The Undercut Haircut: A Guide to Men’s Trendy Hairstyles

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Updated June 27, 2024

Undercut HaircutPin
Explore popular undercut haircuts.

The undercut haircut, characterized by its distinctive shorter sides and longer top, is a versatile and popular choice in men’s hairstyling. It is a marker of innovation and style, with each variation reflecting the hairstyle’s adaptability and fashion-forward nature.

From the audacious Bowl Cut Undercut to the refined Slick Back Undercut, these styles exude personality, an embodiment of individuality, and a statement of style. They bridge the classic charm of yesteryears and today’s bold, modern aesthetics.

Popular Undercut Haircut Styles for Men

Comb Over Undercut HairstylePin
The modern Comb Over Undercut features a sleek side fade that transitions into a textured, combed-over crest. Photo: Deposit Photos

The diversity and creativity inherent in each undercut is apparent. The Comb Over Undercut, for instance, exemplifies sophistication, seamlessly blending the elegance of a bygone era with contemporary sharpness.

Each style featured, from the playful Curly Undercut to the striking Mohawk Undercut, is a unique expression of fashion and finesse.

Afro Undercut

Afro UndercutPin
The Afro Undercut combines the bold spirit of the afro with the precision of an undercut. Photo: Divanildo silva / Unsplash

The Afro Undercut is an edgy take on the classic afro hairstyle, blending the voluminous curls characteristic of an afro with the sharp, clean lines of an undercut. In this look, the hair is left longer and full on top to emphasize its natural texture and shape, while the sides are closely trimmed or shaved to create a stark, stylish contrast.

Bowl Cut Undercut

Bowl Cut UndercutPin
Vintage inspiration meets edgy modernity with the Bowl Cut Undercut. Photo: Deposit Photos

The Bowl Cut Undercut is a unique fusion of retro and modern styles, featuring a distinctive straight-cut fringe and crown that resembles a bowl shape combined with sharply trimmed back and sides. This style offers an avant-garde take on the undercut, with its defined shape and precise separation between the longer hair on top and the undercut below.

Comb Over Undercut

Comb Over UndercutPin
The Comb Over Undercut exudes sophistication with its refined silhouette and impeccable finish. Photo: Shutterstock

The Comb Over Undercut is a distinguished blend of classic and modern, where the timeless elegance of a comb over meets the sharp distinctiveness of an undercut. This style features neatly shaved sides that underscore the length on top, combed over in a smooth, sleek fashion.

Curly Undercut

Curly Undercut HairstylePin
Embracing natural texture with a modern twist, the Curly Undercut is a bold celebration of volume and contrast. Photo: Deposit Photos

The Curly Undercut brings a playful yet edgy dynamic to the classic undercut style. Keeping the sides sharply trimmed allows the natural curls on top to become the focal point of the look.

This style celebrates the texture and volume curls naturally provide, creating an attractive contrast with the simpler sides.

Curtain Undercut

Curtain UndercutPin
This Curtain Undercut offers a stylish homage to the past while maintaining a sharp, contemporary edge. Photo: Dmitry Dmitry / Unsplash

The Curtain Undercut revives a classic ’90s aesthetic with modern flair. This style features a distinctive longer length on top that parts in the middle, resembling curtains, while the sides are closely trimmed to accentuate the voluminous top.

The dramatic difference in length between the top and sides adds a bold edge to the otherwise soft and flowing top section.

Disconnected Undercut

Disconnected Undercut ManPin
Sharp contrasts define this Disconnected Undercut. Photo: Shutterstock

The Disconnected Undercut is characterized by a stark contrast between the short or shaved sides and the long hair on top, without a gradual fade connecting them. This bold statement is versatile and can be slicked back, side-parted, or left to fall naturally for an effortlessly cool look.

Hard Part Undercut

Hard Part UndercutPin
Combining precision and style, the Hard Part Undercut makes a definitive statement. Photo: Deposit Photos

The Hard Part Undercut is a sharp, defined style incorporating a precise razor line to trace the transition from the top to the shaved sides. It’s a bold variation that adds a geometric dimension to the cut, often paired with a voluminous, styled top.

The hard line emphasizes the dramatic contrast between the lengths, making it a popular choice for those who favor a clean and assertive look.

Man Bun Undercut

Man Bun UndercutPin
Merging audacity with artistry, the Man Bun is a hallmark of modern style diversity. Photo: Deposit Photos

The Man Bun Undercut is a fusion of two contemporary hairstyles, combining the undercut’s edginess and the man bun’s nonchalance. This style contrasts the shaved sides and back with the length gathered into a bun.

Mohawk Undercut

Mohawk UndercutPin
The Mohawk Undercut stands as a symbol of defiance and self-expression. Photo: Shutterstock

The Mohawk Undercut combines the mohawk’s rebellious spirit with the undercut’s crispness. This hairstyle features shaved sides ascending to a strip of longer, often spiked or tousled hair that runs from the forehead to the nape, reminiscent of the mohawk’s iconic style.

