A Menswear Guide for Your Casino Night Out

Man Getting Dressed
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Whenever casinos are featured in movies and television programs, the men are invariably wearing a tux and the women a formal ball gown. This is not necessarily the case for most casinos, although a dress code is often in operation. With this in mind, what do you wear at a casino and your night out? Read on to find out.

Preparing for Your Casino Night Out

If you’re new to the games, you may want to learn to play in an online casino as it is straightforward to do. Many of the games are available on your phone, so you can learn the fundamentals of roulette or blackjack on the way to work.

Alternatively, you may want to devote a significant amount of time learning to play casino games. Becoming proficient and understanding the strategy to play a better hand will make your casino night out a lot more fun and enjoyable. You might also turn a profit, which is a great bonus.

Check the Casino’s Website

Casinos publish their dress codes on their site, and so this is your first port of call. You’ll notice that certain times of the day have more stringent dress codes than others. Always adhere to the dress code. You not only want to avoid making a faux pax, but you may find yourself barred from entering the casino unless you adhere to the casino’s dress policy.

As a general rule of thumb, you’ll be expected to:

  • Wear shoes and not sandals or running shoes.
  • Never wear torn or dirty clothing.

You may wear jeans and shorts in the day time but come the night; this won’t do.

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It’s not Just About Games

Casinos have lounges and nightclubs, and they may have their own dress code. If your night out includes gaming and a few drinks in the lounge, make sure your dress is suitable for both.

Casino Events

If you’re there for an event, you may find the dress code description will say something like ‘Black Tie.’ If you’re unsure what this means, the guide below will help.

  • White Tie. This is the highest level of formal dress. You’ll be expected to wear a black dress coat with tails, trousers, and a satin stripe. White vest, bow tie, shirt studs and cufflinks, formal shoes, and white shirt with bib front will be expected.
  • Black Tie. This formal level requires a dinner jacket with matching trousers, a buttoned-down white shirt, tie or bow tie, black formal shoes, and a waistcoat is optional.
  • Black Tie Optional. This is similar to a black-tie, but you do not have to wear a jacket or vest, and your trousers can be a darker color other than black.
  • Semiformal. A more relaxed style, giving you more freedom with clothing choice. You do not need a tie, and other types of suits such as wool or cashmere are acceptable. No denim. This is also acceptable should an invitation state ‘Business Formal.’
  • Business Casual. Here, a blazer or sports coat, button-down collars, polo shirts, casual loafers, slacks, or khakis are all acceptable.

Enjoy your casino night out, and make sure you look the part!