Fringe Haircuts for Men: The Best Bang Styles

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Updated March 23, 2024

Fringe Haircut MenPin
Explore popular fringe haircuts for men.

Men’s fringe haircuts, characterized by their distinctive over-the-forehead style, serve as an expressive tool for personal identity. Known widely as bangs, they provide a canvas for individuality.

Fringe Haircuts for Men

Hair Fringe MenPin
Elevate your hairstyle with a popular fringe style. Photo: Shutterstock

With careful and skillful styling, fringe offers men’s hair the transformative ability to contour and define a person’s overall look. Angular fringes make a bold statement with crisp, clean lines.

In contrast, a softer fringe conveys a sense of approachability and ease. Fringes have evolved into a nuanced form of self-expression—adapting with the times or steadfastly embodying a personal hallmark.

Afro Fringe

Afro Fringe MenPin
Show off the natural beauty and volume of a textured Afro Fringe. Photo: Shutterstock

Afro Fringe is a proud celebration of natural texture with its height and fullness. The key to this look is embracing the hair’s natural shape and allowing the fringe to take on its own form, often requiring little more than a good pick to fluff it out and some moisturizing product to keep the curls hydrated.

The voluminous afro fringe can frame the face beautifully, drawing attention to the eyes and balancing the facial features.

Asymmetrical Swept Fringe

Asymmetrical Swept Fringe MenPin
Flaunt a creative twist with an Asymmetrical Swept Fringe that’s bold and expressive. Photo: Shutterstock

The Asymmetrical Swept Fringe is about breaking symmetry, giving a fashionable edge to the traditional fringe style. It’s characterized by hair that is longer on one side, creating a diagonal line across the forehead.

It’s a look that can be adapted to enhance your facial features, with the longer section of the fringe used to either accentuate or conceal certain aspects of the face. The asymmetry can also draw attention away from the symmetry of facial features, making it an excellent choice for those looking for a hairstyle that brings character and uniqueness to their appearance.

Choppy Layered Fringe

Choppy Layered Fringe MenPin
Opt for a Choppy Layered Fringe to add a dynamic edge to your hairstyle. Photo: Shutterstock

A Choppy Layered Fringe brings a youthful and carefree spirit to the table, marked by its uneven layers that create a sense of depth and texture. Achieving this look involves a strategic cut that allows for different lengths within the bangs, adding dimension and movement.

Styling such a fringe often involves minimal product; a light texturizing spray can enhance the layers without making them too heavy. Perfect for a rectangle or oval face, the choppy layers can soften the jawline and add a casual, stylish flair to your appearance.

Curly Fringe

Curly Fringe MenPin
Craft an effortlessly cool vibe with a Curly Fringe that frames the face with a soft texture. Photo: Shutterstock

Curly Fringe offers a soft, textured border that plays along the forehead. Achieving an ideal curly fringe involves trimming the curls to ensure they fall naturally and lightly across the brow.

Hair products with a light hold, such as mousse or light pomade, can help maintain the shape and bounce of the curls without sacrificing movement. For men experiencing hair loss, a curly fringe can also provide a stylish way to add fullness to the hairline.

Curly Middle Part

Curly Middle Part MenPin
Embrace the balance of symmetry with a well-defined Curly Middle Part. Photo: Shutterstock

The Curly Middle Part emphasizes a balanced face structure. To achieve the perfect curly middle part, start with freshly washed hair and apply a light hair conditioner to enhance the natural curls without creating frizz.

Once the hair is damp, use a wide-toothed comb to part it down the middle, ensuring the line is straight and defined. Apply a small dab of pomade to add definition and a hint of shine, focusing on the curls at the top to maintain their shape and volume.

Dreadlock Fringe

Dreadlock FringePin
Showcase your unique style with a cuffed Dreadlock Fringe. Photo: Shutterstock

This unique hairstyle features dreadlocks adorned with cuffs, presenting a fringe that stands out. The choice of cuffs can reflect personal style or cultural significance, making this a deeply customizable and expressive hairstyle.

For those embracing this look, it’s essential to consider the placement of cuffs to achieve the desired effect, whether it’s a subtle accent or a bold declaration of individuality.

Feathered Fringe

Feathered Fringe MenPin
Achieve a breezy, carefree look with a Feathered Fringe. Photo: Shutterstock

This throwback fringe style is characterized by its lightweight, feathered edges that blend into a layered hairstyle. To maintain this laid-back look, it’s advisable to use a lightweight hair conditioner that won’t weigh down the hair, followed by a blow-drying technique that enhances the natural volume and movement.

Styling products should be used sparingly to avoid a stiff appearance; instead, opt for a texturizing spray that provides a flexible hold. Regular trims are vital in keeping the feathered effect in perfect shape, allowing the fringe to frame the face with a soft, non-linear line that complements the natural hair texture.

Forward-Swept Fringe

Forward-swept Fringe MenPin
Accentuate your style with a Forward-swept Fringe. Photo: Shutterstock

This wet-look hairstyle showcases a fringe that sweeps forward, offering a relaxed yet tidy aesthetic. Ideal for wavy or straight hair textures, the Forward-swept Fringe creates a soft frame for the face, making it a versatile choice for various face shapes.

