Top Haircuts for Men: Hairstyles to Wear in 2024

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Updated April 2, 2024

Haircuts for Men HairstylesPin
Explore popular 2024 haircuts for men, from classic to trendy hairstyles.

A great haircut does more than shape hair—it helps shape personality and identity. It’s a silent yet eloquent communicator.

While the men’s haircuts and hairstyles in today’s grooming landscape may nod to trends, ultimately, these choices mirror one’s evolving sense of self. This isn’t just about keeping up with fashion; it’s about finding the unique expression that feels inherently right.

Haircuts & Hairstyles for Men in 2024

Pompadour Tapered Sides Men HaircutPin
A sleek pompadour with tapered sides and a clean side part makes a modern statement. Photo: Deposit Photos

The impact of a well-chosen haircut extends to the nuances of personal style and how one is perceived. Each haircut, whether a subtle tweak or a daring, avant-garde creation, is crucial in defining one’s image in contemporary male grooming.

Finding the right style involves more than just trend-following; it’s about uncovering a look that genuinely aligns with and enhances an individual’s personality and physical attributes.

Popular Men’s Hairstyles

Brush Up Hair

Brush Up HairstylePin
Brush Up Hair: a voluminous style that’s both sleek and commanding. Photo: Deposit Photos

The Brush Up hairstyle is characterized by upward hair styling to create a full-bodied look that adds height and dimension. The sides are typically shorter, enhancing the brush up top drama.

Comma Haircut

Comma Hairstyle Men Teo YooPin
The Comma Haircut: a pronounced swoop evoking the punctuation mark it’s named after. Photo: arp / Deposit Photos

The Comma haircut captures attention with its unique front swoop that gently curls like a comma, offering a playful yet sophisticated look. The hair’s natural texture creates a sense of volume and movement, making it a perfect choice for those seeking a style that combines elegance with a touch of whimsy.

Disheveled Quiff

Disheveled QuiffPin
The Disheveled Quiff: an effortlessly cool and artfully tousled style. Photo: Shutterstock

This Disheveled Quiff brings an element of controlled chaos to a classic hairstyle, offering a less structured take on the traditional quiff. With its windswept and textured appearance, this style is for the man who wants to convey a sense of rugged sophistication.

The hair is styled for volume and movement, with a haphazard flair from careful styling.

High Top Fade

High Top Fade HaircutPin
The High Top Fade: a vertical triumph pairs height with precision. Photo: Deposit Photos

The High Top Fade haircut combines the audacity of height with the clarity of defined lines, making a retro and contemporary statement. Born in the heart of hip-hop culture, this hairstyle has transcended its origins to become a symbol of sharp, clean lines and self-expression.

Man Bun with Shaved Sides

Man Bun Shaved SidesPin
The Man Bun with Shaved Sides: a sharp, urban hairstyle with a bold twist. Photo: Deposit Photos

In this hairstyle, the sides and back of the head are closely shaved, emphasizing the longer hair on top, which is styled into a man bun. This contrasts the smooth shave and the bundled hair, asserting an intense, edgy look.

Messy Taper Hairstyle

Messy Taper HairstylePin
The Messy Taper Hairstyle: an effortlessly cool look that plays with texture and volume. Photo: Deposit Photos

The Messy Taper hairstyle captures a carefree spirit with its tousled, wavy top that’s artfully disheveled for a spontaneous and styled look. The hair transitions from the textured height on top to tapered sides, creating a sleek silhouette that maintains a sense of movement and life.

Modern Comb Over

Modern Comb Over MenPin
The Modern Comb Over: refined styling paired with a full beard for a striking balance. Photo: FP

This hairstyle reimagines the traditional comb over by introducing contemporary elements like added length and volume on top and a seamless mid fade on the sides. The result is a sophisticated yet strikingly modern look that retains a classic foundation.

Textured Quiff

Textured Quiff Hairstyle MenPin
The Textured Quiff: modernity meets texture, a style that breathes life into every strand. Photo: Deposit Photos

Showcasing a dynamic mix of height and structure, the Textured Quiff is a hairstyle that combines the voluminous roots of classic hairdressing with the edgy, tousled look. By adding products to bring out each strand’s texture, this style provides a lively, almost kinetic appearance that exudes confidence and flair.

