6 Expensive Items Men Should Spend Money On

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Dressing well, as a guy, must be smart, not expensive. However, there are certain accessories you should never skimp on. They are more than fashion statements or a way to show your status. They are a measure of your confidence and also have a significant value that completely justifies the hefty price tags. Without further ado, here are the most expensive items men should shell out the money for.

1. A leather bag

An essential investment you should consider as a man is a leather bag. Yes, they are quite expensive, but their lifespan might outlast any other thing you have in your wardrobe, and they are also highly practical.

Whenever you have to travel on business, or you must carry a big load of documents to work, your leather bag will be a trustworthy companion. Also, this type of accessory ages well, which means that even if it’s not this year’s model, it will be highly appreciated by anyone who sees you carrying on.

2. A high-quality watch

Another thing that may be seen as an accessory, but quite an indispensable one, is a high-quality watch. Not only a watch can last a lifetime – especially if it’s a Rolex or any other reputable brand – but it tells something about you.

Men who wear expensive watches state, without words, that time is valuable for them. There is no wonder that many influential men today have extensive collections of watches.

Mens Shoes
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3. Expensive shoes

Again, expensive shoes are not just a fashion statement. They are practical, and they represent the foundation of any wardrobe belong to a man who respects himself. Poor quality shoes will not only reflect poorly on your attire, but they will also hurt your feet.

If some clothing articles can be bought for more reasonable prices, skimping on shoes is never a good idea. The most expensive, as expected, are those made of leather, but the practicality and long lifespan more than justify the initial investment.

4. A warm peacoat

If you live in an area with a cold climate, a pretty pricey item that you should not overlook is a peacoat. Choose a classic model and check the quality of the fabric the first thing. It is essential that you buy a peacoat that is made with materials from a single source, as opposed to blended fibers.

This investment is as much worth the expense as the other items listed so far. A peacoat, if it’s good quality, will look great years from the moment you buy it, and will always make you look well dressed, regardless of the occasion.

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5. A perfect suit

Expensive suits tend to look better on those wearing them than regular models. That’s why you should expect to pay some serious cash on something proper. Finding the perfect fit should come on top of the list of priorities, but, if that’s not possible, don’t hesitate to take your suit to a tailor.

There is a reason why tailored suits are better than readymade models. You can go in between if you want to make a budget conscious decision as having a tailor fixing your outfit is cheaper than having one completely tailor-made.

6. Custom made dress shirts

If for the suit, you might do well with a high-quality readymade model if you take it to the tailor for small fixes, when it comes to dress shirts, you should decide from the start to have them custom made.

Ideally, you should have the classic colors, which are white, blue, and pink. Also, you should opt for high-quality fabrics so that your shirts can last for years.