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Updated January 22, 2024

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Explore the different types of shirts for men.

As the saying goes, clothes make the man, and no item of clothing does this more than a shirt. There are types of shirts for men for every occasion, from the casual weekend get-togethers to the 9-5 grind, from summer barbecues to black-tie events. While the variety can seem overwhelming, each type of shirt brings its unique touch to an outfit, contributing to the character of the man wearing it.

Types of Shirts for Men

Whether you’re a seasoned style connoisseur or just starting your fashion journey, this comprehensive guide will serve as a roadmap to understand, appreciate, and choose from an array of shirt options available.

Casual Shirts

Basic Styles

In the vast landscape of men’s attire, casual shirts emerge as the steadfast anchor, intertwining ease, fashion, and adaptability. Through the enduring charm of the short sleeve T-shirt, the nuanced appeal of the pocket tee, and the refined grace of the polo, a myriad of looks can be assembled that span the spectrum from relaxed nonchalance to understated elegance.

The Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Types of Shirts Men White T-ShirtPin
The plain white T-shirt is the fundamental piece of any casual wardrobe. Photo: FP

The classic short sleeve T-shirt, an omnipresent item in a man’s wardrobe, epitomizes simplicity and versatility. A well-fitted T-shirt can significantly enhance your appearance, whether showcased on its own or as a layer under a flannel or Oxford cloth button-down.

Serving as a foundational piece in any man’s style arsenal, the T-shirt is simple yet adaptable and flatters any body shape when chosen wisely. Its aptitude for layering makes it a perennial piece, suitable for any season.

The secret to styling a T-shirt is ensuring a perfect fit. An ideal T-shirt should subtly highlight your chest and shoulders without compromising the fit around your biceps. Pair it with jeans, chinos, or shorts for a laid-back ensemble, or team it with a blazer for a more composed look.

The Pocket Tee
Types of Shirts Men Pocket T-Shirt UNIQLO OrangePin
Take a step up from the plain t-shirt with a pocket tee. Photo: UNIQLO

The pocket tee takes the simplicity of the T-shirt and adds a dash of detail in the form of a pocket. This small addition lends a visual point of interest and a practical element for storing small items. Pocket tees have a relaxed vibe that strikes a balance between the casual nature of a T-shirt and the slightly more formal presence of a pocket.

When styling a pocket tee, the rules are pretty relaxed. Wear it with jeans for an effortless casual look, or pair it with chinos to add structure. The pocket provides a great opportunity to introduce a pop of color or pattern, even in an otherwise neutral shirt. A pocket tee is all about ease and versatility, making it a great addition to any wardrobe.

The Polo Shirt

Types of Shirts Men Polo Shirt Abercrombie FitchPin
The polo shirt is a versatile basic that can easily go from casual to dressed up. Photo: Abercrombie & Fitch

The polo shirt, an upgrade from the essential T-shirt, holds a non-negotiable spot in casual and semi-formal attire. Distinguished by its simple collar and buttoned front, the polo shirt introduces an element of elegance to any ensemble.

The polo shirt is an excellent means to uplift your casual attire, adding a hint of sophistication. It’s a flexible garment that fits seamlessly into various settings and compliments different body types.

There’s an array of ways to fashion a polo shirt. For a relaxed appearance, team it up with jeans, or for a touch of formality, opt for chinos or tailored trousers. For a breezy summer outfit, try it with shorts.

Buttoned Styles

In the style blueprint of the modern man, buttoned shirts unlock a realm of sophisticated charm and effortless suave. Serving as critical tools in the stylistic repertoire, these garments deftly navigate the spectrum from relaxed cool to polished sophistication.

The Button-Down Shirt

Types of Shirts Men Button-downPin
Perfect alone or layered, the button-down shirt is essential to have on standby. Photo: FP

Button-down shirts are foundational pieces in men’s fashion. Named for the small buttons that occasionally fasten the collar points to the shirt, they present a formal style and relaxed wearability blend. Originally part of polo players’ attire, button-down shirts have found their place in everyday fashion and formal occasions.

Their appeal lies in their sheer versatility. Button-down shirts can add elegance to a casual outfit or tone down a more formal ensemble. They’re ideal for office, dates, parties, and even casual outings, making them a genuine all-rounder in men’s fashion.