Textured Spiky Hair

Textured Spiky HairPin
The Textured Spiky Hair: a contemporary style with an attitude. Photo: Deposit Photos

This hairstyle is all about creating dimension and edge. It has a spiky texture, giving a rebellious yet stylish look. The sides are cut shorter to emphasize the textured spikes, adding a modern touch to the overall appearance.


Waves Hairstyle MenPin
Waves: create a rhythmic pattern, offering a sculpted and artistic take on short hair. Photo: Deposit Photos

Waves, or “360 Waves,” are a popular hairstyle where the hair is laid down in a ripple-like pattern, creating a look that resembles waves on water. Achieving this style involves a combination of brushing techniques and the use of hair products to create and maintain the wave pattern.

Haircut Trends for Men

Disconnected Undercut

Disconnected UndercutPin
The Disconnected Undercut: a stark contrast between the very short sides and the voluminous top. Photo: Shutterstock

The Disconnected Undercut embodies a bold and edgy aesthetic, distinguished by its sharp contrast in length. This cut is characterized by closely shaven sides that disconnect from the longer hair on top, offering a striking and modern look.

Faux Hawk Fade

Faux Hawk FadePin
The Faux Hawk Fade: a dynamic cut that merges edginess with a clean fade. Photo: Deposit Photos

This hairstyle is a modern twist on the mohawk, known as the Faux Hawk Fade. It’s characterized by the hair in the center of the head being styled upwards and towards the center to mimic the mohawk style but without the commitment of shaving the sides of the head completely.

Instead, the hair is faded from a shorter length on the sides up to a longer length on top.

Modern Bowl Cut

Modern Bowl Cut Hairstyle MenPin
The Modern Bowl Cut: a sleek reinterpretation with a contemporary finish. Photo: Shutterstock

The Modern Bowl Cut is a style that has evolved from its historical origins to embrace a more refined and structured aesthetic. The cut is characterized by its rounded silhouette that encircles the head and precision that speaks to modern sensibility.

Today’s version often incorporates subtle layering and texturing, moving away from the one-dimensional appearance of its predecessors.

Modern Mullet

Modern MulletPin
The Modern Mullet: a bold fusion of retro roots and contemporary edge. Photo: Shutterstock

The Modern Mullet revitalizes a classic style with a fresh twist, keeping the party at the back but with a more subtle and stylish approach. This cut features shorter hair at the front and sides, which gradually transitions to longer locks at the back.

The modern rendition softens the transition between lengths, making the style more wearable and adaptable to various settings.

Mohawk Fade

Mohawk FadePin
The Mohawk Fade: a bold blend of punk rock and modern attitude. Photo: Deposit Photos

The Mohawk Fade revives the rebellious spirit of the mohawk with a contemporary twist. The hair in the center of the head is left longer and styled to stand out, while the sides are faded for a sleek, modern look.

This version of the mohawk is less extreme than its traditional counterpart, making it more accessible for everyday wear while still retaining an edgy appeal. The fade brings a sense of cleanliness and precision to the cut, contrasting with the wildness of the central strip of hair.

Textured Top with Fade

Textured Top with Fade HaircutPin
Textured Top with Fade: a voluminous textured top seamlessly transitions into a sleek fade. Photo: Deposit Photos

The Textured Top with Fade exemplifies contemporary flair, characterized by a voluminous, textured top that adds an element of movement and depth. The sides are expertly faded, creating a stark contrast that accentuates the hairstyle’s boldness.

It requires some styling prowess to maintain the volume up top, but the effort is well worth the striking result.

Undercut Fade

Undercut Fade HaircutPin
The Undercut Fade: a perfect blend of daring and sophistication, cut close on the sides and voluminous on top. Photo: Deposit Photos

The stark contrast between the short sides and the longer hair on top marks the Undercut Fade hairstyle. It’s a modern take on classic styles, offering a bold yet refined look.

The fade starts high and tapers down to the skin, giving a clean, sharp delineation emphasizing the hair’s volume and texture above. This style is adaptable to various hair types and face shapes, pairing seamlessly with a well-groomed beard.

