Short Haircuts for Men: Top Hair Trends for 2024

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Updated April 2, 2024

Explore modern short haircuts for men.Pin
Explore modern short haircuts for men.

Short haircuts for men have always been about more than just convenience and ease of care. They are a statement of personal style, a declaration of identity, and, in many ways, a reflection of the zeitgeist.

Each stylish haircut, whether the Ivy League’s refined elegance or the faux hawk’s bold defiance, serves as a canvas for individual expression. They adapt to the contours of one’s lifestyle, morphing into a signature that is as distinct as fashionable.

Short Haircuts for Men

From the buzz cut’s sharp precision to the spiky haircut’s textured dynamism, each short hairstyle offers a unique narrative, embracing both the timeless and the contemporary.

Brush Up

Brush Up Haircut MenPin
The Brush Up hairstyle commands attention with its upright texture and striking volume. Photo: Shutterstock

The Brush Up is characterized by its vertical styling, where the hair on top is lifted and styled to stand out with texture and volume. The sides can be tapered or faded to emphasize the height and fullness of the crown.

Achieving this look might require a blow-dryer to direct the hair upwards and a strong-hold product to keep it in place. It’s a versatile style that can be adapted to casual and formal settings, making it a popular choice for those who appreciate a standout look that’s still polished.

Buzz Cut

Buzz Cut MenPin
A Buzz Cut is a no-fuss, short hairstyle that is easy to maintain. Photo: Shutterstock

The Buzz Cut symbolizes sharpness and order, with its uniform length and clean lines providing a robust framework for a man’s features. Between trims, personal grooming is a breeze; a dab of hair wax can add texture and a hint of polish to the otherwise matte finish.

Ideal for men who value simplicity and sportiness, the buzz haircut also offers a cooling advantage, keeping the temperature at bay during warmer months.

Caesar Cut

Caesar Cut Hairstyle Men Gerard ButlerPin
The Caesar Cut, worn by Gerard Butler, is a timeless choice that offers a strong silhouette with its forward-styled fringe and even length. Photo: Jaguar PS /

The Caesar Cut is a classic hairstyle known for its short, horizontal fringe and even hair length across the head. This low-maintenance cut has stood the test of time, offering a clean, refined look that works well for all hair types.

This style is particularly effective as a hairstyle for men with thin hair, as it can provide a fuller appearance.

Comb Over

Modern Comb Over MenPin
A Comb Over offers a sleek, side-swept style. Photo: Shutterstock

The Comb Over is a suave side-swept hairstyle achieved through a combination of expert scissors to maintain the length on top and a skilled hand with the clipper for the faded sides. The result is a sculpted, geometric profile that offers a modern edge to the classic shape-up.

For maintenance, this haircut benefits from regular trims to preserve the graduation and the strategic use of pomade to keep the longer strands in place.

Crew Cut

Crew Cut MenPin
The Crew Cut offers a blend of function and style with its sharp contours and easy upkeep. Photo: Shutterstock

The Crew Cut is a standout choice for its practicality and aesthetic appeal. It is characterized by short sides and a slightly longer top. This style is a favorite for its easy maintenance and the way it accentuates the natural lines of the face.

Achieving the Crew Cut look requires precision from a skilled barber, who will use clippers to create a clean, tapered effect on the sides and back, while scissors are used on top for a bit more length and texture. Daily styling is minimal; a small amount of pomade or hair wax can be used for a touch of definition.

Curly Fade

Short Curly Hair Fade MenPin
The Curly Fade is an effortless blend of texture and taper, offering a stylish, sharp, and expressive statement. Photo: Kenzie Kraft / Unsplash

The Curly Fade combines the natural allure of short, curly hair with the crispness of a fade. The curls on top contrast the skin-close sides, offering a look full of texture and character.

To maintain the definition of the curls, a curl-enhancing cream or a light hold gel can be used, which helps to keep the hair moisturized and frizz-free. The fade will require regular touch-ups to keep the sides immaculate and the transition seamless.

Faux Hawk

Faux Hawk Hairstyle MenPin
The Faux Hawk is a daring yet approachable style that captures a sense of creativity and edge. Photo: FP

The Faux Hawk hairstyle is an audacious twist on the mohawk, offering a less extreme take suitable for various occasions. Its signature is the pronounced contrast between the shorter sides and the elongated, spiked strip of hair that runs along the top of the head.