Styling a button-down shirt opens up a multitude of options. Pair it with jeans and roll up the sleeves for a casual look. Match it with a suit or chinos for a formal occasion, ensuring the shirt stays tucked in. With the variety of colors and fabrics available, button-down shirts offer infinite possibilities to experiment with style and make a fashion statement.

The Oxford Button-down Shirt

Types of Shirts Men Oxford Shirt GANTPin
The Oxford shirt is easily the embodiment of smart casual. Photo: GANT

The shirt in focus here is the Oxford cloth button-down, an integral element of men’s fashion known for its distinctive features and versatility. Woven from sturdy Oxford cloth and adorned with a button-down collar, this shirt combines durability and a relaxed charm, placing it high on the list of wardrobe essentials for men.

Often playing the role of an elegant chameleon, the Oxford cloth button-down blurs the boundaries between formal and casual attire. It effortlessly introduces a casual elegance to a sharp suit or elevates a straightforward jeans outfit with sophistication. This shirt’s adaptability to fit various dress codes, from weekday office looks to weekend styles, underlines its importance in a well-rounded wardrobe.

What makes the Oxford cloth button-down particularly appealing is its flexibility. It can be worn as a standalone piece or layered under a blazer or sweater, displaying its multifaceted nature. For a casual ensemble, try it with jeans, corduroy pants, or chinos. But it can also complement a tailored suit for a more polished look. However, it’s essential to avoid coupling it with highly formal wear, as the relaxed character of this shirt might clash with the strict formality of such outfits.

The Chambray Shirt

Types of Shirts Men Chambray TheoryPin
A step above denim, we find the sleek chambray shirt. Photo: Theory

The chambray shirt, frequently mistaken for denim, is a softer, lighter counterpart to the more rugged fabric. Crafted using a simple weave, the chambray shirt offers comfort and casual style in equal measure, with the added benefit of dressing up or down as the occasion demands, making it a valuable inclusion in any wardrobe.

For those who appreciate the aesthetic of denim but crave a lighter and more adaptable option, the chambray shirt is a worthy choice. Its casual flair and a dash of sophistication make it an easy go-to for various settings, for the office, a romantic dinner date, or a laid-back evening at the local bar.

When fashioning a chambray shirt, the rule is to avoid creating a denim-on-denim look that’s too matchy-matchy. Pair it with chinos or dark jeans for a straightforward yet fashionable ensemble or a light suit for a dash of casual charm.

The Flannel Shirt

Types of Shirts Men FlannelPin
Add rugged and laid-back appeal to your wardrobe with a flannel shirt. Photo: FP

Identifiable by its warm, plush fabric, the flannel shirt is a staple for the chillier seasons. Its rustic appeal, whether showcased in a solid color or plaid pattern, makes it an ideal candidate for relaxed, casual outfits.

The flannel shirt becomes a non-negotiable addition to the wardrobe when temperatures drop. Its design lends itself well to layering, making it versatile enough to be worn open over a T-shirt, buttoned up, or even as lightweight outerwear during summer. It pairs harmoniously with various trouser styles, from the casual comfort of jeans to the more refined silhouette of chinos.

The key to a well-styled flannel shirt is its simplicity. Consider pairing it with dark denim jeans and rugged boots for an effortless casual ensemble, or throw it over a T-shirt for a relaxed, carefree look. Combine it with chinos or a tailored jacket for a slightly more elevated style.

The Short Sleeve Shirt

Types of Shirts Men Short SleevePin
Face the heat but still look your best with a short sleeve shirt. Photo: FP

Short sleeve shirts are an essential part of every man’s wardrobe, particularly when the heat of summer sets in. These shirts provide the comfort of a T-shirt, with the added sophistication of a collar and buttons. From simple cotton or linen designs to bold prints, short sleeve shirts offer a wide range of styles to fit every man’s taste.

These shirts are ideal for hot days, offering breathability and lightness while maintaining a somewhat formal edge. They bridge the gap between casual and smart casual, making them perfect for everything from beach trips to barbecues and even office settings, depending on the fabric and design.

Styling a short sleeve shirt depends on the occasion. Pair it with chino shorts or lightweight trousers for a relaxed summer look. Pair a solid short-sleeved shirt with tailored trousers or dark jeans for a more formal occasion. Avoid bulky layers and keep accessories minimal to maintain a clean, sharp look. Regardless of your style, a short sleeve shirt offers a comfortable and stylish solution for summer dressing.