Short Haircuts for Men

Buzz Cut

Buzz Cut MenPin
The Buzz Cut: clean lines and maintenance ease. Photo: Edi Libedinsky / Shutterstock

The Buzz Cut, characterized by its uniform length and minimalistic appeal, is a statement of sharp, no-nonsense practicality. Often favored for its low maintenance, this cut is achieved using clippers at a consistent length all over the head.

It’s an ideal choice for those who value a crisp, neat appearance with an edge of boldness. The Buzz Cut also offers a canvas of versatility, allowing it to be adapted slightly longer or shorter to suit individual preferences and head shapes.

The Contemporary High & Tight

High and Tight HaircutPin
The Contemporary High and Tight: a bold statement of minimalism and edge. Photo: Deposit Photos

Featured is a contemporary take on the classic high and tight hairstyle. The sides are shaved close to the skin, contrasting with the slightly longer hair on top. This look is characterized by its sharp lines and the clear distinction between the top and the sides, offering a bold yet minimalistic statement.

Crew Cut with Tapered Sides

Crew Cut Tapered SidesPin
The Crew Cut with Tapered Sides is a blend of precision and ease. Photo: Nenad Protic / Unsplash

This Crew Cut variation stands out with its tapered sides that transition seamlessly into a striking beard. It offers a juxtaposition of textures and lengths that’s both eye-catching and sophisticated.

The style’s defining characteristic is the shorter hair on the sides that gradually gets longer towards the top, allowing for a subtle yet impactful variation that plays well with the volume and contour of the beard.

French Crop

French CropPin
The French Crop: a minimalist cut with a fringe. Photo: FP

The French Crop haircut features a subtle fringe just above the forehead, paired with a short back and sides for a clean, tidy look. The cut is straightforward, low maintenance, and exudes an understated style.

Hard Part

Hard Part Hair MenPin
The Hard Part: a modern take on the classic side-parted look. Photo: Deposit Photos

The Hard Part haircut is characterized by a clean, shaved line that adds a bold contrast to the neatly combed over hair. It’s a modern twist on the traditional side part, offering a sleek and sharp appearance that can be both professional and edgy.

Short Caesar Cut

Short Caesar CutPin
The Short Caesar Cut: a minimalist approach that offers a modern twist on a classic style. Photo: Deposit Photos

This hairstyle is a fresh take on the Caesar Cut, known for its short, horizontally straight-cut bangs. The hair is uniformly trimmed to create a clean, even look around the head, while the front is styled forward to form a small fringe.

This cut is favored for its low maintenance and neat, framed appearance.

The Structured Crop

Structured CropPin
The Structured Crop: a harmony of precision and volume. Photo: Deposit Photos

The structured crop is well-defined, with the hair on top trimmed to achieve a uniform length, creating a clean and precise look.

Medium Length Men’s Hairstyles

Bro Flow

Bro Flow HaircutPin
The Bro Flow: a relaxed, windswept style that channels effortless charisma. Photo: Deposit Photos

The Bro Flow is characterized by its laid-back, flowing locks. This style is typically longer, allowing the hair to naturally sweep back and frame the face with an effortless grace.

It’s a versatile look that can be dressed up or down, making it a favorite among those who prefer a more natural, less structured appearance.

Curly Undercut

Curly Undercut Hairstyle MenPin
The Curly Undercut: a celebration of curls, undercut for definition and ease. Photo: Deposit Photos

The Curly Undercut hairstyle reflects the charisma of curls, paired with the clean lines of an undercut, to create a playful and polished style. The curly top provides a natural contrast to the neatly trimmed sides, offering an effortlessly stylish look.

Ideal for men who embrace their natural texture, the Curly Undercut allows for versatility in styling, from the carefree to a more defined curl pattern.

Curtains / Middle Part

Middle Part Curtains HairstylePin
Curtains Hairstyle: a symmetrical style that exudes a relaxed vibe. Photo: Shutterstock

Embracing the resurgence of ’90s hair trends, the Curtains hairstyle is making a strong comeback, characterized by its even parting down the center, allowing hair to drape naturally on both sides of the face.

This middle part look is about ease and balance, giving off an approachable yet thoughtful aesthetic. It works well with various hair textures and lengths, highlighting the hair’s natural movement and flow.

