Types of Jackets for Men: Discover the Best Style Options


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Updated September 28, 2023

Types of Jackets for MenPin
Explore the different types of jackets for men.

In men’s fashion, jackets represent more than mere functional pieces. They are narrative threads woven into the fabric of style, reflecting individual tastes and personalities. Each style embodies a distinct ethos, transforming the wearer’s ensemble into a statement of their identity. Jackets have journeyed beyond mere outerwear, becoming critical elements in the style lexicon.

Types of Jackets for Men

Blouson Jacket Men ReissPin
Stage a chic style moment with a blouson jacket. Photo: Reiss

While the variety of jacket styles underscores the diversity of men’s fashion, it also reflects the expansive potential for personal expression. From the robust charm of a field jacket to the vibrant artistry of a souvenir jacket, each style serves as an invitation to explore different facets of fashion. Choosing a jacket style becomes an exercise in self-expression and individual storytelling, charting a course through the broad vistas of personal style.

Bomber Jackets: A Testament to Versatile Style

Bomber jackets seamlessly weave a narrative of timeless versatility that resonates across every season.Pin
Bomber jackets seamlessly weave a narrative of timeless versatility that resonates every season. Photo: Bonobos

A staple in history, the bomber jacket began its journey in the military, specifically, the cramped cockpits of planes. It’s a go-to piece in men’s fashion today, offering a seamless blend of heritage and modernity. It’s known for its classic elements: a zipper running down the front, snug cuffs, and a waist-length design. Often crafted from leather, nylon, or wool, the bomber jacket is more than its parts; it embodies timeless style.

Styling a bomber jacket provides an opportunity to play with contrasts. Combine it with a tee and your favorite jeans for a casual, easygoing look. But when the occasion calls for more, the bomber jacket steps up. Paired with a crisp button-down, tailored trousers, and sleek shoes, it effortlessly transitions to a sharper, more polished aesthetic. Versatile and adaptable, it suits a range of personal styles and occasions, proving its worth as a critical player in the modern man’s wardrobe.

Denim Jackets: The Epitome of Casual Cool

Denim Jacket Men WranglerPin
Denim jackets embody the quintessential cool associated with a laid-back, casual persona. Photo: Wrangler

Originally a symbol of the American West, the denim jacket has evolved into an undeniable pillar of men’s casual wear. Its signature elements—sturdy denim material, button front, and chest pockets—have remained consistent through the decades, reinforcing its appeal as a classic. Whether a deep indigo wash or a faded vintage variant, every denim jacket adds an element of rugged charm to the wearer’s ensemble.

In the style arena, the denim jacket reigns as the king of casual. It pairs effortlessly with a simple white tee and chinos for an easy, day-to-day look. Layer it over a graphic tee with black jeans and boots for an edgier aesthetic. With its inherent versatility and uncomplicated style, this hard-wearing staple easily navigates the spectrum of laid-back sartorial choices, solidifying its place in every man’s wardrobe.

Trucker Jackets: The Intersection of Practicality & Style

Trucker Jacket Men Corduroy J.CrewPin
Trucker jackets skillfully strike a harmonious balance between captivating allure and essential practicality. Photo: J.Crew

A cousin of the denim jacket, the trucker jacket presents an ideal blend of utility and style. This jacket, typically characterized by its boxier fit, button front, and double chest pockets, originates from the working class culture, echoing a sense of unpretentious charm and durability.

Styling a trucker jacket is all about embracing its functional roots. Match it with a flannel shirt, dark jeans, and boots for a relaxed weekend look. Throw it over a thin hoodie and pair it with cargo pants and sneakers for a more daring look. Whether heading for a country road trip or exploring the city streets, the trucker jacket offers a timeless and versatile style statement.

Biker Jackets: The Essence of Roadworthy Cool

Leather Biker Jacket Men AllSaintsPin
Leather biker jackets encapsulate the undying spirit of the open road in their every detail. Photo: AllSaints

Biker jackets, with their asymmetric zip closure, are steeped in coolness and a daring spirit. Typically crafted from leather or suede, they radiate an edgy aesthetic with their distinct wide lapels, multiple zipped pockets, and often a belted waist. Designed initially for bikers, they’ve become a symbol of rebellious style in the fashion world.

Styling a biker jacket is about celebrating its rugged charm. It shines with a white tee, black jeans, and hardy boots for a classic, cool look. Pair it with a slim-fit sweater, dark jeans, and sleek leather shoes for a more polished outfit. The biker jacket, offering a powerful blend of toughness and style, is a bold choice for those unafraid to embrace their edginess.

Leather Cafe Racer Jackets: Embodying Streamlined Elegance

Cafe Racer Jacket Lambskin Men Polo Ralph LaurenPin
Leather Cafe Racer jackets testify to the streamlined elegance that marries speed and style. Photo: Ralph Lauren

Leather cafe racer jackets, named after the British motorcyclists of the 1960s, personify minimalism and sleekness. These moto jackets typically feature a band collar, a central zip closure, and minimal embellishments, reflecting the need for speed of their original wearers. Crafted from premium leather, they offer a more streamlined and sophisticated look than their biker counterparts.

