Skater Boy Style: Adopt Skater Fashions for the New Trend

August 5, 2014
ASOS Super Longline Zip Up Hoodie

Kick Push-Skateboarders are associated with their carefree and laid-back attitude, which often translates into their street style. As people aim to dress more comfortably nowadays, the skater trend is a viable options for casual goers and fashionistos alike. It’s perfect for the fall season as you can layer without having too much on. Just be careful with your proportions: make sure to counteract the oversized lengths of these selections with skinny fit bottoms. Otherwise, well, it will look really sloppy. Complete the look with your favorite Converse (any flat bottoms will do) and you’re ready to hit the streets. And even if you can’t skate, at least you will look like you do.

ASOS Longline Shirt In Chambray

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