The Best Slick Back Haircuts for Men: Classic & Modern Cuts

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Updated April 1, 2024

Slick Back Haircuts for MenPin
Discover classic and modern Slick Back haircuts for men.

Among the various options available, slick back haircuts for men stand out as a hallmark of sophistication and timeless appeal. This range of hairstyles is defined by its sleek appearance, where hair is combed back, offering a clean, polished look.

Slick Back Haircuts for Men

Sleek Slick Back Man Bun ModernPin
The Slick Back is versatile, adapting from styles as varied as the man bun to curls. Photo: Shutterstock

Whether you’re drawn to the classic charm of neatly combed hair or the textured sophistication of curls and waves, the slick back style offers a perfect canvas to express individuality. The slick back adapts seamlessly to formal and casual settings with various variations suited for different hair types and lengths.

Classic Slick Back

Classic Slick Back Hairstyle MenPin
Command the room with a Classic Slick Back, where hair meets art in a timeless display of sleekness. Photo: Shutterstock

The Classic Slick Back hairstyle is characterized by hair combed straight back from the forehead, laying flat against the head, creating a streamlined and sophisticated look. This style is often associated with a glossy finish, but matte hair products can achieve a modern twist.

To master this look, use a dime-sized pomade to balance control and flexibility. Ensure the sides are neatly trimmed or undercut to emphasize the smooth transition to the longer, slicked-back top.

Curly Slick Back

Curly Slick Back Hairstyle MenPin
Assert a look of effortless sophistication with a Curly Slick Back, where natural curls meet the poise of a slicked-back style. Photo: Shutterstock

The Curly Slick Back allows those with natural curls to enjoy the sleekness of the slick back while embracing their hair’s inherent texture. To achieve this, curls are styled back with a product that offers hold without stifling the curl’s volume, like a curl-defining cream or a light pomade.

The sides can be tapered for a clean-cut look that accentuates the curls’ natural bounce on top. This style is perfect for adding a touch of elegance to the hair’s playful nature, making it suitable for formal events and everyday wear.

Medium Length Slick Back

Medium Length Slick Back Hairstyle MenPin
Channel a vibe of sleek sophistication with a Medium Length Slick Back, where each lock is swept back for a timeless, tailored look. Photo: Shutterstock

A Medium Length Slick Back is the epitome of refined style, offering a polished look for those with mid-length hair. To achieve this look, hair is combed back to lie flat, with enough length to create a slight wave for a touch of classic elegance.

A light-hold pomade or hair wax can provide the necessary control while maintaining a natural appearance. This style suits a variety of occasions, from the boardroom to upscale social events, and pairs exceptionally well with a sharp suit and confident demeanor.

Messy Slick Back

Messy Slick Back Hairstyle MenPin
Flaunt casual elegance with a Messy Slick Back, where deliberate disarray meets classic styling techniques. Photo: Ahtziri Lagarde / Unsplash

The Messy Slick Back hairstyle is for those who covet a look that combines the nonchalance of bedhead with the structure of a slick back. This style is achieved by pushing the hair back while allowing some strands to fall naturally, creating an artfully disheveled effect.

It’s essential to use a product that gives a flexible hold, such as a light pomade or texturizing spray, to maintain the look without making it appear too rigid. This hairstyle is perfect for adding a touch of rebellious sophistication to a polished outfit, signaling a relaxed yet intentional approach to personal style.

Slick Back Flow

Slick Back Flow Hairstyle MenPin
Capture a relaxed charm with a Slick Back Flow, where longer strands gracefully sweep back in a natural wave. Photo: Shutterstock

The Slick Back Flow hairstyle exudes a laid-back yet refined aesthetic. Hair is grown longer, allowing for a gentle sweep back that moves naturally.

Unlike a traditional slick back, this style doesn’t cling to the scalp but flows freely, offering a softer silhouette that works with the hair’s natural texture. It’s perfect for the man who enjoys a bit of length without the commitment to a full mane.

Slick Back Long Hair

Slick Back Long Hair MenPin
Master the balance of formality and flair with Slick Back Long Hair, where length is not just worn but styled with purpose. Photo: Shutterstock

Slick Back Long Hair presents a polished style for those with longer locks, combining the classic appeal of slicked-back hair with the added elegance of length. The hair is brushed back from the forehead and allowed to flow seamlessly down the back, creating a look of controlled freedom.

To achieve this, use a lightweight hair gel or pomade to maintain hold without stiffness, allowing the hair’s natural texture to complement the sleek shape. Ideal for the modern professional, this style aligns with a sharp suit as much as casual wear, offering versatility.

Slick Back Man Bun

Slick Back Man BunPin
Exude a cool, carefree vibe with a Slick Back Man Bun, the ultimate fusion of sleekness and laid-back style. Photo: Shutterstock

The Slick Back Man Bun is a contemporary classic, marrying the polish of slicked-back hair with the ease of a bun. To master this look, the hair is pulled back from the face and secured at the crown of the head, offering a neat aesthetic that keeps long hair controlled.