Side Swoop

Side Swoop Hair MenPin
The Side Swoop: an embodiment of suave sophistication. Photo: Deposit Photos

The Side Swoop exudes a sense of refined nonchalance, featuring locks that are longer on top and gently swept to the side, creating a soft, wave-like silhouette. The subtle layers and the way the hair contours around the face add a touch of elegance.

Mid-Length Layered Cut

Mid Length Haircut MenPin
The Mid-Length Layered Cut: a versatile and free-flowing look. Photo: Shutterstock

Layers give the Mid-length Layered Cut movement and depth, making it an ideal choice for those with naturally wavy or curly textures. This look balances ease and sophistication, providing a carefree yet refined appearance.

Its adaptability lets it be styled minimally for a casual day or refined for a polished evening look. The layered approach also offers a practical benefit, removing unnecessary bulk while adding volume where desired.

Textured Shag Haircut

Textured Shag HaircutPin
Textured Shag Haircut: a rebellious yet charming allure. Photo: Jizhidexiaohailang / Unsplash

The Textured Shag Haircut is a nod to the carefree spirit of 70s hair trends reimagined for the modern man. Characterized by choppy layers and often accompanied by a fringe, it exudes a sense of effortless style.

The texture is key, offering a casual and manageable look, making it a prime choice for those with a penchant for a low-maintenance yet stylish mane. It’s ideal for individuals with naturally straight or wavy hair, and its layered nature allows for easy styling or a just-out-of-bed look.

Long Hairstyles for Men


Braids for MenPin
Braids: a versatile twist on contemporary masculine style. Photo: Vincent Timothy / Unsplash

Braids offer an aesthetic appeal and practical benefits, keeping hair secure and styled throughout various activities. This style stands out for its adaptability and the personal flair it can convey, allowing for an array of patterns that can be as intricate or as simple as desired.


Cornrows Hairstyle MenPin
Cornrows: Intricately woven Cornrows create a sculptural and striking hairstyle. Photo: iStock

Cornrows stand out as a profoundly cultural and iconic hairstyle with roots in African heritage, showcasing an interwoven protective and expressive beauty. Each braid is crafted precisely, resulting in a sleek, close-to-the-scalp pattern.


Dreadlocks MenPin
Dreadlocks: an embodiment of cultural resonance and effortlessly cool. Photo: Deposit Photos

Dreadlocks tell a story, weaving together strands of individuality and tradition. They symbolize a laid-back yet bold attitude, a non-conformist approach to hair that’s both freeing and stylish. They are versatile and can be worn neat or messy, long or cropped.

Half Bun

Half Bun ManPin
The Half Bun: a casual yet stylish hairstyle, perfect for a relaxed aesthetic. Photo: Deposit Photos

With its ease of styling and maintenance, the Half Bun is an ideal choice for men with medium to long hair who prefer a laid-back yet fashionable look.

Long Fringe

Long Fringe HairstylePin
The Long Fringe: a bold expression of personal style draped dramatically over the face. Photo: Deposit Photos

The Long Fringe hairstyle features hair that falls forward, creating an impactful visual statement. The hair is typically shorter on the back and sides, allowing the extended fringe to take center stage.

This look is favored for its fashion-forward appeal and how it frames the face, giving a sense of mystery and depth.

Man Bun

Man BunPin
The Man Bun: a popular take on long but controlled hair. Photo: Deposit Photos

This hairstyle features long hair gathered to form a Man Bun, a versatile style that exudes casual and thoughtful grooming. The bun is typically worn at the crown of the head or the back, offering a tidy way to manage long hair while showcasing its length.

The Modern Ponytail with Shaved Sides

Modern Ponytail Shaved SidesPin
The Modern Ponytail with Shaved Sides: a fusion of tradition and edge. Photo: Deposit Photos

This hairstyle represents a bold contemporary style. It features a distinctive ponytail sectioned with bands. The sides are closely shaved, adding a modern and edgy contrast to the ponytail.

Modern Samurai Bun

Samurai BunPin
The Modern Samurai Bun: a contemporary take on a classic. Photo: Deposit Photos

The Modern Samurai Bun represents a striking fusion of historical inspiration and bold contemporary style. It features a distinctive top knot or “samurai bun,” the traditional Japanese “chonmage” hairstyle worn by samurai warriors and sumo wrestlers.

