What Are the Best Cannabis Seeds to Buy?

What Are the Best Cannabis Seeds to Buy?
Photo Credit: Pixabay

Are you looking for the best cannabis seeds? After the legalization of cannabis in the country, it became easy for weed lovers to buy the product from different online cannabis stores, without any fear or hesitation. What matters is where to buy it and what types of seeds are available. Some of the best seeds or cannabis you might want to go with are mentioned below.

Royal gorilla

It is available from different stores and is reasonably priced. Royal gorilla is one of the highest yielding strains and considered the strongest cannabis in the world. It comes at reasonable prices and is available from both online stores and physically located outlets. It is powerful and can help you get rid of various health complications. The average THC level is 25 percent, and if it exceeds from this level, then the product is considered useless and meaningless.

Royal Moby

Royal moby is another high quality and one of the best cannabis strains. It is suitable for those who are looking to cultivate strong and big plants with high yields. If you had been looking for best-looking weed for some time, then this one is right for you. It is genetically dominant, which means you can grow it anywhere, in any place. Two to three meters indoor or outdoor will be the best options. For indoor growers, our suggestion is that cannabis plant of 75 grams can be relied upon. It will take an entire room of yours to grow. Sufficient nutrition and water are needed to ensure its proper growth.

Power Flower

Power flower is a reincarnation of the power plant. It is one of the most famous and prevalent strains in the world. It is considered the biggest weed plant and is known for its high yield strains. One of the major perks is that they can be grown both inside and outside the house and are a set of best-looking weed. If you have a lawn where there is enough space for cannabis, then you need not buy a separate land. In fact, you can easily grow it there, but make sure proper light, water, and nutrients are available. It is considered good for medicinal and recreational purposes. People living in northern areas can grow power flower from a business point of view as its demand across the world is very high.

Northern Light

Northern light is considered a good option and has become a household name these days. What is the best weed in the world? It is widely known for its taste, intense quality, power and is famous among both men and women. The cultivation takes up to eight weeks, and the resin coating on the buds are likely to produce amazing glowing effects. Once the growing period is over, you can pick it up from the lawn or the backyard and begin selling instantly.

Skunk cannabis seeds

Skunk cannabis seeds, also known as Skunk XL, are best weed plants for sale. They are genetically dominant and have been cultivated for centuries. They are mainly Afghan and Mexican strains and are easy to grow. These can be bought from any online or physical stores. Please make sure you choose the right cannabis from the right store because at some places, its duplicate or low-quality varieties are also available.

Fruit Spirit cannabis zaden

If you are looking for indoor marijuana seed, then fruit spirit is the right option for you. It is tasty, sweet and delicious and is good to go with. It is one of the best seed forms in the world and is cultivated at both large and small scale. For example, if you are a housewife who is looking to earn some money while living at her house, then you can cultivate cannabis and choose fruit spirit as the prior choice. In the beginning, you can opt for thirty to forty grams and see whether it gives good returns or not. The smell is quite amazing, and during the flowing period, you will have to take good care of it.

O.G. Kush

There has been a lot of debate and controversy about the origin, genetics and cultivation methods of these cannabis seeds. If you want to learn more about its origin check out this Zamnesia article on OG Kush. I personally believe that these are among the best cannabis seed banks and are known for their potency and strength. If you want to make some money from the little investment in cannabis, you might have to opt for this indica dominant set of seeds.


If you have some big plans and want feminized strains of cannabis, then critical is the right option for you. One of the major perks is that it can be grown anywhere and is easy to cultivate. You can grow it both indoor and outdoor and can enjoy earning sufficient.