How To Style A Men’s Hair System

Man Worrying Balding Hair
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A balding hair system is used to conceal hair loss. The system is made of a cloth cap that fits over the head, and attached to it are several pieces of material that hang down over the face, neck, and often the chest as well.

There are separate pieces at each side of the mouth area for mustaches or beards, false whiskers sprouting from near or on top of one’s real hairs (which makes them look somewhat realistic), two more pieces below for sideburns, and other pieces fill in bald spots at the crown and back of the head.

Wigs are made from a variety of materials, including human hair (real or synthetic), yak hair, goat hair, horsehair, wool felt, or a similar material. A balding hair system is often worn for formal occasions such as weddings because sometimes people want to wear them for pictures and videos.

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Hair systems are attached using special adhesive or with small nylon loops that hold each strand into place by piercing the skin under the wearer’s hair where his natural hairline begins just above your ears on both sides, which all come from custom made hair systems. Other types of adhesives are also used but are more expensive.

Hair systems come custom and pre-styled with a hairline of the wearer’s choice and include three or four different combs to help keep them in place on top of your head. The most popular color for men is dark brown #1B. Every shade of blond, red, and even white can be found as well.

Some hair systems are made with real human hair that would tangle after about five weeks or sooner if you wear it swimming or take showers often. Others are the synthetic fiber that comes pre-styled straight from the box, which will last longer due to reduced tangling and can be styled by heat tools like curling irons and flat irons, just like your own natural hair.

There are unique and quality natural wigs that serve as a hair loss solution for bald men on sites like Hairbro. These include:

  • All the French laces hair replacement system.
  • The superfine mono center with a poly-round hair replacement system.
  • The natural lace bases with poly hair replacement systems for men.
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What are the benefits of wearing a hair system?

· Being bald is no longer a social stigma. People tend to be less judgmental now that it’s not as popular to shave your head anymore. It has become more acceptable for men to embrace the no-hair look, but still, some may prefer to have hair.

  • With proper care, some systems can last up to six months.
  • They’re easy to hide and just as easy to put on and take off if you choose not to wear them all the time.

Some things that come with having a system:

  • If you are self-conscious about hair loss, you’ll probably feel better about yourself. And even more energetic than you did before because you won’t have to worry about hair loss anymore. You can go swimming, play sports, take long walks on the beach, party all night with the best of them, and feel more confident doing these events.
  • If you’re looking for a partner, it can make you feel more confident when going on dates. Just make sure you style it naturally. Hair that looks unnatural will stick out like a sore thumb.
  • You may want to change up your look. It’s great to have the option of having full hair when you go out.
  • Additionally, wearing hair can make you look younger. We would all like to shave a few years off our appearance, and having a full head of hair can do that. Just look at before and after photos of people using hair replacement systems, and it’s plain to see.
  • If you want a job in entertainment–acting, modeling, etc., it can get you a leg up on the competition. If an audition calls for a man with hair, it will give you more of a chance.
  • It’s an effective way to cover up any residual scars from your surgery or edges that didn’t grow back as thick as they used to be. It’s also another reason why many men choose to shave their heads entirely rather than just wearing a small amount of hair on top, as some do before their surgeries.

Now that you have found out about having a hair replacement system go ahead and have a cool coif.