Natural Afro

Natural AfroPin
The Natural Afro: texture and volume, worn with confidence. Photo: FP

The Natural Afro celebrates the beauty of natural curls, shaped into a rounded silhouette that exudes strength and cultural heritage. The style is defined by its voluminous, springy curls that form a halo of texture around the head, showcasing the hair’s natural body and resilience.

Bald & Shaved Head Styles

Bald Style

Bald ManPin
Bald Style: The boldness of a bald look conveys confidence and a sleek, streamlined aesthetic. Photo: Deposit Photos

The Bald style is a deliberate choice for many, symbolizing a clean, uncluttered, and maintenance-free approach to personal style. This look transcends the need for hair products or styling, offering a timeless appeal that emphasizes facial features and often boosts the wearer’s natural charisma.

Classic Men’s Haircuts

Crew Cut

Crew CutPin
The Crew Cut: a perennial choice for its practicality and crisp appearance. Photo: Deposit Photos

The Crew Cut is a classic and versatile hairstyle that has stood the test of time. It features short hair on the sides and back with slightly longer hair on top, which can be styled neatly or allowed to stand more freely.

This cut is favored for its low maintenance and neat, clean look that emphasizes the face and gives a timeless look that is both masculine and easy to manage.

Flattop Haircut

Flattop Haircut MenPin
The Flattop Haircut: precise horizontal lines and structured form. Photo: Clem Onojeghuo / Unsplash

Characterized by its upright, boxy top and cleanly shaved sides, the Flattop reflects a precise and sharp aesthetic. It’s especially popular for creating a striking silhouette.

The flattop requires regular maintenance to keep its definitive shape.

Ivy League Haircut

Ivy League HaircutPin
The Ivy League Haircut: a distinguished style that balances sophistication with simplicity. Photo: Shutterstock

The Ivy League Haircut is a timeless, polished, professional style. This classic cut is characterized by its neat, short sides and slightly longer length on top, allowing for a side parting that adds an element of refined structure.

Pompadour Fade

Pompadour Fade Hairstyle MenPin
The Pompadour Fade: a sculpted silhouette with a contemporary fade. Photo: Deposit Photos

This hairstyle modernizes the classic pompadour with its precise fade, creating a sharp and clean profile. The voluminous top, swept back with elegance, contrasts with the faded sides for a look that’s as refined as it is bold.

Regulation Cut

Regulation Haircut MenPin
The Regulation Cut: showcases a precise balance of professional and clean-cut style. Photo: Deposit Photos

The Regulation Cut is a staple in traditional grooming, characterized by its neatness and ease of maintenance. This style is distinguished by a longer top combed to one side and a faded, tight back and sides, offering a polished silhouette.

Its origins in military grooming standards are reflected in its tidy appearance and minimal styling needs, making it a perennial choice for the modern professional.

Slicked Back Hair

Slicked Back HairPin
Slicked Back Hair: a sophisticated style that combines sleekness with an edge. Photo: FP

Slicked Back Hair is the quintessence of a classic, timeless look adapted by generations of men. It features hair combed straight back from the forehead, giving a clean, uncluttered line that exudes confidence and poise.

A Style That Speaks Volumes

Undercut Top Knot Hair MenPin
A modern undercut with a stark top knot is head-turning. Photo: Deposit Photos

For men’s haircuts and hairstyles, the choices are as diverse and unique as the individuals wearing them. From the bold heights of the High Top Fade to the intricate patterns of Waves, each style nods to personal expression and identity.

Whether embracing the Undercut Fade’s sleek precision or the Disheveled Quiff’s rugged charm, these hairstyles are about discovering and enhancing the personal narrative that each man carries with him.

Pompadour Modern MenPin
A voluminous, slicked-back pompadour fading into a neatly trimmed beard epitomizes classic grooming. Photo: Deposit Photos

As you consider your next visit to the barber, remember that your choice of hairstyle is more than just a routine grooming decision. It’s a powerful tool for shaping your image and conveying your personality.

Whether you opt for a touch of hair gel for a Textured Quiff, a dab of pomade for a Modern Comb Over, or even a daring perm, each product and style choice reflects your individuality.

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