What Should a Man Look for in His Athletic Shoe?

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Proper footwear is essential when it comes to burning calories. Workout shoes are specially designed to suit the functionality of various activities such as jogging, running, walking, weight-lifting, hiking, high-intensity level training, and many others. Workout shoes make you feel more active and comfortable. 

During exercise, the feet absorb pressure four times your weight; hence, finding good athletic men’s shoes becomes critical. An excellent athletic or workout shoe is judged on style, trend, durability, perforation, breathability, design, stability, and support required for both lateral and forward movement.

Types of Athletic Shoes

Many athletic shoe options are available in the market, varying in shapes, designs, materials, functionality, and weight. Because every shoe is designed to perform a specific athletic activity or sport, these differences should be considered before buying any athletic shoes. 

Man Track Shoes
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They include:

  • Track and field sports shoes can be found in many models and are designed to suit the need for activities like jumping, sprinting, throwing events, etc.
  • Court shoes for sports played inside a court, i.e., tennis, and volleyball, come with the proper support for these sports’ rapid to and fro movement. 
  • Athletic shoes for running, walking, and training are suitable for activities like brisk walking, jogging, and hiking. 
  • Hawking, archery, soccer, hockey, baseball, and many other field sports need well-spiked and wedged shoes. Field sports shoes are designed with their functionality in mind and the game you are playing. For example, you need hard rubber and soft spike shoes when playing golf.
  • Other outdoor shoes are made for activities such as fishing, riding, climbing, etc.

What to Look for When Picking an Athletic Shoe?

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Running Shoes

The right running shoes are not just about being lightweight and flexible but should have ample cushioning to provide the proper support and control required while running. With excellent traction and durability, you can prevent several injuries, pain in the heel, tendinitis, etc. Always choose running shoes in which your toe box has enough space and the fingers are not overlapping or collapsing with each other.

Tennis Shoes

Since tennis needs more support and grip than regular games, your tennis shoes must be durable enough to make quick motions and perform better. Tennis shoes are generally designed to be flat in the middle of the sole so that they can be sturdier and help in lateral movements while playing a tennis game.

The outsole and toes of the tennis shoes should be the most durable as they come in contact with the floor most often. A soft outsole and toe of a tennis shoe can result in a slip-over or injury. Depending on the court you are playing in, you can choose one of the tennis shoes from mud, floor, clay, etc.

We recommend that you buy tennis shoes for all courts. As the name suggests, these multipurpose shoes are for all types of courts. You can find these shoes from most brands like Nike, Babolat, etc.

Man Cross Training Shoes
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Cross Trainers

Cross-trainers are designed to handle the subtlety of cross-training, a vital fitness practice for many. Not just cross-training, these shoes are flexible and also provide the lateral control required for many other fitness activities and aerobics. Since you are doing different movements at varying speeds, support is a critical feature to consider while buying shoes. 

Basketball Shoes

Basketball players need to move up and down very rapidly, prepare for rebounds and have shoes that provide the proper support and traction to slide around freely and comfortably. It would help if you chose a shoe that has a thick sole to protect yourself from the risk of any injury.

As you can see, there are various athletic shoes designed for your suitable needs. We recommend you purchase it from an s specialty store or website and check the fit thoroughly.