To achieve this look, use a light to medium hold styling product that allows the hair to fall naturally forward without appearing stiff. When styling, gently coax the bangs forward with your fingers or a brush, allowing some strands to settle across the forehead for a casual, effortless look.

Shaggy Curtain Fringe

Shaggy Curtain Fringe MenPin
Make a statement with a Shaggy Curtain Fringe for a touch of vintage charm. Photo: Shutterstock

Shaggy Curtain Fringe is a modern nod to a retro look. It features a center part with hair cascading down both sides of the face. It’s ideal for those with naturally straight or wavy hair who want a hairstyle that provides a laid-back feel and a sense of structure.

It’s often best to use a lightweight mousse or cream that enhances the hair’s natural texture while maintaining a bit of hold to style a shaggy curtain fringe. The key is to allow the fringe to frame the face naturally, which can be flattering for those with oval or square face shapes, as it helps to balance facial proportions.

Short Curtain Fringe

Short Curtain Fringe MenPin
Master a casual yet sharp look with a Short Curtain Fringe that subtly frames the face. Photo: Shutterstock

This fringe style is a contemporary take on the classic curtain look. It features a shorter length that offers a cleaner, more defined appearance. The Short Curtain Fringe is parted in the middle, lightly brushing the forehead and subtly framing the face.

This style is particularly adaptable for straight hair and adds structure to rounder face shapes, helping to elongate the face and draw attention to the eyes. To style, a light hold product can enhance the hair’s natural fall while keeping the parting visible.

Soft Wave Fringe

Soft Wave Fringe MenPin
A Soft Wave Fringe offers sophistication and ease. Photo: Shutterstock

This wavy fringe softly embraces the forehead with gentle waves, creating a relaxed yet refined appearance. It’s an excellent choice for those with slight natural curls or waves, as it utilizes the hair’s inherent texture to craft an unforced, stylish front.

To maintain the softness of the waves, a lightweight styling product can enhance the hair’s natural movement without overloading it. The key is to balance control and flexibility, allowing the fringe to move naturally while keeping its shape.

Straight Side Fringe

Straight Side Fringe MenPin
Opt for a sleek Straight Side Fringe for a timeless look. Photo: Shutterstock

The Straight Side Fringe is precisely cut to create a clean, horizontal line across the forehead. To achieve this look, a flat iron can be used to straighten the fringe for an ultra-smooth finish, and a light touch of hairspray or serum can be applied to maintain the sleekness and prevent any flyaways.

Regular trims are necessary to keep the fringe at the ideal straight length, and using a heat protectant when styling is essential to keep the hair healthy.

Textured Crop with Angular Fringe

Textured Crop Angular Fringe MenPin
Project a modern edge with a textured crop with striking Angular Fringe. Photo: Shutterstock

This contemporary hairstyle capitalizes on the trend of geometry in hair, with an Angular Fringe that creates a sharp contrast to the natural texture of the crop. For those looking to maintain this style, incorporating a product with a firm hold, like a matte pomade, can help achieve the desired angle and keep the fringe in place throughout the day.

Using a volumizing hair conditioner is also beneficial, providing the necessary lift at the roots for a fuller appearance.

Textured Fringe

Textured Fringe Tapered HaircutPin
Forge a bold presence with a modern Textured Fringe that commands attention. Photo: Shutterstock

Modern Textured Fringe offers a dynamic alternative to the classic Caesar cut, providing a playful twist with longer bangs that offer more styling versatility. To keep the look sharp and defined, a matte hair product can be applied to dry hair, adding structure and a touch of casual imperfection currently in vogue.

When it comes to maintenance, it’s advisable to use mild shampoo and occasionally treat the hair with a nourishing hair conditioner to maintain the texture without weighing the hair down. The sides should be kept short with a tapering technique for a clean transition that complements the weightier top.

Windswept Side Fringe

Windswept Side Fringe MenPin
Capture the essence of motion with a Windswept Side Fringe. Photo: Shutterstock

This fringe style is characterized by hair that appears swept to one side as if tousled by a gentle breeze. It’s a relaxed yet stylish look, adding movement and a whimsy touch to any hairstyle.

For those with wavy or straight hair, achieving this look can be as simple as applying a light-hold product and raking the fingers through the hair to direct it sideways. The side fringe is ideal for softening angular face shapes and adding a dynamic element to the hairstyle.

Statement Fringe

Long Fringe MenPin
Make a modern hair statement with a long fringe. Photo: Adrian Swancar / Unsplash

Whether it’s the carefree look of messy bangs or the clean lines of a straight fringe, these styles establish a presence and help shape one’s image. They show us that even minor details can have a significant impact, turning a simple haircut into a noteworthy look.

Ultimately, each fringe haircut for men represents a choice—a decision on how to present yourself to the world. It’s a chance to try something new, embrace change, and create a look uniquely yours.

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