How to Choose a Helmet that Suits Your Style

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Even if you think yourself to be the toughest man in the neighborhood, the impact of a collision is likely to cause your skull to fracture or fractures to occur. Even a seemingly innocuous knock might prove lethal if the helmet is not correctly fitted. When it comes to two-wheeler accidents, the most common cause of death is a traumatic brain injury. 

In most parts of the country, wearing a helmet when riding a two-wheeler is required by law. However, to save a few dollars, some people go for less expensive and uncertified brands, putting their lives in danger. We explain how to choose a safe and comfortable helmet to wear:

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Select the Right Helmet Style

Helmets are generally classified into two categories. A full-face helmet protects your entire face, including your chin and jaw bone, whereas an open-face helmet protects your skull but leaves your face exposed is the other type of helmet. Helmets are used in many forms, such as bicycles helmets, bike helmets, etc. 

Additionally, you can purchase a flip-face helmet similar to a full-face helmet. Still, the visor and jaw protector is removable, allowing you to use them as an open-face. Try out all of your possibilities before settling on the one that works best for you. 

Some people find that wearing a full-face helmet makes them feel claustrophobic. Therefore an open-face helmet makes more sense for them. On the other hand, a full-face helmet is strongly recommended because it provides the most protection.

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Make Sure the Fit is Perfect

When you shake your head, a helmet should fit tightly around your cheeks and should not wobble up and down. But keep in mind that it shouldn’t be too tight that you start to feel strangled or choked. The most accurate approach to checking whether a helmet is a proper fit is to insert your index finger between the helmet and your forehead. No more than the tip of your finger should be inserted into the hole at any given time. If you require assistance, you can also ask the dealer to assist you with the correct installation.

The Ability to See Clearly

Vision through the visor is essential. A helmet with a scratch-resistant visor or face shield is recommended. Injection-molded visors are more common, but molded-to-the-helmet visors are also available. Put on the helmet to see if the visor fogs up and how much peripheral vision you have. 

Anti-fog coatings can be found on the visors of some high-end helmets. You no longer have to change your visor when riding in the sun or switch back to a clear visor at night because many helmets now come with an inbuilt sun visor. Make sure the visor doesn’t obstruct your view as well.


TBI is the most prevalent cause of death in two-wheeler accidents. In most circumstances, wearing a helmet is required by law. An open-faced helmet provides the most satisfactory protection. A scratch-resistant visor or face shield is recommended. High-end helmets have a sun visor and night-vision protection. Putting your finger in a helmet is the best method to assess its fit.

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