Wearing & Styling Sneakers: The Top Tips to Go With

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Unless you are more than a decade behind the trends, you should know that sneakers have become more fashionable than ever before. In fact, they have a better job than just being a gym or jogging partner to shoppers. Not that they don’t serve that purpose anymore, but modern designs make sure that these shoes aren’t confined to a particular dress code. 

So, one can buy sneakers for men even if they aren’t into the athletic lifestyle. Over time, sneakers have become an everyday staple and a must-have option in every wardrobe. From weekend bike rides to the red carpet and sports to semi-formal occasions, sneakers express the wearer’s personality. 

Regardless, it is not like you can buy a random shoe and pair them with any pair of jeans you have. There’s a craft and sophistication to the process. Find out how to wear and style them below.

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How to Style Luxury Sneakers?

The surprising fact about luxury sneakers is that they are not always about hefty price tags. It is the luxurious take on basic shoes that can easily elevate a design. Styling shoes in the right way can show off their appeal a lot. It can even make a more youthful design jump from street casual to smart casual. 

Now with that being said, here are some tips on how you should elevate your shoes –

  • Wear your favorite textile sneakers with trousers, tight-fitting denim, chinos, etc.
  • Refrain from wearing them with shorts if you are aiming for a luxurious aesthetic.
  • Try and pair them with basic polos, tees, and minimalistic shirts. 
  • For a timeless look, go for a white shirt, a knit tie, a blazer, and tight-fitting denim.
  • Start with shoes leaning on black and darker tones.
  • Brighter pairs are always the choice for the sunny summer weather.
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How to Style Sports Sneakers?

Did you know that sneakers in the 90s weren’t known for having funky or athletic designs? They were more about a semi-formal approach that felt more comfortable than boots. Sports sneakers are the ones that gave rise to the sneaker revolution. These street-style, trendy designs often pop with colors that teens and young adults fancy the most.

Regarding styling, buying color-contrast sneakers will be okay as long as your wardrobe has slim and tapered-fit denim along with loose t-shirts. This is a prominent combination that reflects casual outfit styles. One can also pair them with chino shorts to stay relaxed in the summer.

Should You Buy Designer Sneakers?

These are expensive items and are not for everyday wear and tear. They look gorgeous, premium, and top-end to grab all the attention while out and about. You can even find yourself inspired by top celebrities like Justin Bieber or Future. These shoes do not have that funky and color-popping appeal. Instead, they look classy when worn with slim denim and open plaid shirts.

So, should you buy these? Well, if you consider it an investment, then that’s worth choosing. As long as you have the cash to afford these, be sure that these are some of the best shoes money can buy!

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Wrapping Up

These days, sneakers for men have evolved a lot in terms of design, color, and style variations. As mentioned before, they don’t look like typical gym accessories anymore. So, regardless of your budget, ensure that you figure out their purpose in your daily life before buying them.