Dread Styles for Men: Explore Popular Types of Dreadlocks

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Updated March 12, 2024

Dread Styles for MenPin
Explore popular dread styles for men.

Regarding dread styles for men, few hairstyles are as profoundly interwoven with culture, personality, and artistry as dreadlocks. From the sun-kissed beaches where they mirror tales of freedom to the diverse city streets encompassing the beats of modernity, dreads have become a canvas upon which men paint their stories.

Popular Dread Styles for Men

Short Dreads ManPin
Dreadlocks paired with classic elegance redefine sophistication, proving that style knows no bounds. Photo: Deposit Photos

Whether they cascade down in long, natural falls, are trimmed and twisted into contemporary patterns, or defy gravity in a rebellious high-top fade, each dread style speaks to a different chapter of the wearer’s journey.

Double Buns with Spiky Dreads

Double Buns Spiky DreadsPin
Double the impact by embracing Double Buns with Spiky Dreads. Photo: Shutterstock

Space Buns or Double Buns with Spiky Dreads feature dreads twisted into two distinct buns, positioned symmetrically to add a sense of balance and edginess to the overall look. The dreads themselves are styled to project outwards in a spiky manner, injecting a dose of rebellious spirit and dimension.

This hairstyle requires confidence and attitude. To maintain the spikiness of the dreads, a light application of hair gel or wax is used, ensuring each dread stands out while the buns remain neatly in place.

Dreadbun with Undercut

Dreadbun MenPin
The Dreadbun with Undercut is an edge, ease, and style fusion. Photo: Ilya Mirnyy / Unsplash

The Dreadbun with Undercut features dreads skillfully pulled back into a man bun. The bun, secured by a hair tie, sits atop an undercut that adds a crisp line to the skin.

The dreadlock bun benefits from regular trims and the application of products like hair wax, which adds definition and holds without compromising the hair’s natural movement.

The Dreadhawk

The Dreadhawk sees a meeting of the mohawk and the enduring spirit of dreadlocks. Photo: Shutterstock

The Dreadhawk is a fearless hairstyle that merges the mohawk’s rebellious roots with the cultural depth of dreadlocks. It features locks skillfully sectioned to stand tall down the center of the head, reminiscent of the classic mohawk silhouette, while the sides are shaved close to the skin for a stark contrast.

The dreads can be twisted or left more natural, adding a rugged texture that defies conventional norms. This style requires a commitment to its creation and upkeep, often requiring regular tightening of the dreads and precise shaving of the sides to maintain its striking definition.

The Dreadlock Ponytail

Dreadlock PonytailPin
The Dreadlock Ponytail weaves practicality with iconic style. Photo: Shutterstock

The Dreadlock Ponytail is a timeless style that captures the essence of dreadlocks in a simple, pulled-back look. It’s a practical choice for those who prefer their dreads to be a statement piece and conveniently tucked away.

This style is ideal for showcasing the length and intricate weaving of the locks while keeping them secure and out of the way. It’s a versatile look that can be worn casually or styled to suit more formal occasions, and it pairs well with a range of fashion choices.

Freeform Dreadlocks

Freeform DreadsPin
Embracing nature’s course, Freeform Dreadlocks offer an unadulterated expression of the hair’s innate beauty and complexity. Photo: Shutterstock

Freeform Dreadlocks celebrate the natural journey of hair as it locks and forms over time without the influence of specific sectioning or styling techniques. This approach to dreadlocks has a unique and organic appearance, with each dread taking on its shape and direction.

It reflects the wearer’s patience and commitment to a process that mirrors natural growth and personal evolution. These dreads are typically maintained without tight braiding or twisting, relying on regular washing and occasional separation to prevent matting.

Gray Dreads

Gray Dreadlocks MenPin
Gray Dreadlocks blends contemporary style with classic form, creating a bold statement. Photo: Shutterstock

Gray Dreads presents a bold fashion statement, with intentionally colored gray dreadlocks contrasting sharply with traditional hair hues. This style showcases a sense of individuality and a flair for the dramatic, with each lock’s deliberate gray tint suggesting a modern twist on the classic dreadlock look.

The chosen color is often maintained with specialized products to preserve the dye’s intensity and keep the dreads well-moisturized. It’s a look that defies age and convention, embraced by those who dare to stand out and make a personal statement through their hairstyle.

Half-Up, Half-Down Dreadlock Style

Half-Up Half-Down Dreadlock StylePin
This Half-Up, Half-Down Dreadlock Style merges charm with a touch of refinement. Photo: Shutterstock

The Half-Up, Half-Down Dreadlock Style allows the top locks to be neatly pulled back, showcasing the face, while the remaining locks cascade freely. It’s a versatile and practical style that keeps hair away from the face and is ideal for casual and professional settings.