Specialty Styles

Embarking on exploring specialty shirts presents an opportunity to expand and diversify a man’s style repertoire. From a Henley’s laid-back ease to a denim shirt’s rugged charm, specialty shirts provide a fascinating range of styles and aesthetics, each suited to different occasions and personal preferences.

The Denim Shirt

Types of Shirts Men DenimPin
Pay a nod to everyone’s favorite blue jeans by adding a denim shirt to your wardrobe arsenal. Photo: FP

The denim shirt, symbolic of timeless ruggedness and rebellion, should find a home in every man’s wardrobe. It is constructed from the same sturdy fabric as your favorite jeans and the versatile denim shirt pairs well with many styles.

Integrating a denim shirt into your ensemble imparts a robust masculine touch. Ideal for layering, it harmonizes well with an unstructured blazer or even a full suit, introducing a relaxed edge to your attire.

Fashioning a denim shirt might seem challenging, but maintaining a clear contrast between your shirt and trousers is the key. For instance, a dark blue denim shirt and white jeans exude style and sophistication. It’s essential, however, to steer clear of pairing it with overly formal tailoring.

The Henley Shirt

Type of Shirts Men Henley Rag BonePin
The henley adds an instant rugged attitude to any ensemble and is excellent for layering. Photo: Rag & Bone

Henley shirts, identifiable by their round neckline and characteristic button placket, are a casual men’s fashion staple. Originating from the English town of Henley-on-Thames, where rowing teams wore them, these shirts balance a T-shirt’s ease and a polo’s refined style.

One of the Henley shirt’s greatest assets is its adaptability. It’s a shirt that can go with practically anything in your wardrobe. Henleys are ideal for layering—under a jacket or over a T-shirt—and are as comfortable in the cooler months as in the summer.

When styling a Henley, focus on achieving a casual, laid-back look. Pair it with jeans or shorts for a relaxed ensemble. Alternatively, team it with a pair of chinos for a slightly more dressed-up look. A Henley shirt will serve you well whether you’re lounging at home, going on a casual outing, or dressing down for a relaxed office setting.

The Mandarin/Grandad/Band Collar Shirt

Types of Shirts Men Band Collar ZaraPin
Make an elegant statement with the classic band collar shirt. Photo: Zara

The Mandarin collar shirt, alternatively recognized as the grandad or band collar shirt, captivates with its unique collar—a short stand-up style that doesn’t fold over. With roots in Manchu attire, this minimalistic and distinct design has earned its place in Western wardrobes.

Perfect for balmy days, these shirts prioritize comfort and style, offering an airy alternative to traditional collared shirts. Equally suited for semi-formal lunches or casual evenings, pair these with chinos or tailored trousers for a sleek appearance or jeans for a more relaxed vibe.

Available in many colors, neutral tones like white, grey, or light blue offer high versatility. Simple prints can provide a playful touch without compromising adaptability. Consider layering with a lightweight jacket or accessorizing with a minimalistic pendant necklace to underline these shirts’ unique collar style and minimalistic charm.

The Baseball Tee

Types of Shirts Men Baseball TeePin
Invite a certain sportiness into your wardrobe with the addition of a baseball tee. Photo: FP

Baseball tees, also known as raglan tees, are characterized by their distinct, diagonal seam extending from the underarm to the collarbone, usually contrasting. Initially designed for baseball players to have better arm mobility, these shirts have entered the casual fashion sphere. They offer a casual, sporty look while providing comfort and ease of movement.

When styling a baseball tee, pair it with casual jeans or shorts. Its laid-back, athletic charm makes it a go-to choice for an effortless weekend outfit or a relaxed day out.

The Knit Shirt

Types of Shirts Men Knit INCPin
If you want to level up your button-down, look no further than the knit shirt. Photo: Macy’s

Knit shirts, often made from pique cotton or jersey, offer a soft, comfortable alternative to the more formal woven shirt. The relaxed fit and texture of knit shirts make them ideal for casual outfits.

These shirts are perfect for creating a relaxed, laid-back style. Pair them with chinos or jeans for a comfortable yet stylish look. Whether for a relaxed weekend or a casual Friday at work, a knit shirt can provide an effortless sense of style.