Styling a leather cafe racer jacket calls for appreciating its sleek, refined design. A simple black or white tee, dark jeans, and leather boots work perfectly for a classic, understated ensemble. Pair it with a lightweight knit, tailored trousers, and polished brogues for a more refined look.

Varsity Jackets: A Celebration of Youth & Athleticism

Varsity Jacket Men Brooks BrothersPin
Varsity jackets nostalgically salute both youth and athleticism in their design. Photo: Brooks Brothers

Varsity jackets, also known as letterman jackets, are steeped in the tradition of American college sports. These jackets typically feature a wool body with contrasting leather sleeves, a front snap closure, and often, a letter emblem. The design captures the spirit of youth, athleticism, and academic pride.

The varsity jacket lends itself to a playful, youthful style. Try it with a casual t-shirt, slim jeans, and sneakers for an easygoing weekend look. Layer it over a hoodie with relaxed trousers and high-top sneakers for a simple twist.

Track Jackets: Embodying the Sporty Spirit

Track Jacket Men ASOS DesignPin
Track jackets infuse the energy of competitive spirit and agility into a wearable form. Photo: ASOS

Track jackets, a symbol of athletic prowess, have crossed the line from sports fields to everyday fashion. Notable features include a lightweight material, a full-zip front, and usually, a stand-up collar, encapsulating a sense of dynamic style. Often adorned with stripes or branding, they serve as a nod to their sporty heritage.

Styling a track jacket is all about embracing its athletic roots. Try pairing it with a simple tee, joggers, and trainers for a gym-ready ensemble. For a sporty-yet-polished look, consider it with a polo, chinos, and sleek sneakers. In its easygoing and athletic charm, the track jacket is an easygoing companion for men looking for comfort without sacrificing style.

Field Jackets: Rugged Functionality at Its Best

Field Jacket Men M65 Alpha IndustriesPin
Field jackets stand as a rugged, charming monument to functional style. Photo: Alpha Industries

Born in the military, the field jacket epitomizes practical style. Its hallmark characteristics—mid-length cut, multiple front pockets, and often, a concealed hood—testify to its utilitarian origins. Crafted from durable materials like cotton or canvas, it is ready for any adventure.

Styling a field jacket revolves around its rugged appeal. It pairs naturally with a flannel shirt, jeans, and sturdy boots for an outdoor-ready look. Alternatively, match it with a sweater, chinos, and loafers for a refined yet casual ensemble.

Harrington Jackets: The Quintessence of Understated Cool

Harrington Jacket Men J.CrewPin
Harrington jackets communicate a powerful message of understated cool with a subtle yet undeniable charm. Photo: J.Crew

The Harrington jacket boasts a lineage tracing back to the British Isles. Defined by its lightweight material, slanted flap pockets, and stand-up collar with a two-button closure, it emanates a uniquely British vibe. The tartan or check lining often found inside is a signature touch, adding to its charm.

When it comes to styling, the Harrington jacket is a versatile player. It fits effortlessly with a polo shirt, tailored trousers, and loafers for a classic, preppy look. Team it with a crew neck tee, jeans, and sneakers for a more laid-back approach. In its versatility and understated elegance, the Harrington jacket effortlessly traverses between casual and formal settings.

Coach Jackets: The Understated Statement of Street Style

Coach Jacket MenPin
Coach jackets offer a sublime blend of sporty flair and streetwise sophistication. Photo: ASOS

Emerging from the sidelines of athletic fields, the coach jacket has entered the urban fashion playbook. Initially designed for coaches, this jacket style has transcended its utilitarian roots to become a symbol of effortless cool. Its defining features—a pointed collar, snap buttons, and often a drawstring at the hem—are the building blocks of its minimalist charm.

When it comes to styling, the coach jacket is a chameleon. It can easily slide into a casual ensemble with joggers and a graphic tee or elevate its game with tailored trousers and a fitted shirt. The coach jacket doesn’t scream for attention—it whispers versatility, making it a quiet yet mighty force in men’s fashion.

Windbreakers: Combatting Elements with Style

Windbreaker Men H&MPin
Windbreakers face the wrath of the elements with a fashionable determination that’s hard to match. Photo: H&M

Windbreakers, as the name suggests, were designed to shield against the wind. They merge practicality with modern aesthetics with their lightweight material, usually nylon or polyester, a zip-front, and often, a hood.

Styling a windbreaker is all about embracing its casual and sporty vibe. It works great with a basic tee, cargo shorts, and running shoes for an active, outdoor look. Pair it with a sweater, dark jeans, and low-top sneakers for a city-ready outfit.

Blouson Jackets: A Nod to Effortless Elegance

Blouson Jacket Men BOSSPin
Blouson jackets hint at an effortless elegance that is both captivating and comfortable. Photo: Hugo Boss

Blouson jackets offer a tasteful blend of comfort and elegance. Characterized by a waist-length cut, a fitted waistband, and a zip front, they present an effortlessly stylish silhouette. Whether made from leather, suede, or cotton, the blouson is a testament to timeless appeal.

