The Roses That Might Last Longer Than Your Relationship

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One of the most adorable and elegant gifts you can give to someone is a perfectly organized calgary flowers bouquet. It is an old tradition and still prevailing in many societies in the world. Apart from its importance in cultural aspects, it also wholly depicts a person’s emotions. A glance at flower bouquet cheers the person up. But the problem with a flower as gifts is that they die out soon. But with long-lasting roses, it is no more a problem.

Forget about the old days when roses would lose their freshness and charm in just two days. And why not mention the struggle you faced with keeping the flowers fresh—sprinkling water over them daily and providing a humid environment. Now you can get roses with long life that stays fresh longer than your relationship. 

Well, the idea of eternity roses arose from an amusing incident. A husband gifted his wife flower bouquet. But till the delivery arrived the flowers lost their freshness. The pair thought of the idea to preserve the freshness of flowers while they are delivered to long distances. And from then the eternity roses gained popularity among the customers.

It all starts from freshly cut flowers with their stems. The flowers are grown in Ecuador till they bloom entirely. When the flower bloom, they are clipped and transported to our research facility. The flower selected for preservation are without any defect and then dried. Before drying, they are properly cleaned to remove any dust particles. The dehydrated flowers are then injected with a waxed solution that stops the growth of the plant but retains the freshness and texture of roses. Well, the exact composition of the wax solution is not revealed. Then the flowers pass through the pigmentation process to enhance their color.

Preserving the Flowers in Gel

Preservation of flowers in the gel is a modern technique of preservation. This technique has several benefits over ordinary methods of flower preservation. The cost of preserving flowers in silica gel is high, which adds to the increased price of eternity roses. Silica gel is effective in drying out the flower instantly. And it can be used many times over and over again. As its drying power is more effective so it can be used to dry out the number of flowers in a single season. 

The flowers dried in silica gel should be placed in airtight containers as the silica gel can absorb moisture from the environment. It is suitable for drying fragile parts of plants and flowers, especially roses. 

Do Eternity Roses Work?

It is without a doubt to say that eternity roses do not work. With proper care, they can last longer than a year. Although the scent fades out after a month, the freshness remains the same throughout the year. 

The preservation process does not reduce the beauty of the flower but slightly enhances it. It increases the shelf life of flowers, and they don’t degrade quickly. This preservation process removes the problems that come with maintaining the original texture and freshness of roses. Apart from imparting different colors to eternity rose, they are also dipped in real gold solution. This further enhances the shelf life of roses apart from giving a delicate look.

The good thing about roses is that you don’t need to carry more burden on yourself. Eternity roses have the added benefit that they don’t need much maintenance. Yes, avoid placing them in direct sunlight and give water after one or two months. The days will not remain the same, but when you want to get lost in the old memories, definitely these eternity roses will help you out. 

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When DOES Flower Preservation Start?

History of preserving things dates back to the old days. But the preservation of flowers is a modern phenomenon. Apart from decorative purposes, the plant parts were preserved as part of educational purposes. But those preservation techniques have helped humans to apply the same techniques on the preservation of flowers. In the case of flower preservation, it is kept in mind that freshness remains the same.

Select Your Flower Style

You can select the flower style of your own choice. The flowers used in our arrangements come from Ecuador and Colombia and processed according to the quality standards. The flowers are preserved using the Parisian preservation method to keep the shape, texture, and appearance of flower appealing for a longer duration. Apart from that, the arrangement methods also enhance the beauty of flowers. 

How to Handle Eternity Roses

It is quite less hectic to handle eternity roses as compared to natural roses, but with fewer efforts, you can maintain a fresh look of eternity roses. The eternity rose come in a delicate box, so handle them with care. Do keep the roses in the box as removing them can disrupt the shape of the roses. Some of the additional things to take care while handling eternity roses are:

  • Avoid watering the roses, and if you think there is a need, add a little amount once in a month.
  • Never place the roses in direct sunlight as it fades the color of roses.
  • Keep the roses at room temperature and avoid excessive heating temperature.
  • If you see any dust, remove the dirt gently to prevent disordering the shape.
  • Avoid placing a heavyweight on the roses. Never put anything on the top of roses.
  • Keep the roses inside the box.