’70s Fashion for Men: The Iconic Outfits & Styles

1970s fashion stamp featuring man in paisley print shirt with flared jeans and platform shoes.
From loud printed shirts and flared pants to the platform shoe, 70s men’s style was one-of-a-kind. Photo: spatuletail / Shutterstock.com

The 70s silhouette is back with a vengeance, spicing up today’s fashion scene from luxury brands such as Gucci to more affordable stores like Zara. Stylish jackets featuring wide lapels and flared pant styles are all the rage again, channeling men’s 70s outfits and proving this decade can’t be tamed regarding its individuality and style.

The 1970s are renowned for their bold style and fashion trendsetters, including the legendary Freddie Mercury of the rock band Queen. One of the trends in 70s fashion for men was a flare for shape.

mens seventies style leather jacket shirt sunglasses
1970s fashion had a cool factor with the cut and style of everything from men’s leather jackets and sunglasses to patterned short-sleeve shirts. Photo: iStock

The ’70s in the Details

70s men’s fashion included special attention to cut. The unique silhouette could be seen in everything from jackets to trousers to shirts as men sought to achieve a dashing and dramatic look. Bell bottoms, silk shirts, velvet pants, and double-breasted coats were all popular choices for clothes during this decade, along with bold prints and bright colors.

Accessories also played a crucial role in 70s fashion for men. Clunky platform shoes with thick soles were all the rage, as were brightly colored scarves and fedoras. Many men also experimented with facial hair and long sideburns during this period, creating a stylish and dramatic look.

Whether you’re searching for 70s outfits for men or looking to channel the 70s trend in your daily outfits, or want a blast from the past, there are plenty of ways to tap into this iconic fashion era and make a bold statement:

70s outfit men neutral colors flared pants
Neutral tones, predominantly brown and gray, were significant for men’s outfits in the 1970s and made mixing and matching pieces easier. Photo: iStock

1970s Fashion Colors

So what colors were popular in men’s fashion during the 1970s? While the 70s style is known for its vibrant and sometimes wild color choices, it’s important to note that there was a specific 70s color palette. Shades of brown, beige, black, white, and grey were popular choices for 70’s outfits.

Neutral colors were widely used on 70s attire for males, such as corduroy, knitwear, and silk shirts, while colorful pieces were also popular, especially 70s-inspired plaid prints. If you’re looking to channel 70s style with your outfits this season, stick to these classic 70s colors for an on-trend and timeless look.

A significant differentiator for suits in the seventies were a wide lapel.
A significant differentiator for suits in the seventies was a wide lapel. Photo: iStock

Wide Lapels Were En Vogue

There is no better way to define the 1970s than with wide lapels in menswear—a defining fashion trend of that decade. Whether you were sporting a blazer, suit jacket, or cardigan, 70s fashion was all about wide lapels. While these garments may seem odd by today’s standards, it’s important to remember that the 70s style focused on bold and out-of-the-box choices.

70s mens style turtleneck sweaters pleated trousers
Two men pose for a seventies photo, wearing turtleneck sweaters and pleated trousers. Photo: iStock

The Chic Turtleneck

In the 70s, nothing spoke fashion sophistication louder than a turtleneck. Turtleneck sweaters were a go-to choice during this era. They provided warmth, comfort, and style all in one sleek piece.

Whether sporting a classic black turtleneck or something more colorful like red or teal, a turtleneck is a surefire way to pay a nod to 70’s fashion and look sharp. After all, men confidently rocked their turtlenecks with various ensembles, from jeans to suave slacks.

Enjoying a night at the disco, a man wears a partially unbuttoned silk shirt.
Enjoying a night at the disco, a man wears a partially unbuttoned silk shirt. Photo: iStock

1970s Disco Style

From the lively dance floors to the trendy bars, men in the 70s embraced disco fashion with fervor. This era’s unique style was beloved by many and seen everywhere around town. The 70s disco style is best known for its loose-fitting clothing in bright colors, bold prints, and lots of sequins and sparkles.

