Cornrow Braids for Men: Popular 2024 Styles to Explore

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Updated March 27, 2024

Cornrow Braids MenPin
Discover popular styles of cornrow braids for men.

Cornrow braids for men are a hairstyle that involves tight, close-to-the-scalp braids woven in straight lines or intricate patterns. This classic look has been a staple in Black communities for generations, embraced by men who appreciate their versatility, low-maintenance appeal, and undeniable style.

Cornrow Braids for Men

From sleek, straight-back designs to bold zigzags and artistic patterns, cornrow braids offer many hairstyle options for men looking to express their individuality and make a statement.

Braid Over Cornrow Braids

Braid Over Cornrow BraidsPin
For a sleek twist on a classic, opt for Braid Over Cornrow Braids. Photo: Ayodeji Fatunla / Pexels

Braid Over Cornrow Braids offer a subtle variation to the traditional underhand technique, resulting in a flatter yet seamlessly interwoven pattern that blends with the scalp’s contour. This technique alters the texture and appearance of the braids, creating a more blended look.

Men opting for this hairstyle can enjoy a contemporary twist on the classic cornrow, incorporating it with an undercut or styled into a man bun or ponytail for versatility.

Classic Cornrows

Classic Cornrows David HayePin
Showcase your style with the timeless charm of Classic Cornrows like those worn by David Haye. Photo: Featureflash Photo Agency /

Classic Cornrows are ideal for the man who appreciates a sporty hairstyle. Cornrows are plaited close to the scalp in straight lines to create a sleek, low-maintenance look.

They can accommodate various hair lengths and textures and are a perfect canvas for personal expression by including unique patterns or hair coloring. Regular moisturizing is essential to keep the cornrows looking their best to prevent scalp dryness, and securing the hair at night will help maintain the braids’ precision.

Cornrow Braids Bun

Cornrow Braids BunPin
Elevate your style with the elegance of a Cornrow Bun. Photo: Ayodeji Fatunla / Pexels

Cornrow Braids styled into a Man Bun present a polished and practical look. This hairstyle begins with meticulous cornrows that lead to a neatly gathered bun at the crown.

It’s a popular choice for men who desire a low-maintenance and fashionable hairstyle, effectively keeping hair out of the face while making a statement.

Cornrow Braids with Intricate Design

Cornrow Braids Design Iman ShumpertPin
Stand out with Cornrow Braids that feature artistic patterns like those worn by Iman Shumpert. Photo: Jamie Lamor Thompson /

Cornrow Braids with intricate designs elevate the classic braid by incorporating unique patterns and designs, making each hairstyle a personal piece of art. These braids often include a range of geometrical shapes, curves, and lines, demanding precision and attention to detail.

To maintain the clarity of the design, it’s recommended to sleep with a silk headscarf to protect the braids from frizzing and unraveling.

Cornrow Locs with a Line Up

Cornrow Locs Line Up OmarionPin
Omarion’s style is sharply defined with Cornrow Locs and a precise line up. Photo: April Visuals /

This hairstyle combines the free-flowing nature of dreadlocks with the detail of cornrow braids and a sharp line up, offering a look that balances artistic expression with crisp edges. The locs are carefully braided to lie flat against the scalp, while the line up creates a defined perimeter around the forehead and temples, accentuating the face’s structure.

This combination is visually striking and practical, as it manages the hair and frames the face. Maintaining this style involves regular retwisting of the locs to keep them tight and visiting a skilled barber to maintain the clean lines.

Cornrow Locs with Space Buns

Cornrow Locs Lil BabyPin
Lil Baby brings a playful edge to tradition with Cornrow Locs tied into Space Buns. Photo: DFree /

Cornrow Locs fashioned into Space Buns create a hairstyle that is a playful embrace of modern trends. The locs add texture and volume, which contrasts nicely with the sleekness of the cornrows.

Tying the locs into Space Buns adds a whimsical and contemporary flair, ideal for those wanting to make a fashion statement.

Diagonal Cornrow Braids

Diagonal Cornrow Braids XzibitPin
Xzibit makes a statement with the bold lines of Diagonal Cornrow Braids. Photo: Tinseltown /

Diagonal Cornrow Braids feature braids that wrap around the head in diagonal lines, creating an eye-catching pattern that adds a twist to the traditional straight-back look.

Perfect for men who want to add an element of movement and edginess to their hairstyle, diagonal cornrows can be tailored to suit individual tastes, whether that means incorporating subtle hair coloring or experimenting with different braid thicknesses.

Pop Smoke Cornrow Braids

Pop Smoke Cornrow Braids Soulja BoyPin
Soulja Boy channels a bold, centered approach with the distinct Pop Smoke Cornrow Braids. Photo: Kathy Hutchins /

Nicknamed after the late rapper Pop Smoke, Pop Smoke Cornrow Braids are iconic for their wave-like pattern and the distinctive way they start at the center of the head rather than from the hairline. This central beginning point creates a symmetrical, crown-like effect that stands out from more traditional cornrow styles.

The braids fan out from the center, creating a dynamic, eye-catching design that adds depth and dimension to the look.

Small Cornrow Braids

Small Cornrow Braids LudacrisPin
Ludacris demonstrates the sleek appeal of Small Cornrow Braids. Photo: s_bukley /

Small Cornrow Braids feature thin, tightly braided cornrows plaited close to the scalp, providing a low-profile look that enhances the wearer’s natural features. It’s a versatile choice that suits various hair types and lengths.

To maintain this hairstyle, it’s essential to apply scalp nourishing oils regularly and cover the hair at night to minimize frizz and edge flyaways.

Straight Back Cornrows

Straight Back Cornrows Dave EastPin
Dave East carries Straight Back Cornrows with a clean, defined, classic, and contemporary look. Photo: lev radin /

Straight Back Cornrows are a timeless choice that exudes both simplicity and sophistication. Ideal for those seeking a stylish and functional hairstyle, this look involves braiding the hair in neat rows from the hairline straight to the nape of the neck.

Zig Zag Cornrow Braids

Zig Zag Cornrow Braids UsherPin
Usher showcases the dynamic flair of Zig Zag Cornrow Braids. Photo: Tinseltown /

Zig Zag Cornrow Braids present a playful and artistic twist to the traditional straight-back style. This intricate pattern weaves the hair into bold, angular lines that zigzag across the scalp, offering a striking visual effect.

It’s a perfect choice for those who want to add a bit of personality and movement to their hairstyle.

The Power of Cornrow Braids

Cornrow Braids Snoop DoggPin
Snoop Dogg is an icon of cornrow braids, proving the style’s longevity. Photo: Featureflash Photo Agency /

Men’s cornrow braids offer many opportunities to express your style and creativity. From the classic straight-back look to contemporary twists, you can make this timeless look uniquely your own by experimenting with different patterns, thicknesses, and styling options.

As you embark on your cornrow braid journey, remember that proper maintenance is critical to keeping your braids looking fresh and healthy. Regular moisturizing, gentle care, and protective styling at night will help preserve the longevity and appearance of your braids.

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