winter Beanies: Your Cold-Weather Ally 

Winter Beanie Style MenPin
No smart winter look is complete without a beanie. Photo: FP

When the temperature plummets, winter beanies become essential, crafted from materials like wool and acrylic, these beanies are designed to trap heat. 

Look for added features like fleece lining or double-layered fabric for extra insulation. The suitable winter beanie can complete your cold-weather look, whether you’re pairing it with a puffer jacket or a trench coat.

Sport Beanies: Performance-Driven Headgear 

Snowboarding Beanie MenPin
Hit the slopes in a warm beanie. Photo: FP

Sports beanies are all about functionality. They’re often made from moisture-wicking materials like polyester or merino wool to keep you dry during intense activities. These beanies are versatile and suitable for various sports, from running and cycling to skiing and snowboarding.

Hiking Beanies: Your Outdoor Companion 

Hiking Beanie MenPin
The beanie is a welcomed addition to any hiking ensemble. Photo: FP

A hiking beanie is a must-have for outdoor adventures. Choose one that’s quick-drying and moisture-wicking to keep you comfortable on the trails. Depending on the climate and terrain of your hiking destination, you might opt for a thicker, insulated beanie or something lightweight and breathable.

Fashion Beanies: The Style Statement 

H&M Men Gradient BeaniePin
Make a splash with fashion beanies from stores like H&M. Photo: H&M

Fashion beanies are the go-to for those looking to make a sartorial impact. These beanies come in various designs, from understated to eye-catching. You’ll find unique embellishments like bold patterns, embroidery, or faux fur accents that add personality to any outfit.

Beanies in Pop Culture

Bill Murray Beanie The Life of Aquatic with Steve ZissouPin
Bill Murray wears a ribbed beanie in The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. Photo: Screencap / Miramax

The beanie has transcended its role as a mere accessory to become a cultural touchstone, leaving a mark on various facets of popular culture, from film to music.

In cinema, beanies have had their moments of glory. Take The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, where the red beanie becomes as iconic as Bill Murray’s character. These instances elevate the beanie from a simple accessory to a character-defining element.

Common BeaniePin
Rapper and actor Common wears a knit beanie. Photo: s_bukley / Deposit Photos

Musicians have also adopted the beanie as part of their artistic identity. Kurt Cobain often sported a slouchy beanie in grunge, making it synonymous with ’90s alternative culture. Hip-hop artists like Common and Eminem have also made the beanie a staple, adding another layer to its cultural significance.

David Beckham BeaniePin
David Beckham sports a slouchy beanie. Photo: ChinaImages / Deposit Photos

Celebrities like David Beckham have also contributed to the beanie’s rise as a fashion staple, embracing it as a symbol of street style. High fashion has also embraced the beanie’s allure. Fashion brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton have featured beanies in their runway shows, proving that this accessory can hold its own in casual and high-fashion settings.

Social media has catalyzed the beanie’s journey through pop culture. Platforms like Instagram and TikTok have propelled certain styles and brands into the limelight, with hashtags like #BeanieSeason offering a wealth of style inspiration.

The Timeless Appeal of Beanies

Beanie FishermanPin
The timeless appeal of beanies dates back to fishermen and other workers. Photo: Deposit Photos

The beanie, once a simple, snug cap designed for laborers and fishermen, has evolved into a fashion staple with global appeal. Originating in 12th-century Wales as a coarse woolen hat, it was initially a practical solution for workers and countercultural figures who needed to keep warm and protect their hair from machinery.

As the 20th century dawned, the beanie began to shed its workwear image. It first gained a foothold in fashion through subcultures like beatniks and skaters. By mid-century, fashion designers had taken notice, experimenting with new materials and styles. The beanie was no longer confined to utility—it had become a canvas for self-expression.

Beanie Skater Style MenPin
Skate into style with a timeless beanie. Photo: FP

The 1990s marked a turning point. The beanie was embraced by women and athletes alike, catapulting it back into mainstream fashion. Its influence crossed borders, becoming a street fashion staple in Japan and a winter essential in Nordic countries, often adorned with traditional patterns. Even in warmer regions, lighter versions of the beanie emerged, underscoring its universal appeal.

Today, the beanie is as ubiquitous as jewelry, donned by people of all ages and genders. It’s not just a functional piece to keep you warm—it’s a fashion statement and a cultural icon. With many colors and styles available, it effortlessly complements any outfit, from work attire to casual ensembles.

Slouchy Beanie Men Leather JacketPin
The beanie is a definite style statement when paired with the right clothes. Photo: Deposit Photos

The beanie’s enduring allure lies in its versatility. It can adapt to fit any aesthetic, whether you’re drawn to classic elegance or edgy trends. You can opt for brimmed versions that offer extra warmth or go for understated designs that blend seamlessly with any look.
The beanie has transformed from a utilitarian garment into a sartorial powerhouse.

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