Mohawk Haircuts for Men: Classic Spikes to Modern Twists

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Updated March 27, 2024

Mohawk Haircuts MenPin
Discover the diverse types of mohawk haircuts for men.

The iconic rebel of men’s hair, the classic mohawk haircut is defined by its silhouette of shaved sides and a central strip of longer hair. This foundational style allows for numerous creative interpretations, creating fresh and dynamic looks.

Mohawk Haircuts for Men

Fan Mohawk PinkPin
Explore the rebellious mohawk with its iconic fanned style. Photo: Shutterstock

Originating from the Mohawk people, the mohawk has transcended time, cultures, and fashion trends, maintaining its status as a bold statement. From its emergence in the 1970s punk scene to today’s diverse adaptations, the mohawk continues to evolve.

Variations like the striking bleached mohawk, the textured curly mohawk, and the daring Liberty Spikes showcase the style’s versatility. Celebrities such as David Beckham, Jared Leto, and countless others have embraced these mohawk variations, using their hair as a vibrant form of self-expression.

Bleached Mohawk

Bleached Mohawk Black MenPin
A bleached mohawk makes a bold statement of confidence and style. Photo: Unsplash

The Bleached Mohawk for black men is a bold declaration of personal grooming. This high-contrast look pairs the edginess of a traditional mohawk with the modern twist of bleached hair.

Maintenance is critical here: invest in color-safe shampoos and hair care products to preserve the vibrant color and perfection of the style. Shaving the sides close to the skin emphasizes the mohawk’s prominence, while well-groomed facial hair balances the overall aesthetic.

Curly Mohawk

Curly Mohawk Black MenPin
Curly locks bring a dynamic twist to the classic mohawk. Photo: Dominic Conner / Unsplash

The Curly Mohawk offers a refreshing take on the mohawk hairstyle, particularly suited for men with naturally curly hair. This style boasts a playful juxtaposition of texture and precision, where the untamed spirit of curls meets the sharp, defined edges of a mohawk.

To maintain this look, it’s essential to employ a daily hydration regimen—utilizing leave-in conditioners to retain the curls’ bounce and shape. Work with a barber skilled in shaping curly hair to ensure the sides are neatly trimmed, enhancing the volume and structure at the top.

Shaving patterns into the sides can add a personal touch and further define the style.


Dreadhawk MenPin
Embody a fusion of culture and edge with a distinctive dreadhawk. Photo: Juanca Paulino / Unsplash

The Dreadhawk is a celebration of hair as a medium of personal expression, combining the structure of dreadlocks with the free spirit of the mohawk to create a look that’s as unforgettable as it is striking.

To maintain a Dreadhawk, it’s essential to keep the dreadlocks well-moisturized to prevent breakage, using natural oils or a leave-in conditioner formulated explicitly for dreadlocks. The sides require regular shaving to maintain the stark contrast that defines the look.

Fan Mohawk

Fan MohawkPin
A fan mohawk is an audacious display of punk flair and artistry in hairstyling. Photo: Shutterstock

The Fan Mohawk, characterized by its wide-spread and spiked style, is a bold statement of punk culture. To achieve this look, the hair on top is grown out longer than a traditional mohawk and then styled outwards to resemble a fan.

This requires a stronghold hair gel or glue to keep the spikes firmly in place. The sides are usually shaved to a shorter length to accentuate the fan effect.

Forward Mohawk

Long Forward Mohawk MenPin
Dare to be different with a forward mohawk that defies expectations. Photo: Panos Sakalakis / Unsplash

The Forward Mohawk reimagines the classic mohawk by directing the hair forward rather than upward, resulting in a wave-like crest that brings an avant-garde twist to the traditional punk-inspired look. This dynamic style is typically achieved by growing the central strip of hair longer and styling it to fall towards the forehead.

To maintain the direction and hold of the forward fringe, a stronghold hair gel or wax is essential, particularly for those with straight or slightly wavy hair. The sides are kept short, usually by head shaving, to emphasize the dramatic sweep of the mohawk.

Liberty Spikes Mohawk

Liberty Spikes Mohawk MenPin
Stand tall with a Liberty Spikes Mohawk, a hairstyle that shouts individuality. Photo: Gandolfo Cannatella /

The Liberty Spikes Mohawk is an iconic style deeply rooted in the punk rock scene, symbolizing a defiant stance against conventional norms. This edgy look involves styling the hair into stiff, spiked points that can be achieved using a stronghold hair gel or specialized glue for hair.

To get the spikes standing tall, blow-drying the hair upward while applying the product will ensure each spike keeps its form. The sides are typically shaved clean to draw attention to the dramatic spikes, which can be dyed in various colors for even more personal expression.

Modern Deathhawk

Modern Deathhawk MenPin
Choose a Deathhawk for an unconventional and expressive hairstyle. Photo: Shutterstock

This modern take on the Deathhawk embraces the essence of the punk rock and goth subcultures with a less traditional approach, preceding the heavily teased center strip for a more natural, curly look. It’s a bold choice that requires a commitment to maintenance: the sides should be kept clean with regular head shaving to emphasize the contrast with the voluminous top.

