A Detailed Guide on How to Shop For Your Bed

West Elm showcases a designer bed.Pin
West Elm showcases a designer bed.

The bed is the only piece of furniture that defines the bedroom. The sole purpose of designing a bedroom is to provide a space for rest. The bed, therefore, serves this purpose by providing you that platform for you to rest your body.

The bed is also the most important furniture in the bedroom. This means that the bed controls how you place other furniture and how the entire layout of your room will look like.

This is the way every interior designer must first balance out the position of the bed in a room before picking out other fixtures and how they should be placed. Both the bed and the bed frame play a vital role in the design of the room.

However, the most important thing you have to consider when buying a bed is your comfort. Your bed plays a significant role in your life; you spend a better part of your life on your bed, so it’s essential you make the right choice when buying a bed.

In this informative piece, we will take you through the different kinds of beds and bed frames. This will help you make the right choice when next you go to bed shopping.

Here are the common types of beds we have in the market today:

Pottery Barn Teen Twin BedPin
Pottery Barn Teen Twin Bed

Twin Beds

Twin beds come to mind when you are buying a bed for a small apartment. Twin beds are portable and can fit into most spaces. If you are looking at saving up spaces in your bedroom, then you should go for twin beds. Twin beds are also suitable for guestrooms. If you have a guest room, then you can have a twin bed in there.

Queen Adjustable Bed from Saatva MattressPin
Queen Adjustable Bed from Saatva Mattress

Queen Adjustable Bed

The Adjustable queen Beds are enormous. The standard size for this type of bed is approximately 80 x 60 inches. The Queen bed is, therefore, the best fit for a huge room. However, you should make sure it will perfectly fit into your room before you buy one.

The Queen Adjustable Bed has various styles to choose from, so you can quickly design your room with any style you dim fit. It is usually more comfortable and offers an excellent bed for couples and people with health issues.

Specialized Bed from Amore BedsPin
Specialized Bed from Amore Beds

Specialized Beds

Specialized Beds are types of bed specially designed for people with health disorders. For example, handicaps have their unique sleeper beds that are custom made to fit their needs.

Patients who suffer difficulties in moving their muscles, or suffer chronic back and body pain have their special kind of bed that offers extra comfort and protection. Some of these beds are used to treat orthopedic cases as they have therapeutic properties gradually.

So, if you suffer any health disorder, you should talk to a specialist before getting a bed. The specialist will help you make the right choice and provide you with a bed that will ensure you are comfortable.

Black Canopy Bed from World MarketPin
Black Canopy Bed from World Market

Bed Structures

They are different types of bed structures available in the market today. Buyers now have a large variety of trundle beds to choose from as new styles are readily available.

The common type of trundle beds makes use of wooden slats. Some of them come with rails and even have cabinet top counters attached to them.

There are also steel structures if you are looking at using a metallic theme for your bedroom. Some of the steel beds have beautiful designs that are curved into various angles.

You can go for the simple four edges style if you don’t fancy playful designs on the frame. You also have the option of picking a bed with canopy cover on top of it. This kind of design is prevalent as it is used to make a bedroom look warm and inviting.

Bunk Bed from WalmartPin
Bunk Bed from Walmart

Bunk Trundles

Bunk beds are usually made for children and teenagers. This kind of beds is used to save up space in the children room. If you have lots of kids and want to provide them with a comfortable sleeping bed without taking up all the space in the room, you can get the bunk beds.

Some of them are used in children’s room when the parents want their kids to share the same room. Over the years, bunk beds have evolved from that simple four corner style; we now have great designs for bed bunks with classic finishes and beautiful appearance. Most bunk beds come with protective rails to save your child from rolling over in his sleep.

Ottoman Bed from DomestifyPin
Ottoman Bed from Domestify

Ottoman Bed

Ottoman beds have been around for a while now. These kinds of beds are for people who live in a single room space. They come as chairs that can open up and is turned into a bed.

This gives you the dual-purpose bed. The bed serves as a seat during the day and can be turned into a sleeping mattress at night. Ottoman beds are made with strong and durable materials. They are most times made of steel structures.

The mattress is flexible, making it easy for the bed to be flattened. They are covered up in leather or cloth fabric. Most of the beds today have beautiful designs which compliment any space they fit into.

Cabin Bed from Pottery Barn KidsPin
Cabin Bed from Pottery Barn Kids

Cabin Beds

Cabin beds are made especially for kids. They are various designs of cabin beds created with the intention to lure children to sleep.

They are designed with children’s supermodels like princess castles; Robin Hood themed bed styles, hideouts for monsters and many more designs, however, the safety of the child comes first in every child cabin bed.

Protective railings are part of the plan for every model. The designers also avoid using sharp ends that may end up causing the child an injury.

The Mattress

The bed mattress is the essential component of the entire bed. This part of the bed solely determines your comfort. The bed structure is only there to provide you with the necessary support.

The bed mattress determines the level of satisfaction you get. So when shopping for a bed, you need to make sure you get a quality mattress that is soft, durable and feels comfortable on your body – you can find the mattress ideas at MattressesGuide.com.

Wooden Bed Frame

The wooden frame adds a unique appeal to the bedroom and is more comfortable and blends easily with most bedroom themes. BedSos.co.uk is one such retailer with a great range to select from. The wooden frames ironically are stronger than their metal counterparts and last longer. They are also lovely as they can be made into many styles and designs to suit your desire.

The only set back here is that wooden beds are more expensive than their metal counterparts. They cost more, and those fanciful wooden frames you see around glossy brochures and magazines can leave a deep hole in your pocket. But you can go for the low budget simple wood frame that is strong, durable and great too. They are varieties of options for you to choose from, so you don’t have to worry about the cost.

Wooden beds are great when trying to match it with other furniture in your room – you can find furniture ideas at ModernFurniture4home. You can get the same shade of wood with other furniture in your room or can contrast and get a different shade that will complement other shades.

Buying a bed can be difficult without the proper direction. For first-timers, you will need a guide to provide you every detail you need to make the right buy. You should always put your comfort first whenever you shop for a bed. With this comprehensive guide, you are sure to make the right decision. You can visit here for more information about beds.

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