Long Hairstyles for Men: Embracing the Trend of Longer Locks

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Updated February 26, 2024

Long Hairstyles for MenPin
Explore popular long hairstyles for men.

Long hairstyles for men, famously worn by celebrities such as Jared Leto and Jason Momoa, have evolved beyond a fad, becoming a significant aspect of self-expression and individuality. From the artistic flow of cascading locks to the laid-back essence of the man bun, each style tells its own story.

These men’s hairstyles, often requiring dedicated hair care, range from effortlessly tousled beach waves to meticulously groomed slick back looks—offering a spectrum of choices for those willing to let their hair down.

Popular Long Hairstyles for Men

Straight Long Hair Middle Part MenPin
Make a sleek statement with long, straight hair. Photo: Shutterstock

Long hairstyles have the immense potential to enhance appearance and reflect a lifestyle choice, be it the romantic allure of cascading long hair or the personal significance of dreadlocks.

The Afro

Afro MenPin
The Afro makes a bold statement with its perfectly rounded and voluminous silhouette. Photo: iStock

The Afro celebrates the natural texture of curly hair. It’s sculpted into a rounded shape that extends out from the head in all directions, creating a halo-like silhouette that is both striking and stylish.

The styling of an Afro requires careful shaping to achieve its signature spherical form, often achieved with a pick or natural-bristled brush to coax the hair to stand out evenly. This hairstyle can vary in length and volume, allowing the wearer to personalize their look.

Beach Waves

Beach Waves Hair MenPin
Beach Waves reflect a relaxed attitude and a boundless sense of adventure. Photo: Shutterstock

The Beach Waves hairstyle, embodying seaside allure with its natural, tousled waves, is a quintessential look for those aspiring to project a sun-drenched, carefree aura akin to days spent by the ocean. This style is defined by its loose, effortless waves, which enhance volume and impart a rich texture to the hair.

In achieving and maintaining this look, popularized by Harry Styles, sea salt spray emerges as a key product. When applied, it mimics the effect of ocean water, which is known for its natural ability to create soft, tousled waves.

The Bro Flow

Bro Flow Long Hair MenPin
The Bro Flow hairstyle captures a sense of ease and the natural rhythm of life. Photo: Gahara Putra / Unsplash

The Bro Flow hairstyle, a fusion of classic and contemporary styles, is distinguished by its natural, wavy texture and significant volume. This low-maintenance look, achieved with medium to long hair, effortlessly sweeps back, embodying a relaxed sophistication.

A touch of hair gel goes a long way for a smoother texture. Ideal for various face shapes and hair types, the Bro Flow is a practical yet stylish choice.

Cascading Long Hair

Cascading Hairstyle MenPin
Cascading Long Hair exudes a poetic allure, weaving a story of artistic freedom with every curl. Photo: Shutterstock

Cascading Long Hair celebrates texture and volume, perfect for the man who embraces a bit of wildness in his aesthetic. This look is characterized by its deep, natural waves and length that generously flows past the shoulders, offering a romantic and somewhat untamed vibe.

While this style doesn’t shy away from a bit of frizz, it does require regular hair washing and conditioning to maintain its health and sheen.


Dreadlocks MenPin
Dreadlocks showcase a commitment to a hairstyle that often signifies cultural identity and individuality. Photo: Xan Griffin / Unsplash

Dreadlocks are a commitment to a unique and natural hair journey, achieved by matting and twisting individual sections of hair. This process, which can be cultivated through various methods such as backcombing, twisting, or palm rolling, gradually encourages the strands to lock together over time, forming tight ropes of hair.

Each dreadlock matures at its own pace, eventually developing into a firmly intertwined unit. This hairstyle is deeply rooted in history and often carries significant cultural, spiritual, or personal meaning.

The Flow

Flow Hairstyle MenPin
The Flow hairstyle is the embodiment of windswept charisma. Photo: Shutterstock

The Flow is the quintessential hairstyle for men who favor a natural and effortless look. Characterized by its shoulder-grazing length and tousled texture, this style exudes a sense of rugged sophistication and a laid-back attitude.

