History of Wedding Rings for Men and Women

Gold Wedding Rings Against Roman Numerals
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These days most people take wedding rings for men and women for granted, although this piece of jewelry is famous because of its; love and integrity, they often have no idea about the real meaning behind them.

Real essence of wedding rings 

Hence, the wedding rings are super special items of the jeweller. They are more than the only ring- it is because they are the symbols of several emotions like:

  • Eternity
  • Love
  • Honor
  • Commitment
  • Fidelity

But where do these wedding rings have come from:

History of wedding rings for men and women 

These rings have their centuries that pass through many countries around the planet. Hence, here you will get a brief history of the engagement and wedding ring, according to country to country.

  • Greeks

The ancient Greeks are always the forerunners in the rise of the traditional engagement ring. They were as a token or affection and care; which the ancient Greeks are famous as the betrothal rings and given before the marriage. However, the giving of the wedding rings for men and women is not the prerequisite to marriage always, and often given the same way as the friendship that might be delivered today.

  • Roman

Moreover, as per the use of the wedding ring, the ancient Romans are the most sentimental people at the early rise of their engagement ring, have been brought to have craved keys on their marriage. It  is the women’s right to get half of everything after marriage. However, the more sentimental thinking about this is that this is the key to her husband’s heart.

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The Affluent and Royalty

Most of the wedding rings, are from precious gems. Therefore, they were famous in the fifteen and fourteen century, when the royals and affluent began to exchange and wear the jewels among them. Furthermore, it was many years ago before the engagement ring became a tradition.

Why are wedding rings for men and women essential?

As a fact, the reason for wedding rings for men and women is to convey deep emotions always like eternal, happiness, eternal love, eternal togetherness, and lasting commitment. These rings mostly signify the eternity between the recipient and the giver. Moreover, the wedding rings is a complete circle with no end, no break, or beginning, hence it means that it will go on and it will become eternal.

According to the fact that the fourth finger has a direct link to the heart. Therefore, it is natural that the wedding rings will be worn on this particular finger, which was the direct route to the core.

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Rings for men

Men might not be as enthusiastic as the fair sex, but there are certain items that most of them are partial to, rings. Unlike the women who love to wear as many rings as they can carry, men mostly choose only one ring that must be carefully chosen.

Types of the ring that men prefer:

  • Dress rings 

These are the rings that most of them wear daily. Mostly,  prefer their birthstones.

  • Engagement rings

It can be the finest reason for men to wear the sparkling ring of Moissanite. Moreover, the rings that are mostly slim bands, that are striking to style and look handsome. However, these rings cannot be worn after the engagement day.

  • Wedding rings 

Most of the men prefer the rings that are platinum, or the sparkling crystals like Moissanite crystal that make their big day super memorable.

  • Bling 
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If you have significant money, then this is the place where you must stand. Mostly men prefer the studded, and the sparking Moissanite, which is a place on either white or platinum gold. Mostly these rings might have a single stone, but have the pattern of smaller crystal that is sticking, highly eye-catching and attractive. Sometimes they even prefer the ring with the black color. Hence, this one is the finest example of the striking ring.

Hence men can also prefer wedding rings, but it must be according to their style that sometimes also get common.


Hence, it is clear now that the wedding ring is the sign of the betrothal, union, and marriage that has been in the ancient times. It can be possible that it may not always be as romantic and glamorous as it is today. However, it is still a way of exchange of marriage or wedding.

However nowadays wedding rings are not made from the plants, grass, or twine as they were in the ancient times, but all the beautiful gems like Moissanite with the beautiful bands of titanium, platinum gold, and others. Hence, these famous jewels will be well-known to the eternity, where the rest of the world will advance to the futuristic and the technological age.

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