The dreads require simple care, with a light application of natural oils to maintain moisture and the occasional use of hair gel for a polished edge.

High Top Fade with Dyed Dreads

High Top Fade with Dyed DreadsPin
The High Top Fade with Dyed Dreads is a signature style for boldness and expressiveness. Photo: Shutterstock

The High Top Fade with Dyed Dreads combines the sharp, clean lines of a high top fade with the free-flowing vibrancy of dyed dreads. This hairstyle is a canvas of contrast, featuring the structured precision of the cut alongside the creative liberty of color.

The dyed dreads crown the head, bringing an element of playfulness and personality to the look. This style often reflects the wearer’s boldness and meticulous grooming habits, requiring regular upkeep to maintain its distinctive shape and color vitality.

Long Dreadlocks

Long DreadlocksPin
Long Dreadlocks reflect the passage of time and dedication. Photo: Shutterstock

Long Dreadlocks cascade with an air of natural grandeur, embodying a lifestyle dedicated to the growth and cultivation of hair. These lengthy locks often take years to mature, representing patience and a journey of personal significance.

Long dreads are typically cared for with natural products that respect the hair’s integrity and avoid harsh chemicals. Wearers might opt for a regular trim to keep the ends healthy and prevent breakage.

Medium-length Dyed Dreadlocks

Medium-length Dyed DreadlocksPin
Medium-length Dyed Dreadlocks offer a canvas of expression, framing the face with practicality and fashionable intent. Photo: Shutterstock

Medium-length Dreadlocks strikes the perfect balance between manageability and style. Each lock has a life of its own, dyed with subtle hints of color that add a personal touch without overwhelming.

This length is ideal for showcasing the hair’s natural texture while allowing for an array of styling options, from free-hanging locks that embody a carefree spirit to a half-gathered look for more formal occasions. Maintenance is straightforward—regular washing, occasional use of hair gel for definition, and mineral oil for moisture.

Semi-Freeform Dreads

Semi-freeform DreadsPin
Semi-freeform Dreads blend control and natural evolution, offering a personalized look. Photo: Shutterstock

The Semi-freeform Dreadlock style merges intention with natural progression, creating a hairstyle that respects the hair’s hair’s pattern while incorporating subtle guidance. This approach allows some dreads to form naturally while others receive occasional twisting to encourage a particular shape or direction.

The result is a more uniform appearance than freeform dreads but with a similar spirit of individuality and self-expression. Wearers of semi-freeform dreads often balance maintenance and growth, ensuring their locks evolve beautifully while maintaining a neatness that suits their style.

Side-Swept Dreadlocks

Side-swept Dreads MenPin
Side-swept Dreads offers a fresh take on classic locks. Photo: Deposit Photos

Side-swept Dreadlocks are a hairstyle that exudes a casual yet polished vibe, featuring dreads that are artfully swept to one side. This style allows the wearer to display the volume and texture of the dreads prominently while revealing the clean lines of a faded undercut on the opposite side.

The side-swept dreads give a dynamic look, suggesting movement and a free-spirited essence. To maintain this asymmetrical style, the dreads require regular care to keep them neat and prevent frizz.

Often, products that retain moisture without weighing down the hair are used.

Sun-Kissed Dreadlock Fade

Sun-kissed Dreadlock Fade MenPin
A twist on tradition, this Sun-kissed Dreadlock Fade carries the warmth of the tropics into an urban style statement. Photo: Nathan Dumlao / Unsplash

The Sun-kissed Dreadlock Fade features dreadlocks tipped with a lighter color for an effect akin to being naturally bleached by the sun. This look merges the casual vibe of dreads with the polished finish of a fade.

The color at the tips of the dreads adds a playful contrast and emphasizes the texture and dimension of each twist and knot. The fade requires a professional hairdresser to keep the lines clean, while the dreadlocks might enjoy a periodic trim to maintain their neat, gathered appearance.

The Final Strand

Man DreadsPin
Long, untamed dreads capture a spirit of freedom and raw elegance in a whirlwind of motion. Photo: Shutterstock

The world of dreads is as boundless as it is nuanced. Each style, from the gravity-defying dreadhawk to the understated elegance of the side-swept look, nods to the adaptability and timeless appeal of dreadlocks.

Dread styles encompass the courage to let a curly lock coil freely, the boldness to embrace a new fad with dyed tips, and the warmth that a well-maintained mane can bring, regardless of temperature or trend.

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