How To Make Your Smooth & Gentle Shave More Eco-Friendly?

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Shaving is something that we do 2-3 times a week without thinking much about it, yet razors are considered to be the most common items found in every household, do you know how many of them are used, and thrown away?

Many razors cannot be recycled, and most of them are used only twice or thrice before getting dumped onto the landfill where most of the household waste ends up. So what can be done about it?

1. Go traditional and slow down

Safety razors are here for a very long time and work the best for the ones who don’t waste or get a closer shave. They can be the best investment as the parts that need to be replaced are the blades, which can be cheaper than the multi-blade razor counterparts. 

It is worth spending on the razor initially, as the cheap ones have stainless steel, which makes them the house of rust. Though you can avoid it by taking precautions, such as don’t keep the razor in the water and dry it properly every time you shave. 

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2. Use shaving creams

Men love using shaving cream to get rid of unwanted facial hair. It also reduces the chance of getting cuts on the skin. Men’s skin is thicker; therefore, they should use shaving creams like Billy Jealousy shave cream rather than razors. Not only is this, but the use of shaving cream also necessary because of the various benefits it offers. 

  • It keeps the skin hydrated: Before shaving, it is extremely essential for both the hair and skin to remain hydrated so that the shaving can be done easily.
  • Hair can be removed easily: With the help of creams, hairs can be shaved easily. 
  • No irritation: Using water and soap can irritate the skin and also the hairs might not be removed properly. But while using the cream, the probability of irritation is less.
  • Avoid burns: If the skin will be dry, there are chances of getting cuts on the upper layer of the skin, which leads to irritation. But creams work as a barrier, which reduces the chances of burning.
  • Provides nutrition to the skin: Creams are used so that the shave can be done comfortably. The cream nourished the skin, which keeps the skin healthy.
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3. Recycle the things that you can

For the time when you are constantly on the run, recycled products can prove to be more environmentally friendly. The lubricating strips are vegan-friendly and can help in keeping your skin safe.

4. Take some breaks in between 

Beards are no longer only the thing of hipster bar-owners, farmers, or mountaineers. It’s time to let those attractive follicles grow back! It is sometimes better to keep your beard growing than to shave it off. 

It’s clear that we humans need to reconsider the sustainable nature of our grooming routines. Switching to eco-friendly products plays a major role in the long run. With everyone’s efforts, a significant waste reduction can be achieved over time.