The Flap Pocket Shirt

Types of Shirts Men Flap Pocket SheinPin
Infuse your outfit with workwear-inspired style, courtesy of the flap pocket shirt. Photo: Shein

Flap pocket shirts are not just about style—they bring a high degree of utility to your outfit. With pockets covered by a flap, these shirts provide secure storage, making them ideal for those on the go. They are often seen on work shirts and military-inspired garments, adding a rugged charm to the look.

Styling a flap pocket shirt leans into the practicality. Pair it with jeans or cargo pants for a utilitarian look, or contrast it with tailored trousers for a fashion-forward outfit. These shirts are perfect for adding a bit of edge to your wardrobe, all while serving a functional purpose. Whether in a solid color or a distinctive pattern, flap pocket shirts bring practical style to the forefront.

Work & Utility Shirts

Anchoring contemporary menswear with a fusion of function and fashion, we delve into the world of work and utility shirts. In this exploration, we unravel the rugged appeal of utility work shirts, overshirts’ versatile charm, and Western shirts’ historic allure.

The Utility Work Shirt

Types of Shirts Men Utility Work Shirt Taylor StitchPin
Discover the sturdy appeal of the utility work shirt. Photo: Taylor Stitch

Crafted with an emphasis on durability and practicality, the utility work shirt, often recognized as just a work or utility shirt, is a pillar of enduring style. Its genesis in labor-intensive environments has led to its defining characteristics: robust materials, multiple pockets, reinforced stitching, and a comfort-oriented loose fit, made to withstand the rigors of long work hours and harsh conditions.

Traditionally crafted from thick fabrics like denim or canvas, this shirt category carries an industrial, rugged appeal. This appeal has led to the utility work shirt’s adoption into casual fashion, where it’s been seamlessly integrated into the wardrobes of style-conscious men. Donning a utility work shirt doesn’t require a complex ensemble. The simplicity is part of its charm.

Pair it with jeans for an effortless, rugged look that encapsulates laid-back masculinity. Combining it with well-fitting chinos does the trick if you aim for an elevated, more refined style. Remember, with the bold design of a utility work shirt, keeping the rest of your outfit simple is the key to achieving a balanced, on-trend look. The utility work shirt represents a fusion of function and fashion, anchoring its position in contemporary menswear.

The Overshirt

Types of Shirts Men Overshirt HMPin
Transition from one season to the next with the popular overshirt. Photo: H&M

The overshirt, a hybrid of a shirt and a jacket, is a versatile wardrobe asset, suitable for use as a lightweight jacket when the weather is fair or as an additional layer when the chill sets in. It’s inherent adaptability and layering ease make it an ideal choice during those unpredictable transitional seasons.

An overshirt strikes the right chord of style and comfort, perfect for the seasonal limbo when a T-shirt proves too thin and a coat too heavy. Additionally, it offers an effortless way to introduce texture and dimension to your attire.

Styling an overshirt calls for a less-is-more approach. Pairing it with a basic white T-shirt and jeans creates a relaxed, easy-going look, while a smart shirt and chinos elevate it for a more sophisticated style. Regardless of the ensemble, an overshirt brings versatility, molding itself to fit any fashion mood.

The Western Shirt

Types of Shirts Men Western Snap WranglerPin
Wrangler is one of the must-have brands when searching for the perfect western shirt. Photo: Wrangler

Western shirts, also known as cowboy shirts, evoke images of the Old West with their unique design and rugged charm. Critical features like snap fastenings, yoke detailing, and sometimes even embroidery or fringe separate Western shirts from your average button-down.

With their rich history and distinctive style, Western shirts add an exciting twist to men’s wardrobes. While they might remind you of country music or rodeo stars, don’t box these shirts into a stereotype. They have evolved in various styles, from traditional patterns and fabrics to modern, minimalist designs.

The beauty of Western shirts lies in their versatility. They can be worn buttoned up for a polished look or open over a T-shirt for a more relaxed feel. When styling a Western shirt, consider the setting and your style.

Pair it with jeans and cowboy boots for a classic look, or opt for chinos and loafers for a modern take. Whether you want to channel your inner cowboy or add a unique piece to your wardrobe, Western shirts offer a great blend of style and history.

Dress Shirts

Dress shirts, typically crafted from superior fabrics like poplin, present an image of polished professionalism with minimalist, detail-free design and longer hem. Meanwhile, tuxedo shirts, made from luxurious white fabric and often adorned with pleats, winged collars, and French cuffs, are the pinnacle of formal attire for grand occasions.

