How to Buy Lingerie for Your Girlfriend

Kate Upton stars in Yamamay lingerie campaign.
Kate Upton stars in Yamamay lingerie campaign.

As a guy, one of the most intimidating moments in your life is likely to be buying your significant other some new lingerie. At some point, it will be something you’ll want to surprise her with or treat her to, but going into a women’s underwear shop can be incredibly daunting. From seductive lingerie sets to luxury bras, buying lingerie for your girlfriend or wife at Ashley Summer Co is a gift that she’ll never forget. It’s a great way to enhance her confidence and let her know how much you love her. From color to style, to just how risqué you dare to go, buying lingerie for your girlfriend is a very personal thing. So, where do you start?

The Occasion

Buying lingerie is usually something men think about on a particular occasion; it’s not your usual everyday gift unless you want to surprise her! The most obvious occasion is Valentine’s Day, but equally important dates are her birthday and your anniversary.

Indulging her with new, beautiful underwear is great for occasions like these, but it can sometimes put the pressure on. Think romantic and keep your eye out for decorative designs and mesmerizing details that are different to her everyday lingerie sets. You might even want to be a little adventurous if you’re hoping to give her a boost in confidence and show her just how great she looks.

The Size

This is the most important aspect of buying underwear for your other half. Unfortunately, there’s no way to guess a woman’s bra size, but with some sneaky espionage skills, you can cut out the awkward conversation with the staff in the shop. Have a discreet look at her current bras and knickers and remember her size when you’re shopping for that special set.

Nothing will impress her more than knowing the effort you’ve gone to get it right!

The Color and Style

You may have your own opinion about the type of underwear you like, but consider what her style is and what she will love. It can get a little confusing, but do your homework and understand the different types of women’s underwear.

From push up bras to balconette bras, G-strings to French knickers, keep in mind the type of underwear she currently wears. Remember that more risqué styles can have details such as frills, tie sides and skirts for a seductive, flirty design, and these are great for treating her to something unique.

When it comes to color, the world is your oyster. Perhaps look at the colors in her wardrobe; this will give you an indication of the shades she loves to wear.

The Final Step

Above all, when it comes to buying your girlfriend some new underwear, remember to make her feel confident wearing it! Women’s underwear is just as much for her enjoyment as it is for yours, so make sure she knows she looks great.