This style works well with or without facial hair, creating a versatile look that suits various personal styles. It’s trendy among those who appreciate the functionality of keeping hair out of the face while still looking effortlessly stylish.

Slick Back Undercut

Slick Back Undercut Hairstyle MenPin
Perfect the art of slicked-back style with a Slick Back Undercut for an effortlessly cool look. Photo: Shutterstock

The Slick Back Undercut features short sides distinct from the significantly longer hair on top. The hair on top is slicked back or to the side, allowing for a versatile style tailored to personal preference and hair texture.

Regular trims from a professional barber are recommended for maintenance to keep the undercut sharp. Styling this look typically involves hair wax or pomade to give the top section a smooth, sleek appearance that contrasts with the shorter sides.

Slick Back Wavy Hair

Slick Back Wavy Hair MenPin
Slick Back Wavy Hair is where natural texture plays with polished style. Photo: Shutterstock

Slick Back Wavy Hair allows the hair’s natural waves to add texture and depth to the classic slick back look. The key to this style is to use a product that provides hold without sacrificing the hair’s inherent movement, like a light hair wax or mousse.

The sides are typically faded or undercut to give a clean, modern edge, contrasting the wavy top’s casual flow. To style, push the hair back with your fingers and allow the waves to form naturally, securing the style with a spritz of flexible-hold hair spray.

Slick Back Wet Look

Slick Back Wet Look MenPin
Elevate your style quotient with a sleek, Slick Back Wet Look. Photo: Shutterstock

A Slick Back Wet Look shines with sophistication. The hair on top should be combed back using gel or pomade for that glossy, wet finish. Use a quality hair spray to lock in the slick back’s sheen.

It’s a statement style that blends the lines between the classic and the contemporary, suitable for professional environments and casual outings.

Slick Back with a Beard

Slick Back with BeardPin
Merge polished poise with untamed spirit by styling long hair into a Slick Back, complemented by a full, rugged beard. Photo: Shutterstock

This powerful look combines the sleekness of a Slick Back hairstyle with the raw edge of a full beard. The hair is combed back to create a smooth, controlled top that contrasts with the natural texture of the beard.

Using a hairbrush and a hair dryer can help achieve the perfect slicked-back look, while beard oil will keep the facial hair well-groomed. Maintenance involves regular trims to the beard to maintain its shape and hair straightening techniques for keeping the long hair sleek.

Slick Back with a Middle Part

Slick Back Middle Part MenPin
Elevate your style with a Slick Back with a Middle Part, a blend of symmetrical precision and sleek sophistication. Photo: Shutterstock

The Slick Back with Middle Part hairstyle is a modern twist on a classic look, offering a balanced, sharp, and stylish aesthetic. The hair is parted down the middle, creating two equal sections that are slicked back to lie flat against the head.

This style requires a steady hand to achieve the perfect part and a good quality hair gel or pomade to maintain a sleek finish. Ideal for those with straight or slightly wavy hair, this hairstyle exudes an air of formality and can be adapted for casual and more formal environments.

Slick Back with a Side Part

Slick Back Side PartPin
Make a definitive statement in style with a Slick Back with a Side Part. Photo: Shutterstock

The Slick Back with a Side Part exudes sophistication and meticulousness. It starts with a sharp side part that adds a dimension of structure to the slicked-back look.

Hair is combed to perfection, often using a fine-toothed comb and a high-quality pomade to achieve a glossy finish that stays put. This style is particularly suited for formal occasions, enhancing a man’s sharp attire and distinguished presence.

Slick Back with Volume

Slick Back with Volume MenPin
Step into distinction with a Slick Back with Volume, where height and depth frame the face for an unmistakably suave statement. Photo: Shutterstock

This variation of the Slick Back hairstyle adds an element of drama with added volume that elevates the look. Hair is kept longer on top and styled back, using a blow dryer to lift the roots and create a fuller appearance.

A strong hold pomade or wax can then be worked through the hair, maintaining height while ensuring the style holds throughout the day. This voluminous take on the slick back retains its classic roots but makes a modern statement, perfect for the man who commands attention and respects the power of a good hair day.

Mastering the Art of the Slick Back

Slick Back Classic Hairstyle MenPin
Embrace a classic hairstyle with the chic Slick Back. Photo: Shutterstock

The slick back haircut embodies versatility and sophistication, presenting a spectrum of styles that cater to every setting—from the impeccable, classic finish ideal for formal engagements to the textured, laid-back variant that thrives in creative spaces.

Its adaptability guarantees a seamless fit for any scenario, be it a high-stakes boardroom or the casual ambiance of a downtown gallery, allowing the slick back to be tailored to the environment and your distinct personal flair.

Ultimately, opting for a slick back declares your dedication to a timeless aesthetic, simultaneously embracing the space for personal expression and individuality.

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