Here’s How Cigarette Smoke Damages Clothing & Surfaces

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Cigarettes are incredibly harmful not just to your health, but also to your personal property. Did you know that the chemicals in cigarette smoke can linger for years on certain surfaces if they’re not cleaned properly? With over 7,000 chemicals and toxins to speak of in one cigarette, there’s plenty of damage that can be done from frequent smoking.

You’ve probably noticed that smoker’s film on your hard surfaces like car interiors, countertops, walls, and even floors. This is a build-up of the tar and other chemicals that are also building up in your lungs and putting your health at risk.

Let’s take a closer look at how damaging cigarettes are to personal property and why quitting smoking is the best decision you’ll make in 2020.

What’s In That Cigarette, Anyway?

Of the 7,000 chemicals that are found in cigarettes, over 70 of them are directly linked to cancer or disease. That’s right; every time you take a drag off that cigarette, you’re essentially exposing your entire body to a concoction of dangerous toxins.

The American Lung Association published an excellent article on cigarette contents. Some of the chemicals noted are:

Formaldehyde: A preservative for corpses

Acetone: Essentially nail polish remover

Arsenic: Rat poison

Lead: A heavy metal that’s toxic to humans

Butane: Used in lighter fluid

Ammonia: Used in cleaning products

Mercury: A heavy metal that is toxic to humans

Uranium: Yes, the radioactive stuff. No joke.

This is but a small taste of what you’re getting from one single cigarette. Now, imagine smoking a pack per day, or even a few packs per day. It’s truly incredible that smokers’ bodies can withstand the abuse for as long as they do.

The human body is a resilient and powerful tool, but even it has limits. After just a few months of consistent smoking, the lungs are coated with tar and heavy metals, the blood is full of carbon monoxide, and your cancer risk has all but skyrocketed. There are hundreds of health complications, cancers, and diseases that are directly linked to smoking.

But enough about that, let’s look closer at what the habit is doing to your clothing and personal property.

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If you’re a heavy smoker, your clothing always smells like smoke. The smoke is known to stick to everything, but especially to fabrics and hair. The molecules in cigarette smoke are very difficult to dislodge once they’ve attached themselves toa surface, and sometimes, a simple wash cycle isn’t enough to get the smell out.

Most heavy smokers don’t even notice the scent anymore given enough time. From burn holes to that sticky smoker’s film and a scent that won’t go away, you’re damaging your wardrobe beyond repair every time you light up. You’ll end up going through more clothes than ever before, and spending more and more money on cleaning and laundry costs.


If you have any kind of furniture in your home that has fabric seats, you’re polluting them with cigarette smoke. The same thing applies to your vehicle’s cloth seats. Just like with your clothing, cigarette smoke sticks to upholstery, but you can’t always just throw it in the washing machine. Some upholstery is sewn in place, and no amount of Febreze or scrubbing will ever truly get the smell out.

Did you know that smoking in a car or home can devalue it? In the case of your home, you may actually be cutting the value of your home by up to 29% by smoking inside of it. So, if your house is worth $200,000, smoking just cost you $58,000. Are you listening now?

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Hard Surfaces

That smoker’s film can develop on pretty much any hard surface given enough time. Even if you scrub every single day, smoking excessively indoors causes the smoke to become concentrated. The air quality is affected and the chemicals within the cigarette smoke cause it to stick to floors, walls, countertops, and more.

You can scrub the film off most of the time, but the smell can permeate certain surfaces and continue to cause an unpleasant odor for years. Even if you quit smoking altogether, some surfaces retain the smell!

It’s Time To Quit

There’s never been a better time to quit smoking. Why? For starters, there are so many resources available out there that the cessation journey is simpler than ever. Apps, alternative tobacco products like tobacco pouches that you can get from this website, and support groups can all help you ditch the habit.

Secondly, the COVID-19 epidemic is still underway, and you can probably guess why you should quit for the sake of a respiratory virus. Coronavirus 19 has a greater effect on smokers for two reasons: because their lung function is already compromised and because they have a weaker immune system. Time to put down the habit for good, before it puts you down!