Styling products like mousse can enhance the natural curls, adding structure and hold without the stiffness typically associated with hair spray. The haircut’s balance can be complemented by well-groomed facial hair, creating an overall look that exudes edge and attitude.

Mohawk Buzz

Mohawk BuzzPin
Capture a minimalist aesthetic with the clean lines of a Mohawk Buzz Cut. Photo: Shutterstock

The Mohawk Buzz reflects the power of simplicity in men’s hairstyles, combining the striking presence of a mohawk with the straightforward appeal of a buzz cut. This no-fuss look is achieved by closely shaving the sides of the head, leaving a narrow strip of slightly longer hair that runs from the forehead to the nape of the neck.

The style’s maintenance is low-key, requiring regular head shaving to keep the sides neat and the distinct line of the mohawk clear. It’s an ideal haircut for the man who values the bold statement of a mohawk and the low maintenance of a buzz cut.

Mohawk Fade

Mohawk Fade MenPin
A Mohawk Fade is the perfect blend of edge and sophistication. Photo: Pagie Page / Unsplash

The sleek Mohawk Fade retains the essence of the mohawk but gives a contemporary twist with a faded effect on the sides. This style achieves a neat, tapered appearance that gradually blends into the skin, making it a popular choice for its clean lines and ease of maintenance.

The central strip stands out with its upright styling, often requiring a good-quality hair gel to keep it in place. Regular visits to the barber are recommended to maintain the sharp contrast of the fade, typically every two to three weeks, depending on hair growth.

Mullet Mohawk

Mullet MohawkPin
Merge a mohawk’s audacity with a mullet’s retro flair for a daring dual statement. Photo: Shutterstock

The Mullet Mohawk is a distinctive hairstyle that combines two iconic cuts into one daring look. It features the classic mohawk on top—spiked or styled for height and drama—with the unexpected twist of a mullet’s length at the back.

This fusion demands attention and allows for expression through variations in texture and color. The sides are typically faded or shaved to showcase the central strip, while the back remains longer to achieve the signature look.

Psychobilly Mohawk

Psychobilly MohawkPin
Channel the essence of the rockabilly revival with a high-standing Psychobilly Mohawk. Photo: Shutterstock

The Psychobilly Mohawk is an audacious style that combines punk’s rebellious edge and the rockabilly aesthetic’s slick back nature. It is defined by a tall, often dramatically high, and sleekly styled strip of hair, with the sides cleanly shaved to emphasize the height and shape of the mohawk.

Achieving such a towering structure typically involves a combination of hair gel or pomade with hair spray to set everything firmly in place. The upkeep for such a style is considerable; frequent shaving is required to keep the sides pristine, and regular styling is required to ensure the mohawk maintains its characteristic lift.

Slick Back Mohawk

Slick Back MohawkPin
A Slick Back Mohawk brings a refined edge to a rebellious classic. Photo: Shutterstock

The Slick Back Mohawk is a more subdued interpretation of the traditional mohawk, where the hair on top is kept long enough to be slicked back smoothly while the sides are faded or shaved down. This style offers a sleek, contemporary look that keeps the mohawk spirit alive in a more polished form.

Using a high-quality pomade, the hair can be combed back to achieve that slick finish, which pairs perfectly with a sharp wardrobe for an edgy and elegant look. To maintain the slick back mohawk, the sides should be regularly shaved, and the top hair should be trimmed to manage length and volume.

Spiky Mohawk

Spiky MohawkPin
Capture the essence of the punk rock spirit with a classic Spiky Mohawk. Photo: Shutterstock

The Spiky Mohawk is a definitive punk hairstyle. It involves keeping the hair in the center of the head longer and styling it into defined spikes, while the hair on the sides is shaved down or cut very short to emphasize the contrast.

Achieving this iconic look requires a good amount of hair gel or pomade to spike the hair up and keep it in place. For an extra hold, finishing with a spritz of hair spray can ensure the spikes stand tall all day.

Twist Out Mohawk with Cornrows

Twist Out Mohawk Cornrows MenPin
Elevate your mohawk with cornrow accents and twisted peaks. Photo: Gift Habeshaw / Unsplash

The Twist Out Mohawk with Cornrows marries the audacity of the mohawk with the artful detailing of cornrowed sides and the distinctive style of a twist out. This style captures an eclectic aesthetic by featuring the voluminous presence of twist out curls on top juxtaposed with the sleek precision of cornrows along the sides.

Regular upkeep is necessary to keep this style sharp and maintain the crispness of the cornrows. At the same time, the twist out requires retwisting and a satin cap to preserve the curly definition.

The Evolution of the Mohawk

Green Fan MohawkPin
Channel the bold attitude of a mohawk for a modern statement. Photo: Nick Fewings / Unsplash

From traditional spikes to the contemporary undercut of a mohawk fade, these haircuts serve as a broad canvas for self-expression. Modern takes range from sharp angles to softer edges, with braided styles like the twist out mohawk with cornrows adding intricate texture.

Altogether, each variation celebrates individuality, promoting distinct mohawk looks and showcasing personal style and creativity.

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