The Dress Shirt

Types of Shirts Men Dress Banana RepublicPin
Regarding formal attire, the dress shirt is an immediate go-to. Photo: Banana Republic

Crafted from fine, densely woven fabric like poplin, the dress shirt represents formal sophistication. Its design is longer in the front and back to remain neatly tucked in, even when seated, ensuring a flawless appearance. Details on a dress shirt are purposefully minimal, lacking pockets, hanger loops, or any form of logos, as a testament to its formal character.

In the arena of dressing to impress, the dress shirt reigns supreme. It is ideal for those seeking to project an air of refined elegance and professionalism, making it an undeniable fit for formal gatherings and business environments. With a dress shirt, the odds of making a positive impression are always in your favor.

The dress shirt is best showcased alongside a suit at a formal event or within office walls. Lighter shades, such as white or soft blue, bring out its professional charm. Consider accessorizing with a tie or pocket square to inject a hint of individual flair. However, avoid mirroring their patterns or colors too closely to maintain an element of subtlety and sophistication.

The Tuxedo Shirt

Types of Shirts Men Tuxedo Suit SupplyPin
Dress to impress with the dapper tuxedo shirt. Photo: Suitsupply

Tuxedo shirts are designed for the most formal occasions, such as weddings and black-tie events. They are usually made of high-quality white fabric, often featuring pleats, a winged collar, and French cuffs. The refined elegance of a tuxedo shirt makes it an essential part of any man’s formal wardrobe.

The styling of a tuxedo shirt is strict. It should be worn with a tuxedo, a formal bow tie, and cufflinks. This uniformity is critical to maintaining the formal aesthetic that a tuxedo demands. Even though it’s reserved for special occasions, the tuxedo shirt’s sophisticated elegance is timeless.

Summer & Tropical Shirts

Summer shirts, like the breathable linen or Cuban collar, serve as ideal staples for the warmer months, providing comfort alongside a dash of laid-back elegance. Further, down the spectrum, bold Hawaiian prints and relaxed tank tops encapsulate the quintessential vacation spirit, offering an unapologetic celebration of color, pattern, and casual style.

The Linen Shirt

Types of Shirts Men Linen Massimo DuttiPin
For warm weather, make the linen shirt your smart essential. Photo: Massimo Dutti

The linen shirt, crafted from a light, breathable fabric, is the go-to choice for sweltering summer days. It offers an airy and comfortable feel, fitting for casual get-togethers or sun-soaked occasions.

A quintessential component of a man’s summer clothing collection, the lightweight and breathable linen shirt offers diverse styling options, which positions it among the most adaptable types of men’s shirts.

The beauty of a linen shirt truly shines in a casual style. Pair it with jeans, chinos, or shorts for a relaxed summer ensemble, or coordinate it with a blazer for more formal events. Linen shirts also lend themselves to a broader color spectrum, although a classic white or light blue remains a timeless choice.

The Cuban Collar Shirt

Types of Shirts Men Cuban Collar REISSPin
While the Cuban collar shirt comes in various styles, REISS hits a smart stride with its design. Photo: REISS

The Cuban or camp collar shirt is an essential summer item that every man should incorporate into his wardrobe. Recognized by its open collar and short sleeves, this shirt is a match made in heaven for warm, sun-filled days.

Sporting a Cuban collar shirt provides a stylish and comfy solution for the summer heat. It suits relaxed gatherings and adds casual cool to any ensemble.

When assembling an outfit with a Cuban collar shirt, the golden rule is to lean into its casual appeal. Combine it with precisely tailored chinos for a spruced-up look, or wear shorts or jeans to maintain a leisurely vibe. Don’t shy away from vibrant colors or patterns; just be mindful to avoid styles that come across as too passé.

The Hawaiian Shirt

Types of Shirts Men Hawaiian INCPin
Exude a vacation vibe with a bold and playful Hawaiian shirt by I.N.C. Photo: Macy’s

Hawaiian shirts, also known as Aloha shirts, are characterized by their vibrant prints, short sleeves, and loose fit. Originating from Hawaii, these shirts are synonymous with a relaxed vacation vibe.