Mullet Undercut

Mullet UndercutPin
The Mullet Undercut is a daring fusion of retro allure and contemporary sharpness. Photo: Good Faces / Unsplash

The Mullet Undercut is a contemporary rendition of the iconic hairstyle that dominated past decades. It maintains the classic mullet philosophy of longer hair at the back while the sides are closely shaved to give it a fresh, modern edge.

This style encapsulates a dual-natured approach—sleek and refined at the front, transitioning to an uninhibited flow at the back.

Pompadour Undercut

Pompadour UndercutPin
The Pompadour Undercut is as much a fashion statement as a nod to classic grooming excellence. Photo: Deposit Photos

The Pompadour Undercut revives a classic with a contemporary edge. This style features the voluminous top of the pompadour paired with the clean, undercut sides.

The hair is swept upwards and back, creating a lofty, commanding look favored by icons over the decades. Ideal for individuals with thicker hair, this cut requires some styling effort to maintain its signature lift but pays off with a striking, attention-grabbing profile.

Side Swept Undercut

Side Swept UndercutPin
A seamless blend of poise and edge, the Side Swept Undercut makes a sophisticated statement. Photo: Deposit Photos

The Side Swept Undercut is a modern variation combining voluminous hair on top, swept to one side, and clean, closely shaved sides. This style exudes a sense of contemporary sophistication and can be adapted to suit various hair types and lengths, though it particularly shines with a bit of length to allow for the side-swept look.

Slick Back Undercut

Slick Back UndercutPin
The quintessence of suave styling—a Slick Back Undercut that combines vintage sophistication with modern finesse. Photo: Deposit Photos

The Slick Back Undercut remains a definitive staple in men’s hairstyling, offering a sleek, polished look that exudes confidence. This particular take on the undercut features a distinct separation between the shaved sides and the voluminous, slicked-back hair on top.

Spiky Undercut

Spiky UndercutPin
An embodiment of boldness, the Spiky Undercut offers an energetic twist to the conventional undercut. Photo: Deposit Photos

The Spiky Undercut is an audacious style that embraces the spirited side of the undercut family. It features trimmed sides that underscore the contrast with the spiked top, typically styled with a product to hold the hair vertically or slightly tousled for that edgy, rebellious look.

Tapered Undercut

Tapered UndercutPin
The Tapered Undercut exemplifies a modern approach to men’s hairstyling. Photo: Shutterstock

The Tapered Undercut presents a sleek and modern hairstyle that subtly transitions from shorter hair on the sides and back to a longer, fuller top. The tapering effect is less abrupt than a traditional undercut, offering a softer contrast while maintaining the style’s signature disconnected look.

Textured Crop Undercut

Textured Crop UndercutPin
The Textured Crop Undercut embodies a casual yet distinctly modern appeal. Photo: Shutterstock

The Textured Crop Undercut combines a cropped top with textured layers and a neat undercut. This hairstyle is characterized by its short, forward-styled fringe and choppy layers that add volume and movement.

The undercut provides a clean, sharp contrast to the textured top, creating a modern and youthful look.

Textured Undercut

Textured UndercutPin
A modern interpretation of the classic undercut, featuring a stylish blend of sharp contours and dynamic texture. Photo: Deposit Photos

The Textured Undercut is a modern twist on the classic style that marries the clean lines of a traditional undercut with the rugged charm of layered, textured hair on top. The short sides emphasize the volume and movement of the longer, tousled top, making it a strong choice for those looking to add a dynamic edge to their aesthetic.

Twisted Locs Undercut

Twisted Locs Undercut HairstylePin
The Twisted Locs Undercut displays a bold juxtaposition of close-cropped precision and the distinguished twist of locs. Photo: Ben Iwara / Unsplash

The Twisted Locs Undercut combines the edgy look of an undercut with the cultural richness of twisted locs. The hair is sectioned and twisted into locs that stand out for their texture and form.

The sides are cut very short, creating a striking contrast that highlights the intricacy of the locs on top.

The Undercut: Tradition & Modernity

Slick Back Undercut HairstylePin
A Slick Back Undercut embodies contemporary style. Photo: Deposit Photos

Undercut hairstyles are a fusion of personal expression and stylistic innovation. Each variant, from the bold Mohawk Undercut to the sophisticated Slick Back Undercut, embodies a unique combination of individuality and contemporary style.

Choosing the right undercut, be it the artistic Man Bun Undercut, the edgy Mohawk Undercut, or the elegant Comb Over Undercut, allows you to showcase your personality through your hairstyle. Play with textures, experiment with lengths, and embrace the contrasts. In the end, the best undercut is the one that makes you feel confident.

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