Some popular 70s disco styles included bell bottoms, vests, silky shirts with collars and oversized sleeves, and fringed accessories. A typical men’s disco outfit was frequently accessorized with large glasses, leather belts, fedoras or boaters, and watch fobs.

Couples dance the night away in trendy 70s disco styles.
Couples dance the night away in trendy 70s disco styles. Photo: iStock

The 70s era also saw an increase in men wearing platform shoes, either to dance the night away on the dance floor or to look cool and trendy. Platform shoes were often brightly colored and covered with metallic accents or sequins.

While disco fashion was designed for movement and fun, it was also meant to showcase a man’s style and personality. Many men embraced this unique fashion era with open arms, dancing the night away in their loose-fitting clothes and flashy accessories.

Corduroy wasn't just relegated to pants and nerd outfits for the 1970s; brown jackets reigned supreme.
Corduroy wasn’t just relegated to pants and nerd outfits for the 1970s; brown jackets reigned supreme. Photo: iStock

Corduroy Craze

In the 1970s, corduroy was all the rage. This fabric style offered a soft, plush feel that was popular for casual and formal wear. Jackets, trousers, and vests were all crafted from corduroy in different colors and patterns. Popular colors for corduroy included brown, green, blue, and grey.

The Luxury of Silk Shirts

During the 1970s, men were all about donning silk shirts for a fashionable look. This luxurious fabric gave men’s clothing a more refined and polished look, perfect for formal occasions. Button-down shirts were trendy, although some silk shirts also featured open collars.

Men wore their silk shirts with everything from tailored trousers to casual jeans. If you want to channel this look today, you can reinterpret the look with a satin shirt or Tom Ford silk pants.

mens hippie style 1970s flared denim long hair cigarette t shirt
Seventies hippies style for men embraced simplicity like this stylish man wearing a t-shirt with a pair of flared jeans. Photo: Deposit Photos

The 1970s Hippies Look

During the 1970s, the hippie style was popular. This look featured loose-fitting shirts, wide-legged pants, and long hair and beards to achieve a laidback vibe. 70s outfits men often included earthy tones, colorful prints, and accessories such as platform shoes or headbands.

Vibrant, Patterned Knitwear for Every Occasion

During the 1970s, men loved knitwear with patterns. Whether stripes, argyle, geometric prints or floral designs, men’s knitwear had a ton of personality during this era. Many pieces were made from wool or cotton, which allowed for a soft and breathable fit.

man 1970s brown suit tailoring striped tie
An image from the seventies shows a stylish man in a herringbone suit jacket with brown pleated trousers and an example of the decade’s wide and bold neckties. Photo: iStock

Seventies Men’s Suits

What man’s wardrobe would be complete without a suit? The man’s suit was a staple of 70s fashion and featured some notable updates from the previous decade. The 70s suit jacket was often slightly shorter than usual, while the waist included more defined shaping to give a sleek silhouette. Men wore suits with dress shirts, ties, and other accessories for an ultra-dapper look.

The Touch of Velvet

Velvet was the epitome of menswear in the 1970s, and for a good reason. Its soft touch and rich, textured look made it so desirable! Whether it was a velvet jacket, pants, or shirt, these pieces were sure to turn heads with their dramatic texture and rich color.

Popular colors for velvet sports coats included deep purple, emerald green, and burgundy. Velvet is still a popular fabric today for men’s clothing, so keep an eye out for this opulent material the next time you’re shopping for a new outfit.

Glam Rock Style

The 1970s was a time of bold fashion choices, and men were no exception. During this era, glam rock style emerged as a popular trend among men who embraced their inner rock stars with tight-fitting clothes in bright colors.

Glam rockers wore form-fitting clothing such as leather pants, metallic jumpsuits, and sequined shirts—all designed to show off their body shape while making a statement about their personal style. Accessories like chunky platform shoes and long scarves completed the look for many glamorous gentlemen of the 70s.

male model wide leg trousers 1970s style
The seventies wide-leg trousers made a statement back then, and now they are back for an encore performance. Photo: Deposit Photos

Wide-leg Trousers

Wide-leg trousers were a staple of the men’s fashion scene during the 1970s, often remembered with fondness and admiration. These garments were popular for formal and casual wear, offering a comfortable fit that still looks great today—prevailing amongst 70s outfit ideas.

