Wrap Up This Winter in the Great Outdoors

Man Wearing Aran Gloves
Photo Credit: Aran Sweater Market

There is a refreshing crispness in the air at this time of year. It’s the perfect time to get out and enjoy the great outdoors.  It may be winter, but the dry days and blue skies make optimal exploring, despite the cold. Whether you’re hiking in the hills or strolling in the countryside, wrap up this winter with these Aran Sweater Market tips.

Layers Are Key to Staying Warm

The easiest way to stay warm is by layering your clothes for optimal warmth when heading outside. Over your base layer, choose an insulating top and retain your body heat. Like Merino wool and lambswool, natural and organic fibers will help regulate your body temperature. One of the benefits of layering for warmth is that layers can be added and removed. Perfect for the changeable season.

Woman Wearing Super Soft Aran Turtleneck Sweater
Photo Credit: Aran Sweater Market

At the Aran Sweater Market, they have a range of tops made from natural and organic fibers that work wonderfully for keeping you warm and comfortable while exploring the outdoors. The super-soft turtleneck sweater is a relaxed and casual Aran choice for women. This long-sleeved favorite has a rolled neck for extra warmth available in three colors. Likewise, their flattering cable knit jacket has a higher neck and seven color choices.

For men, they have a range of lambswool v-neck sweaters. These are a thinner option than a classic Aran and useful for layering. The slightly thicker crew neck is made from 100% Geelong lambswool and is popular for its versatile luxury. For a higher neck to keep out the chill, the men’s shawl collar Irish Sweater and the cashmere Aran Troyer sweater are great choices.

Cozy Accessories Keep the Cold Out

The theory that we lose most of our body heat through our head and hands was debunked some years ago by American scientists. However, the fact remains that enjoying countryside adventures in winter is more comfortable with the right cozy accessories. Stay stylish on winter walks with snug hats, gloves, scarves, and snoods.

Go traditional (and Shelby-chic) with an Irish flat cap, or choose an Irish wool hat for extra warmth. Flat caps are timeless and come in various styles, including the classic county shape and the deeper back option. Aran Sweater Market has a range of colors and styles to suit every gent. Similarly, their wool hats come in various styles, sizes, and colors for both men and women.

Keep the biting cold from your hands with gloves and mittens made from the finest wools, tweeds, and leathers. For those who hike with nordic walking poles, you might enjoy the grip offered by both the Aran fingerless gloves and the Kerry Tweed and Leather gloves. For colder climates, look to fleece-lined Aran mittens and gloves to keep you snug.

Nothing will feel as cozy on an outdoor adventure as when you are snuggled into a good wool scarf or snood. Wrap yourself up with an Aran Loop Scarf or an extra-long cashmere honeycomb scarf. Alternatively, you might prefer a luxury Aran snood, available with and without buttons. Fans of the outdoors may like a unique hooded shawl or cashmere Aran wrap for something a little different.

Man Wearing Waterproof Bush Coat
Photo Credit: Aran Sweater Market

Be Ready for Rain Showers

As the seasons change, the weather can become less predictable. What starts as a bright and relatively warm day can quickly dump a downpour of rain from out of nowhere. Be ready for rain showers so the weather doesn’t ruin your fun in the great outdoors.

Wax and waterproof coats and jackets are the perfect accompaniment for fending off winter rain showers. A long length bush coat is a sure-fire way to stay protected from the elements. Rainwater runs off these full-length style coats that are specifically designed to be waterproof and windproof. Waxed cotton jackets are water repellent and insulated for the outdoorsman or woman. These stylish waxed jackets and coats are popular all year round.

Natural Fibers for Warmth

When heading out to enjoy the great outdoors, you can’t go wrong with natural fibers for warmth. Fibers like wool and cotton regulate body temperature keeping you warm. Wool fibers are insulating and stabilize body temperatures. Heat becomes trapped in the natural fibers, keeping you warm letting you enjoy the outdoors in comfort. Wherever you are heading to explore this winter, be sure to wrap up well and stay safe.