Its slightly unkempt appearance suggests a free-spirited individuality. Suitable for men with straight to wavy hair, this style is surprisingly versatile, requiring minimal styling to look its best.

French Braids

French Braids MenPin
French Braids stand out as a perfect blend of practicality and sophisticated style. Photo: iStock

French Braids feature hair that is expertly braided in tight plaits that hug the scalp, starting at the hairline and trailing down the back. This styling method skillfully incorporates strands of hair into each braid segment, yielding a refined and continuous braid.

The French braid is a perfect hairstyle for active lifestyles due to its snug fit that keeps hair in place while also serving as a sophisticated look for social events.

Half-Up Half-Down Hair

Half-Up Half-Down Hairstyle MenPin
The Half-Up Half-Down hairstyle merges laid-back vibes with thoughtful styling. Photo: Shutterstock

The Half-Up Half-Down hairstyle is a fusion of free-flowing locks and restrained style, featuring hair partially pulled back while the rest cascades down the shoulders. It balances structure and ease, reflecting a relaxed yet intentional approach to grooming.

Long Braids

Long Braids MenPin
Long Braids embody a fusion of style and practicality. Photo: Shutterstock

Braids are particularly appreciated for their dual functionality—they keep hair secure and tidy, reducing the need for daily grooming and offering a statement of style. Try braids with tight plaits anchored close to the scalp for a stylish look, which transitions into freely hanging braids.

This method not only provides a sleek look but also serves to protect the hair, potentially promoting growth by minimizing breakage.

Long Curtains Hair

Curtain Long Hair Middle Part MenPin
Long Curtains with a Middle Part nod to timeless elegance and simplicity. Photo: Shutterstock

The Long Curtains hairstyle is an enduring choice for a sleek and fashionable look. Suitable for all hair types, this style features a long middle part where long hair naturally falls, making it an easy-to-maintain style.

Regular trims and treatment are essential to keep the hair healthy, especially if frequently exposed to the sun. Optimal for those who prefer a low-effort yet stylish look, the long, straight curtains epitomize a relaxed yet put-together appearance.

Long Hair Pulled Back

Long Hair Pulled Back ManPin
Long Hair Pulled Back brings a casual ease with a classic attitude. Photo: Shutterstock

Long Hair Pulled Back behind the ears is a style that caters to various hair types, from pin-straight to waves and curls. The hair length must allow for tucking behind the ears, typically at least chin length, to effectively achieve this look.

When arranging the hair, it is drawn back on the sides and may be loosely secured if the length permits or allowed to hang naturally for a more relaxed demeanor. For an added dimension of style, incorporating an undercut or fade at the sides can add contrast.

Long Hair Slick Back

Long Hair Slicked Back MenPin
Long Hair Slick Back conveys a sense of refined style and a deliberate approach to personal grooming. Photo: Shutterstock

The Long Hair Slick Back style combines traditional aesthetics and contemporary sophistication. This look is achieved by directing longer strands back sleekly, creating a clean silhouette that frames the face.

The hair, particularly above the ears, is meticulously smoothed back to lie flat. For those seeking a more dynamic edge, incorporating a texturizing product can add volume to the slick back.

At the same time, a high-quality pomade can provide a glossy finish for a classic touch.

Long Hair with a Side Part

Long Hair Side Part MenPin
Long Hair with a Side Part reflects a thoughtful balance of poise and nonchalance. Photo: Shutterstock

The Long Hair with a Side Part hinges on a pronounced parting line, established to one side, which introduces an element of precision. This structured partition sculpts the hair’s natural volume, creating a polished profile that contrasts with the laid-back essence of the hair’s length.

To maintain this style, a light hold product may keep the side part in place without compromising the hair’s natural movement.

