Vaping & the Fashion Industry

Man Vaping
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Many say that fashion sets its own rules. For decades, smoking was used to lure people to certain brands until the pastime lost its general appeal for consumers. Now, fewer Britons smoke than they did fifty years. Experts attribute this decline to e-cigarettes. Public Health England asserts that they help people to quit smoking for good. If you vape, it may currently be helping you. Vaping has influenced societal habits. What effect has it had on the fashion industry, though?


Celebrities can be great endorsers. Why? Mainly because they already have a substantial number of supporters. And in the age of social media, they may have scores of online followers.

Several famous faces openly promote brands, both on and offline. Some have made vaping look effortlessly cool.

Enter Leonardo DiCaprio. The Oscar winner was snapped sporting a vape pen at the 2014 Golden Globe awards – and has been on other occasions since. Sienna Miller – who is widely considered a style guru – can also be described as a trendsetter for this movement.

Some believe that celebrity vapers have helped to heighten the popularity of e-cigarettes – especially among the fashion-conscious.

Man With Vape Pen & Smoke
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Social Outreach

Social media is a daily fixture for most young people. For this reason, fashion industry leaders have looked to its platforms to extend their client outreach.

Chanel, for example, uses Instagram to learn more about its millennial audience. So, what account owners publish may influence future trends. Advocate an item – like a vape pen – and it may shape the fashion sector.

One in three 18 – 24-year-olds vape in the UK. Many are likely to follow fashion giants on social media. Those that do could enable vaping to become a more significant part of the fashion industry.

Future Prospects

Vaping isn’t just a healthy smoking alternative – it’s a technical one. And new devices are often quick to enter the fashion world. We live in a digital age, and clothes are beginning to reflect this even more. It may not be long until we see e-cigarettes appear in fashion campaigns. Perhaps its health advantages will be a contributing factor to this. Given the rise of eco and cruelty-free fashion, this wouldn’t be surprising.

Vaping is immensely popular – so much that it stands to influence one of the biggest global industries. Fashion – much like society as a whole – never seems to stay still. Perhaps e-cigarettes will feature in its next transition. How will it shape your style?