Being a Winner: The Life of a Poker Star

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It takes a lot of skill and a lot of luck to become one of the elite poker players in the world. Those who do manage to become one of the few chosen, become stars that can live lavish lifestyles that seem to be only reserved for the elites of this world. These guys end up being able to afford cars and clothes the average man can never dream of, while some of them go off on travel tours around the world or buy mansions that we can only want. So, here is a quick review of the type of lifestyle that a poker player might have according to the opinion of the Norwegian gambling portal.

In terms of cars

There are many people among the top poker players in the world who enjoy themselves a nice car. Which is why there are so many poker players with some exotic cars in their garages. Some of the biggest poker stars, such as Patrik Antonius decided to go full Bond and purchase themselves a beautiful Aston Martin to ride around in, while those who are more environmentally conscious, such as Daniel Negreanu, pick the not humble Tesla S Series. The choice of car is always up to the taste of the player, but the decision is always made in honor of the dream car that every little boy has wanted most of their lives, imagining themselves riding around in one since they were sitting in cardboard boxes, pretending to be driving.

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About the clothes

Fashion sense is not something to argue about, but it is something to discuss. And when it comes to clothes, there are not that many poker players that can live up to the expectations of what a millionaire should look like, as the world imagines one to be. There are some, those who know how to dress and do their best to dress their best every time they play. Tony Dunst likes to keep up the Bond aura when he plays poker by wearing some of the most elegant suits that the world of poker has seen. He doesn’t usually disclose what he is wearing as he doesn’t believe it matters, but those of us with a trained eye can usually spot a Valentino suit when a man wears it. While he might not wear them at games, opting for some more comfortable suits, he can often be seen wearing one when going about his other business.

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On travel

While cars and clothes are something to desire and want, the pure lavishness of the lifestyle of a poker star comes into view when you consider when and where they travel. Once a poker player is done playing their championship and earns the money they wanted, they can afford travel to some of the most famous places around the world, most secluded beaches, and the highest peaks. 5-star hotels anywhere they go are happy to welcome these guys, and even when they are going to a championship, they get to go to an exotic or a fantastic place any time they wish, meaning they get the best service and the most comfort wherever they end up.

The thing is, they need to travel to relax. After all, the number of championships these guys participate in and the time they spend stressing out about the cards they are holding in their hands, they need relaxation. Which is why they end up traveling when they do and where they do – exhaustion can be dangerous if not taken care of. And when you are a poker player, a well-earned rest from the time spent playing is all that you need and all you deserve.

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