In terms of styling, the Blouson jacket offers flexibility. Match it with a turtleneck, chinos, and loafers for a refined, casual look. For an urban edge, team it with a henley, dark jeans, and ankle boots. With its relaxed yet polished vibe, the Blouson jacket is a classic staple that suits various styles and occasions.

Shearling Jackets: Embracing the Warmth of Style

Shearling Jacket Men OverlandPin
Shearling jackets create a warm, luxurious cocoon of style. Photo: Overland

Shearling jackets, with their plush, wool-lined interiors, are the perfect combination of style and warmth. Often made from suede or leather, these jackets feature exposed shearling at the collar, cuffs, and hem, exuding a luxe, cozy vibe. From ranches to high-fashion runways, the shearling jacket has made its mark.

Styling a shearling jacket requires appreciation of its rich texture and warmth. Combine it with a chunky knit, jeans, and boots for a quintessential winter look. Pair it with a turtleneck, tailored trousers, and polished leather shoes for a more refined approach.

Chore Jackets: Celebrating Workwear Aesthetics

Chore Jacket Men Rhythm HuckberryPin
Chore jackets celebrate the unpretentious and intrinsic beauty of workwear aesthetics. Photo: Huckberry

Initially designed for manual labor, chore jackets have found a place in modern fashion. Recognizable for their durable fabric, typically denim or canvas, multiple pockets, and button front, they exude a practical, unpretentious charm that reflects their workwear roots.

Styling a chore jacket revolves around its functional heritage. Pair it with a casual shirt, rugged jeans, and work boots for an authentic workwear-inspired look. For a clean, contemporary outfit, consider it with a crisp white tee, chinos, and leather sneakers.

Shirt Jackets: The Perfect Layering Essential

Shirt Jacket Men MadewellPin
Shirt jackets are essential for smart layering, no matter the season. Photo: Madewell

Shirt jackets, often known as “shackets,” are the ideal middle ground between a shirt and a jacket. Crafted from flannel to denim materials, they offer the casual comfort of a shirt with the added warmth and structure of a jacket, hence the name.

Styling a shirt jacket is about embracing its versatile nature. Wear it over a tee with jeans and sneakers for a laid-back weekend ensemble. Layer it over a fine knit to elevate the look, pair it with tailored trousers and loafers. With its blend of casual comfort and sartorial sophistication, the shirt jacket is a staple for transitional weather.

Flight Jackets: Soaring High on Style

Flight Jacket Men Wilsons LeatherPin
Flight jackets take fashion aspirations to new heights, marrying style and altitude. Photo: Wilsons Leather

Flight jackets, also known as pilot jackets, have their roots in the military aviation of the mid-20th century. Distinct features like a front zip, snug cuffs and waistband, and, often, a fur-lined collar all contribute to its timeless appeal. Traditionally made of leather, modern interpretations explore materials like nylon and wool.

Styling a flight jacket is about capturing its adventurous spirit. Pair it with a graphic tee, cargo pants, and boots for a look that reflects its military origins. Consider it with a minimalistic sweater, dark jeans, and sleek sneakers for a contemporary twist.

Souvenir Jackets: A Canvas for Artistic Expression

Souvenir Jacket Men EvisuPin
Souvenir jackets are a unique, wearable canvas for personal expression and artistic flair. Photo: Evisu

Souvenir jackets, known as Sukajan, hail from post-WWII Japan. These jackets are typically made of satin or silk and are notable for their intricate embroidery, often featuring traditional Japanese or American motifs. They offer an expressive canvas that showcases vibrant artistry.

Styling a souvenir jacket is about letting its artistry shine. Keep the rest of your outfit simple—a black or white tee, slim jeans, and clean sneakers. Let the jacket be the focal point. With its rich history and striking aesthetics, the souvenir jacket uniquely adds personality and artistic flair to any ensemble.

Discovering Men’s Coats

Camel Coat Men Brooks BrothersPin
Explore the different types of coats for even more versatility and formal occasions. Photo: Brooks Brothers

While jackets offer an essential style statement for various occasions and seasons, it’s equally crucial to understand and explore the world of coats. Often used in colder weather, more formal settings, or when a longer silhouette is desired, the vast array of coat styles available presents a new frontier in men’s fashion.

If you’re curious about trench coats, overcoats, pea coats, parkas, and more, explore our comprehensive guide on the different types of coats for men.

Final Words

Suede Bomber Jacket Men Polo Ralph LaurenPin
Explore different fabrics like suede to adapt various jacket styles to different occasions. Photo: Ralph Lauren

The abundance of jacket types represents a showcase of fashion’s diverse landscape and a voyage through the multifaceted terrains of style. Each jacket harbors its unique narrative, each serving as a tribute to the man wearing it. Engaging with this style spectrum extends beyond merely finding the perfect jacket—it’s about discovering a part of oneself.

From the denim jacket’s casual cool to the flight jacket’s stylish statement, these jackets are more than just a piece of clothing; they’re a dialogue between the wearer and the world. As this exploration concludes, remember that each choice of a jacket is a step in the journey of personal style. The road doesn’t end here; it unfolds into an exciting, stylish future.

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