Demand & Command Attention by Elevating Your Wardrobe

Man Wearing Shirt and Shorts
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What you wear says tremendous amounts about who you are and what your purpose in life is. If you want to command attention and keep all eyes on you, you need a wardrobe to make this happen. It can be easy to think that jeans and t-shirts will work as simple, tried, and tested. Simple can work, just not all the time. Within your wardrobe, you want to incorporate pieces of clothing that reflect you, your personality, and your individual style. You are not just a number, and your wardrobe needs to reflect this. It needs to be full of colors and styles that you like and, more importantly, that you enjoy wearing, so if it is lackluster now, then it is time for a change.

Store What You No Longer Use

Start looking through your wardrobe and see what you like and what you do not like anymore. If there are some pieces that you want to keep but perhaps have no space for, then you should start using specially designed and created storage. When looking for storage near me, you want to make sure that the space you choose is large enough to accommodate your clothing and that it is warm, dry, and easily accessible all year round.

Do Not Be Afraid to Be Bold

Making a mark and making a statement sometimes requires you to be brave and bold. If you are not bold with the colors or styles you use, you will not get noticed, and you will certainly not gain the attention you deserve. So be as bold as you dare. Go for prints, go bright, go for 3 piece tailored fit suits, and wear everything with attitude.

Man Wearing Stylish Scarf
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Make a Statement

Being bold and making a statement often go hand in hand. Getting seen and getting attention often means that you need to make a statement. To make a statement, you could wear a nice t-shirt designer labels and brands, you could wear custom-made or tailored clothes, or you could wear mismatched clothes. Pushing the boundaries is necessary, and if you are comfortable, what have you got to lose?

Mix & Match

Mixing up the new with old and the fashionable with the quirky can help you create a highly personal and unique style. To make mixing and matching work for you then you must be prepared to experiment. Try out boots with shorts in the summertime, or try wearing a 2-piece suit for daily use. When you mix and match items and accessories, you open your mind to trying new things and wearing new things, and this is important. You will not demand or command attention if you wear bland, dull, and uninspiring clothes. You must wear items that are one-off, stylish, and unique. You must wear colors and prints that make people look twice and say, “wow, I wonder where he got that jacket from,” or “I wonder where he got those sweatpants from.”