Despite their bold patterns, Hawaiian shirts can be stylish when worn correctly. Pair them with simple, solid-colored pants to balance the vibrant top. Ideal for beach vacations, summer parties, or a relaxed weekend, Hawaiian shirts offer a fun way to inject color and personality into your wardrobe.

The Tank

Types of Shirts Men Tank TopPin
Enjoy the utmost comfort in a relaxed tank top. Photo: FP

Tank tops are a summer staple, known for their sleeveless design and typically made from breathable materials like cotton. They offer unrestrictive comfort and a casual, laid-back vibe that works exceptionally well in the heat. Ideal for beach days, workouts, or lazy afternoons at home, tanks are an easy go-to when the temperature rises.

Styling a tank top is about embracing the casual. Pair it with shorts for beach days, or wear it with jeans for a casual city stroll. Layer it under an open button-down shirt for an additional style element. While often seen in a relaxed context, a well-fitted tank top can still make a statement. Opt for solid, neutral colors for a more refined look, or go bold with vibrant shades or patterns for a fun twist. Confidence and comfort are the keys to pulling off a tank top.

Additional Shirts Beyond the Basics

Types of Shirts Men Long Sleeve TeePin
Keep your style straightforward with a long sleeve tee, or use it as a layering piece when it gets colder. Photo: FP

As we’ve ventured through the manifold types of shirts in this piece, it’s essential to remember that the vast expanse of men’s fashion holds even more. While this guide has been comprehensive, it hasn’t entirely covered all; hence, we delve into a few additional types that didn’t make it into the primary list but are noteworthy nonetheless.

Consider long sleeve shirts, a sweeping category covering everything from dress shirts to casual tees. Their defining feature is full-length sleeves that reach the wrist, proving a versatile addition to any wardrobe.

Types of Shirts Men Mock Neck Tee MadewellPin
Say yes to the mock neck tee for a chic but casual look. Photo: Madewell

Then there are mock tees, defined by their high, non-foldable collar. These shirts, a modern spin on the classic t-shirt, are perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to your casual attire.

Types of Shirts Men Turtleneck ASOSPin
The older brother of the mock neck is the fantastic turtleneck. Photo: ASOS

Turtlenecks, with their high, foldable collar, usually associated with sweaters, can also classify as shirts. These indispensable pieces, perfect for colder months, offer warmth and style.

Types of Shirts Men Thermal Buck MasonPin
Buck Mason has the thermal shirt category covered with its essential styles. Photo: Buck Mason

Next, thermal shirts, designed primarily for insulation, are the unsung champions of winter fashion. Often concealed under other layers, they’re crucial for maintaining comfort during cold weather.

Types of Shirts Men Rugby Rowing BlazersPin
Channel a classic sportiness with one of Rowing Blazers’ many rugby shirts. Photo: Rowing Blazers

Let’s not forget the rugby shirts, sporty and preppy all at once with their rugged collar and bold stripes. Or the guayabera shirts, steeped in Latin American tradition, distinctive with their pleats and pockets.

Types of Shirts Men Workout MenPin
H&M makes your workout plan a tad easier with its active shirts. Photo: H&M

And then, the gym or workout shirts designed specifically for exercise employ materials like polyester for moisture-wicking properties. Last, banded bottom shirts offer a neat, tucked-in look with an elastic or fitted band around the waist.

Exploring the shirt spectrum further, you’ll find more variations like the shirts mentioned above, each with unique features and specific uses. The perfect shirt for you hinges not just on the occasion or style but also on personal comfort, fit, and the expression of your style. Hence, explore, experiment, and let your wardrobe evolve as you discover what resonates with your style and lifestyle. Each shirt holds its place and adds something unique to your style.

Final Words on Types of Shirts

Types of Shirts Men PopoverPin
The popover shirt offers a mix of casual and formal with its unique design. Photo: Macy’s

Throughout this exploration, we’ve uncovered the striking variety within men’s shirts. From the casual to the formal, the tropical to the work-ready, each shirt style’s distinct narrative echoes the many shades of a man’s life. This guide’s aim wasn’t just to detail the many shirt styles and highlight their unique roles in creating varied sartorial expressions.

And while these categories offer an essential framework, remember that the ultimate rule in fashion is personal style. So, take this knowledge, add your personal touch, and confidently carve your style narrative. After all, a shirt is more than just fabric and stitches—it’s an expression of the man who wears it.

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