Timex Datalink: The World’s First Smartwatch and a Horology Marvel

Timex Watch
Photo: Timex

No matter the brand or the range, smartwatches have taken over the watchmaking industry in today’s time with every watchmaker trying to bring out an economic model that has all the functions of a smartwatch. From high-end companies to mid-segment models, smartwatches for men and women have been flooding the market.

Let us delve deep into the features of Timex Datalink- the world’s first smartwatch. The Timex Datalink is a result of a partnership between Timex and Microsoft. The very first model of this collection came out in 1994. It was the first watch to synchronize personal data from a computer. Bill gates was the one who displayed all the qualities of the watch on television. The Datalink 150 model was a mail-in gift if one purchased Office 95 at one time too. Some of the features of this technological marvel (Datalink 150) include:

·         Synchronized contacts, appointments and to-do lists.

·         Stored up to 150 contacts.

·         Five daily alarms.

·         10 beep sounds you could choose from.

·         Three-row LCD with an 8 character dot matrix display.

·         Three-year battery life.

·         12 loadable ‘WristApps’ such as stopwatch and a golf scorekeeper.

Timex Ironman Watch
Photo: Timex

The early models of the watch included models Datalink 50, 70, 150 and model 150s wherein ‘s’ stands for small. The number in the model name is an indication of the total number of contacts that the model could save. The menu options were the same in all the watches. The only difference lied in the memory space and quantity of phone numbers, alarms, etc. which could be downloaded in each model. Over the years the models have evolved with respect to the number and type of entries that these watches can store. The mode of data transfer between computer and watch has also progressed in the past many years.

The most attractive feature of this collection, which made it desirable across the globe, was that these watches have been certified by NASA for space travel. They have also been used by astronauts and cosmonauts in space missions. It is one of the four prestigious timepieces that have been approved by NASA for space travel. Watch aficionados everywhere immediately desired the watch to make a part of their collection. The watch has been mentioned in the logbooks of various astronauts while on their mission in space.

Given its unique features, the watch has achieved a cult-like status among the tech-savvy people. There are multiple websites and groups dedicated to the technicality and programming behind this masterpiece. They also serve as a portal to share and exchange information among the fans and enthusiasts. Its constant innovation and utility have allowed the watch to be a part of movies and books too.

Timex Beepwear Datalink series was also introduced featuring pagers used by the Datalink platform that also plays the role of an electronic organizer. The USB was introduced in 2003 which included the sports edition and dress edition models. The two models have the same qualities except that the sport edition is water-resistant up to 100 meters while the dress edition has only up to 30 meters. The models are customizable by users and have three different time zones available. It was also the first one to display user protection through a password that the users can generate. This new USB model has a battery life of around two years under normal use.

Timex has been applauded for its wonderful masterpieces over the years and the innovative techniques the engineers have brought to the world of watchmaking. Be it formal watches for men, sports watches for boys or high-tech watches such as the Datalink, Timex has etched its name as one of the best watchmakers in the world. 

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