Long Hair Undercut

Long Hair with an Undercut ManPin
The Long Hair Undercut juxtaposes the edginess of the undercut with the freedom of long tresses. Photo: iStock

The Long Hair Undercut contrasts with its buzzed or shaved sides and considerably longer hair on top. This juxtaposition creates a bold visual statement that marries the edge of a shorter cut with the versatility of long hair.

This style is highly adaptable, catering to a spectrum of aesthetic preferences. The length on top can be sleekly styled back for a polished look, left loose for a more relaxed and flowing appearance, or even tied back into a ponytail or bun for a functional yet fashionable option.

Layered Long Hair

Long Hair Layered MenPin
Layered Long Hair is a stylish blend of control and freedom. Photo: Shutterstock

Layered Long Hair creates a structured silhouette and is imbued with movement, lending a sophisticated air to the overall look. This classic style celebrates the hair’s natural texture, with the layers adding depth and dimension.

The length allows for a distinguished appearance, while the layered cuts give the hair body and shape, making it responsive to various styling techniques. Whether swept to the side for a more dramatic effect or allowed to fall naturally for an even distribution, Layered Long Hair can be manipulated to achieve both casual and formal aesthetics.

The Man Bun

Man BunPin
The Man Bun is a popular and casual go-to style for men with long hair. Photo: Shutterstock

The Man Bun represents a convergence of functionality and individualistic style. The bun is perched high on the head, creating an elevated and neat aesthetic.

This hairstyle not only keeps long hair away from the face but also serves as a fashionable statement that defies conventional short cuts. Its position atop the head draws attention to the facial features, while the gathered hair can exhibit its natural texture, whether straight, wavy, or curly.

The Modern Mullet

Modern Mullet Hairstyle MenPin
The Modern Mullet reimagines the iconic mullet, blurring the lines between past and present style narratives. Photo: Shutterstock

The Modern Mullet reinterprets the iconic mullet through a contemporary lens. It features a discernible contrast with shorter, textured layers on the top and sides, while the back cascades into a longer, fuller length.

This style embodies a bold departure from the conventional, blending vintage inspiration with modern daring. The Modern Mullet is adaptable, allowing for personalization in the variation of lengths and textures.

It’s a style that stands out for its playful character and deliberate deviation from the norm, signaling confidence and a spirit of independence.

The Ponytail

Ponytail MenPin
The relaxed Ponytail is a nod to the classic allure of simplicity in hairstyles. Photo: Dana Jm / Unsplash

The Ponytail is characterized by its ease and adaptability, capturing an air of laid-back refinement. The hair is gathered and secured at the back of the head, keeping it out of the face and off the neck, offering comfort and a neat appearance.

The versatility of the Ponytail allows it to be styled in various ways to suit different occasions. A loosely tied Ponytail conveys a nonchalant vibe for a more casual setting, while a tighter and higher placement can suggest a more polished and professional look.

The Samurai Bun

Samurai Bun MenPin
With an air of confidence and a nod to heritage, the Modern Samurai Bun is a powerful sartorial statement. Photo: Shutterstock

The Samurai Bun commands attention through its blend of cultural heritage and current trends. It involves hair swept back from the forehead and sides, gathering into a distinctive topknot at the crown.

This placement is strategic, not only for its visual impact but also for its historical significance, resonating with the warrior class of feudal Japan. Today’s iteration adapts to modernity while retaining its classical roots.

The Samurai Bun offers a neat, controlled look that can vary in tightness and size, allowing wearers to personalize their style statement. Beyond its strong aesthetic, this hairstyle provides practical benefits, keeping hair out of the way during work or physical activity.

Surfer-Inspired Long Hair

Surfer Hair MenPin
Surfer-Inspired Long Hair captures the essence of a sunlit journey, perfect for the free-spirited. Photo: Shutterstock

Surfer-inspired Long Hair is synonymous with a sun-drenched lifestyle, often requiring sea salt spray or light hair spray to maintain its carefree look. This hairstyle is characterized by its textured layers that effortlessly fall around the face, often lightened by the sun to achieve a golden hue.