A firm-hold product, like hair wax or pomade, is essential to maintain the central peak. The sides require regular upkeep with a clipper for a sharp, faded look, enhancing the geometry of the style.

French Crop

French Crop Haircut MenPin
A French Crop haircut offers a stylish yet practical approach to modern men’s haircare. Photo: thelavrova /

The French Crop is a versatile hairstyle that exudes European sophistication with its distinctive fringe and shorter back and sides. It’s perfect for those seeking a low-maintenance yet stylish look.

The fringe can be tailored to your face shape and personal style, while the cropped sides require minimal upkeep. For styling, use a small amount of pomade or matte hair wax to give the top texture and hold, allowing the fringe to take center stage.

High and Tight

High and Tight Hairstyle MenPin
The High and Tight haircut embodies sharpness and discipline with its close-cut sides and neat top. Photo: Deposit Photos

The High and Tight is a classic military-inspired hairstyle that speaks to precision and neatness. It features closely shaved sides that transition to a slightly longer yet shorter length on top.

This low-maintenance style makes it an excellent choice for men who prefer a clean and fuss-free look. To keep the haircut in top shape, regular visits to the barber are necessary to maintain the “high and tight” aspect.

Ivy League

Ivy League Cut Hairstyle Men Ryan GoslingPin
The Ivy League haircut, sported by Ryan Gosling, offers a seamless blend of sophistication and minimalism. Photo: Kathy Hutchins /

The Ivy League cut, often called the Harvard Clip or Princeton, is a polished, timeless style that exudes sophistication. This haircut is marked by its neat, short length that’s easy to maintain and universally flattering.

The top is styled with a side part, often with just enough length to allow for a subtle side-swept look, while the sides are kept short and clean with a subtle taper. This hairstyle is ideal for those who desire a refined look suitable for both professional environments and casual occasions.

Middle Part

Middle Part Hairstyle MenPin
Channel a laid-back vibe with a Middle Part that balances casual with a touch of sophistication. Photo: Shutterstock

The Middle Part is characterized by a gentle division of the hair down the center, allowing the natural flow and wave of the hair to frame the face symmetrically. For maintenance, this look is quite forgiving; a simple trim to clean up the ends and some light hair care products, such as a bit of pomade or essential oil, can enhance the hair’s natural movement.

It’s a style that works well with various hair textures and lengths and conveys an easy-going, fashionable, timeless confidence. The center part is an excellent choice for those who prefer a hairstyle that’s easy to manage and stylish.


Pompadour Hairstyle MenPin
The Pompadour brings a vintage classic into the modern era with its voluminous top and precision fading. Photo: Deposit Photos

The modern Pompadour combines the voluminous, swept-back hair on top with the gradual fading of the sides. This style is a blend of old-school glamor and contemporary neatness.

Styling involves blow-drying the hair upwards with a round brush and securing the look with a high-hold product to keep it in place throughout the day.


Quiff Hairstyle MenPin
A voluminous Quiff offers height and texture for a bold, modern statement. Photo: Deposit Photos

The Quiff and its voluminous top add height and flair, tapering down to neatly clipped sides for a clean-cut finish. Achieving this look involves a blow dryer for lift and volume at the roots, followed by a small amount of pomade or hair wax to provide hold and texture, allowing the quiff to maintain its shape throughout the day.

Regular trims are necessary to keep the sides tight and the top just the right length to style. As a hairstyle that adapts to various face shapes, the quiff offers a versatile option for those looking to make a bold fashion statement.

Side Part

Side Part MenPin
Sleek and refined, the Side Part uses precise styling for a clean, contemporary edge. Photo: Shutterstock

Often mistaken for a classic combover, the Side Part exudes sophistication with its sharp parting and immaculate styling. The cut’s geometry sets it apart, with scissors and comb working together to create a flawless silhouette.

Expert hands craft the graduation from the longer top to the neatly trimmed sides, achieving a balance that accentuates the style’s sleekness. Use pomade to maintain the parting’s definition.