Men wore their favorite wide-leg trousers with everything from a button-down shirt and blazer to a basic T-shirt. From loose-fit chinos to wide-leg denim jeans, this 70s staple is making its return in today’s fashion landscape. So if you’re looking to channel 70s style, invest in a pair of wide-leg trousers!

male model wide leg trousers 1970s style
Flared trousers were a staple of men’s trendy styles. Photo: Deposit Photos

But What About Flared Pants?

John Travolta’s iconic 70s style in Saturday Night Fever made him an unforgettable fashion icon, especially regarding his white flared trousers. But what sets flared pants apart from wide-leg trousers?

While flared styles typically have a slim fit through the thigh and flair out the knee, wide-leg trousers are wider. Both types offer the 70s take on modern fashion while providing comfort and ease of movement.

If you’re interested in effortless 70s outfit ideas for guys, you can start by adding flare (literally) to your wardrobe. Invest in a pair of 70s-inspired flared trousers this season.

The leather jacket is one of the quintessential men's styles of the '70s.
The leather jacket is one of the quintessential men’s styles of the ’70s. Photo: iStock

1970s Leather Jackets for Men

In the 1970s, leather jackets were a popular style choice for men. These timeless pieces of clothing provided an edgy and sophisticated look that was perfect for any occasion. Trendy options for this era ranged from typical tan leather jackets to styles in bold colors, such as red or yellow, with exaggerated collars and lapels.

Some styles had wide cuffs and waistbands, while others had buckles or zippers down the front. Men could also choose from various lengths to suit their preference—from cropped versions to full-length coats. No matter their style, men’s leather jackets in the 70s offered a classic look that is still fashionable today.

man seventies style sunglasses
Make an effortless ’70s style statement with a wide shirt collar and aviator sunglasses. Photo: iStock

’70s Men’s Accessories

Men had plenty of accessory options during the 1970s. From braided belts and aviator sunglasses to silk scarves and fedora hats, men’s 1970s fashion was all about accessorizing! Retro shades, patterned neckties, and cufflinks were popular accessories at the time.

mens leather platform shoe 1970s
Men’s leather platform shoes from the seventies. Photo: iStock

Men’s ’70s Shoes

What shoes were fashionable for men during the seventies? During the 70s, men’s footwear was all about comfort and style. Popular styles included loafers, moccasins, platform shoes, work boots, and sneakers. With so many different looks, it was easy for men to find shoes that suited their style and preferences.

Don’t Forget the Suede Jacket

In the 1970s, the suede jacket reigned supreme. Men everywhere were head-over-heels for this fashionable outerwear option! Whether it was a blazer or a bomber jacket, men knew that suede was the perfect way to keep warm and look stylish all at the same time. While these 70s staples may seem like an old-fashioned choice today, don’t underestimate their 70s charm.

mens 70s style outfits casual shirt shorts co ord
The popular CO-ORD set is a blast from the past as men enjoyed wearing a matching shirt and shorts sets during the 1970s. Photo: iStock

Overall, What Did Men Wear in the 70s?

In summary, during the 1970s, men’s fashion was bold and unashamedly audacious. From leather jackets and silk shirts to bell bottoms or wide-leg pants, there has never been a more daring or admirable era of menswear than in this period. Not only were loud colors and eye-catching prints celebrated with 1970s attire for men, but rich textures like velvet, corduroy, suede, and satin were also celebrated.

Men’s fashion during this decade also included turtleneck sweaters, oversized collars or lapels, high-waisted pants, leisure suits, and platform shoes. Overall, the 70s was when men confidently embraced their individual style, making it a famous era for fashion-forward gentlemen everywhere.

Are you looking for 70s-style inspiration? Whether it’s a classic black turtleneck or something more vibrant like a suede jacket, there are endless options to channel seventies style in a modern way. So channel your inner 70s, man, and start shopping today!

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