This style’s cascading length and inherent waves confer an easy-going aesthetic, balancing untamed spirit and thoughtful grooming. It’s a look that resonates with an active, adventurous lifestyle, reflecting a sense of freedom and a connection with the outdoors.

Textured Shag

Long Textured Shag Haircut MenPin
The Long Textured Shag hairstyle channels the spirit of ’70s rock with a modern twist. Photo: Shutterstock

The Textured Shag is an updated take on the iconic shag hairstyle, adapted for a man with a keen sense of retro flair meshed with contemporary casualness. It’s layered throughout to give a full-bodied appearance at the crown, gradually thinning towards the ends to create movement and an edgy silhouette.

The absence of fringe allows the face to remain open and highlights the hair’s natural wave. This style thrives on texture and works splendidly for wavy hair types, giving off a laid-back rocker charm that’s both nostalgic and fashion-forward.


Twists Hairstyle ManPin
Twists feature two-strand twists, a versatile and protective style that minimizes hair manipulation and breakage while promoting growth. Photo: Deposit Photos

Twists intricately entwine strands of hair into tightly coiled spirals. This technique yields a richly textured and dimensional appearance, giving prominence to the twists’ defined patterns.

It’s a versatile style that can be adapted to various lengths and thicknesses of hair, allowing each twist to uniquely accentuate the hair’s natural curl pattern. Twists are celebrated for their low maintenance and durability, lasting several weeks.

The Viking Braid

Viking Braid MenPin
The Viking Braid is a bold fusion of ancient valor and modern edge. Photo: Shutterstock

The Viking Braid is deeply rooted in historical inspiration, modernized for the contemporary trailblazer. This look is characterized by shaved sides that transition into a singular, long braid trailing down the back, a combination that embodies the boldness of its namesake warriors.

The juxtaposition of the clean-shaven sides with the intricacy of the braid projects an image of ruggedness paired with meticulous grooming. It is a deliberate statement of strength and finesse, resonating with those who appreciate a hairstyle that is both a nod to the past and individuality.

Wavy Long Hair

Wavy Long Hair MenPin
Wavy Long Hair captures the carefree spirit of waves. Photo: Shutterstock

Wavy Long Hair captures the epitome of relaxed sophistication. This hairstyle’s charm lies in its natural, flowing waves that provide movement and a soft frame to the face.

Suitable for medium to long hair, this look is particularly flattering for those with a thick, wavy texture, as it utilizes the hair’s inherent volume and form. The waves can be accentuated with a light styling cream or mousse to define them without sacrificing their natural appeal, making it an excellent low-maintenance option.

Wolf Cut

Wolf Cut Hairstyle MenPin
The Wolf Cut represents a contemporary take on the shaggy styles of yesteryears, channeling a rebellious yet polished edge. Photo: Shutterstock

Aptly named for its wild and untamed appearance, the Wolf Cut is a hybrid hairstyle that merges the volume and layers of a classic shag with the modern edge of a mullet. This look is defined by its heavy layering at the top of the head, which tapers into feathery, textured ends around the shoulders.

The men’s wolf cut suits various hair types and face shapes, offering a customizable hairstyle that can be adapted to individual preferences. Its versatility allows for styling with as much or as little structure as desired.

Embracing Individuality Through Long Hair

Long Hairstyle MenPin
Showcase a personal flair with a long hairstyle for men. Photo: Shutterstock

Long hairstyles for men show a vivid tapestry of expressions. Each style carries its unique narrative, whether it’s the understated elegance of slicked-back hair or the adventurous spirit of Surfer-inspired hairstyles.

As you consider which of these hairstyles resonates with you, remember it’s more than a grooming choice—it reflects your personality. Perhaps the disciplined allure of the Samurai bun speaks to your inner warrior, or the creative flow of cascading locks aligns with your artistic spirit.

Embracing these styles is about seeing them as reflections of your personality. When you next visit the barber, go with an adventurous spirit, ready to experiment. With each trim, style, and shape, let your hair become a mirror of your inner self.

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