Slick Back

Slick Back Hairstyle Men Tom MisonPin
Capture the essence of suave with a Slick Back like Tom Mison. Photo: Kathy Hutchins /

The Slick Back hairstyle is the epitome of classic charm and sophistication. Ideal for creating a sharp, clean look, it suits a variety of face shapes and hair types.

To master this style, work a small amount of pomade evenly through damp hair, using a comb to draw hair straight back for a glossy, controlled finish. Maintenance involves regular trims to keep the sides neat, complementing the slicked-back length on top.

Spiky Haircut

Spiky Hair MenPin
The Spiky haircut makes a daring statement with its textured and dynamic look. Photo: Shutterstock

Spiky hair is a dynamic style that brings an energetic and youthful edge to the wearer’s appearance. This modern haircut is characterized by its sharp, defined spikes that add texture and height.

Achieving this look typically involves cutting the hair to a uniform short length and then using a product like hair gel or wax to mold the spikes, adding a personal touch to the style. While the spiky hair look is bold, it’s versatile, allowing different lengths and messiness levels to suit various tastes and occasions.

Tapered Haircut

Tapered Haircut MenPin
Embrace the clean transitions of a Tapered haircut, where precision meets style. Photo: FP

The Tapered haircut is characterized by gradually shortening the hair length from the top to the nape, blending seamlessly into the skin. It’s a versatile look that can be adapted to various hair types and personal preferences, always ensuring a neat and professional appearance.

To maintain the sharpness of the taper, regular visits to the barber are recommended, as well as a light touch of pomade or hair wax to enhance the hair’s texture and manageability.

Textured Crop with Bangs

Textured Crop with Bangs MenPin
The Textured Crop with Bangs offers a contemporary look that combines ease with a touch of flair. Photo: Shutterstock

The Textured Crop is a fresh take on the classic crop, featuring added texture and soft bangs that bring a relaxed yet refined aesthetic. The hair is layered to create a natural, lived-in look, while the bangs are left slightly longer to frame the face gently.

Styling this cut can be as simple as using a bit of hair wax or matte pomade to enhance the texture and give the hair a manageable hold. It’s an adaptable style, suitable for various hair types and lengths, and can be tailored to match any fashion sense.

Textured Fringe

Textured Fringe Haircut MenPin
The Textured Fringe haircut offers a blend of casual style with a touch of edge. Photo: Bailey Burton / Unsplash

A Textured Fringe haircut is defined by its choppy layers and the pronounced fringe that falls casually over the forehead. It’s a versatile cut that suits a variety of face shapes, adding a youthful and spirited vibe to the wearer’s appearance.

Achieving this look involves cutting techniques that create texture and movement within the hair, allowing for a tousled, effortless finish. Styling is straightforward; a bit of texturizing product, like a sea salt spray or light pomade, can enhance the natural look of the layers.

Textured Top

Short Textured Hair MenPin
A Textured Top adds depth and interest to short hair, offering a stylish and easily manageable look. Photo: Shutterstock

The Textured Top is a fantastic choice for adding dimension to the hair without requiring extensive styling or maintenance. The hair on top is cut to create a layered effect, which results in a natural, rugged appearance.

This style works well with some hair wax or matte pomade to enhance the texture and hold the style in place. It’s a practical option for busy people, requiring minimal effort to look great.


Short UndercutPin
The Undercut showcases striking contrast with its short sides and longer top. Photo: Deposit Photos

The Undercut is a hairstyle that stands out for its stark contrast between the almost shaved sides and the longer hair on top. It’s a statement style that suits those looking to add an edge to their look.

Achieving an undercut variation involves clipper work to create the signature ‘undercut’ around the sides and back while keeping length on the top to style as desired. It’s a versatile look sliced back for a sleek appearance or left tousled for a more casual feel.

The Essence of Men’s Short Haircuts

Side-swept Tousled Hair MenPin
Effortlessly stylish, this side-swept tousle lends a modern twist to classic charm. Photo: Shutterstock

Short haircuts for men are far from monolithic. They are vibrant and dynamic, continually adapting to the changing tides of style and personal preference. Whether you’re drawn to the understated elegance of the side part or the expressive flair of the quiff, there’s a short haircut that resonates with every man’s unique sense of self.

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