How to Choose the Best TV Stand for Your Living Room

Man Watching TV Television Stand
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When making a huge investment like a new TV for your home, it is essential to put some deep thought into the furniture that goes with it: in this case, a TV stand. The kind of TV stand you choose can significantly influence your viewing experience: selecting a stand that isn’t well suited to your brand new, top of the line television will detract from your ability to enjoy it thoroughly, and nobody wants that. When picking out a stand to house your TV in, there are a few things to consider.

Size matters

Generally speaking, the TV stand is required to be wider than the actual width (and not the diagonal measurement) of your TV to provide a stable base of support best to prevent this expensive gadget from toppling over. A good rule of thumb is to have it at least 3-4 inches wider on either side. As for height, the stand should be such that the center of your TV is at or just below eye level when you’re sitting on your living room sofas for the most comfortable and ergonomic viewing of your favorite TV programmes.

Optimal positioning is important

TV stands ought to be positioned to ensure the most optimal viewing angles for everyone in the room. Therefore, the placement of your stand is mainly dependent on the seating arrangements of the living room itself.  In most cases, this means situating the TV either along a dominant wall or in a corner. To quickly determine what stand size is a perfect fit for the corner of your living room, you can employ the mathematical rule of the Pythagorean Theorem. Measure the two walls from the corner at which they meet to the nearest obstacle on each wall: the width of your TV stand should be smaller than the square root of the two wall measurements added together.

Living Room Modern Television Stand
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Aesthetic considerations

Your TV stand will be a central feature in your living room, and it is recommended that it be a color, material, and style that is complementary to your decor. In living rooms with contemporary and modern vibes, it is best to go with neutral or white high gloss or glass TV stands. Swanky, steel framed wooden stands add to the retro feel of a semi-modern living room, while the dark, rich wooden tones of oak enhance traditionally styled interiors.

Maximize utility

By opting for versatile TV stands that serve multiple functions without compromising on aesthetics, you’ll make the most of the space available to you. TV stands come with additional attached shelving and/or drawers for convenient storage and organization of accessories like sound systems, gaming consoles and movie/game collections.

The average cost of a TV stand can range anywhere from £100 to £600, depending on the type you are interested in. Whichever kind of TV stand you are looking for, Furniture in Fashion has got you covered. Check out their assorted TV stands for sale at never-before-seen prices to get the best bang for your buck.