Surfer Hair: Riding the Wave of Trendy Styles for Men

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Updated June 27, 2024

Surfer Hair MenPin
Explore stylish surfer hair inspiration.

Characterized by its natural flow and effortless charm, surfer hair encapsulates a spirit of adventure and a love for the outdoors. Whether it’s the sun-kissed highlights of a day spent in the sea or the tousled, carefree waves that speak of a relaxed approach to life, surfer style is as much about attitude as it is about appearance.

Surfer Hair Inspiration

More than an aesthetic, surfer hair often forms a statement of freedom and ease, nodding to the beach’s laid-back lifestyle and the waves’ rhythm. This iconic style has evolved from its oceanic roots to a contemporary mainstay.

Bandana Accented Waves

Surfer Bandana Accented WavesPin
Stylish functionality: A bandana is perfect for holding back beachy waves. Photo: Shutterstock

Adding a bandana to wavy hair is a timeless accessory that offers style and utility. Ideal for those with naturally wavy textures, this look is often adopted by those who lead an active, outdoors-oriented lifestyle, especially within the surf community.

The bandana keeps hair away from the face, which is particularly useful when engaging in surfing, where hair can obstruct vision. This style allows hair to be showcased naturally, with the waves providing a soft, relaxed look.

Curly Hair

Surfer Curly HairPin
Natural Curly Hair is an effortless way to embrace the laid-back surf lifestyle. Photo: Shutterstock

Curly Hair captures the effortless essence of beach life with natural curls and volume. The hair is cut to enhance the curl’s natural pattern, allowing it to stand out and frame the face with a soft, organic flow.

Perfect for those who embrace their natural hair texture, this look is all about minimal styling and maximum impact. To maintain the curls’ health and definition, it’s advised to use hydrating products and to limit the use of heat styling tools.

Curtains Cut

Surfer Curtains CutPin
Modern and retro-inspired, a Curtain Cut is effortlessly cool and easy to wear. Photo: Shutterstock

A Curtains Cut showcases a modern rendition of the traditional curtain haircut, where the hair is parted down the middle and frames the face symmetrically. The lengths are kept relatively even, creating a curtain-like effect that was highly popular for ’90s hair and has since resurgently impacted current trends.

Its ease of maintenance characterizes the look, making it a go-to for those seeking a balance between laid-back and polished. Regular light trims are recommended to keep this style looking sharp to maintain the shape, and a bit of lightweight styling can help keep the hair in place while allowing for natural movement.


Surfer DreadlocksPin
Dreadlocks represent commitment while telling a story of personal style. Photo: Shutterstock

Dreadlocks are a striking expression of individuality, with locks twisted and matured over time to create a look that’s resilient and full of character. This style showcases varying lengths of dreadlocks, imbued with natural shades and sun-kissed highlights, contributing to its dynamic visual texture.

Dreadlocks are not just a style but a journey, requiring patience and careful maintenance to ensure their health and vitality. Regular washing with residue-free shampoos and occasional palm-rolling helps to maintain their form.

Feathered Hair

Surfer Feathered Hair MenPin
A Feathered Haircut is versatile and timeless. Photo: Shutterstock

Feathered Hair reflects an easy-going persona with its feathered layers and natural flow. With its soft, outward flips at the ends, the medium-length cut nods to classic styles while remaining thoroughly contemporary.

This look suits those with a wavy hair texture, balancing control, and a casual, tousled effect. Its maintenance is straightforward, typically requiring light styling products to define the layers and a regular trim to keep the edges crisp.

The Flow

Surfer Flow Hairstyle MenPin
Simplicity embodied, the Flow hairstyle balances style and ease. Photo: Shutterstock

The Flow is characterized by its flowing layers that seamlessly transition from the slightly voluminous top to the more relaxed ends. It’s a style that speaks to a sense of sophistication while retaining a touch of the natural, untamed look.

The hair is typically worn longer, with a part that allows the hair to frame the face symmetrically, offering an effortless look. Ideal for those with naturally straight to wavy hair, the flow requires some maintenance to keep it looking its best, including regular trims and smoothing products to tame any frizz and enhance the hair’s natural sleekness.

French Braids

French braids bring a unique character to an active and expressive lifestyle.Pin
French braids bring a unique character to an active and expressive lifestyle. Photo: iStock

French Braids combine practicality with a touch of flair. Braiding the hair in this manner secures it away from the face, making it ideal for active pursuits like surfing, and adds a textured, intricate element to the look.

The braids begin close to the scalp and extend down the length of the hair, showcasing the skill and precision in creating them. This look is low-maintenance once styled, staying intact through various activities, and works well with medium to long hair.

To keep the braids neat, some hair pomade or wax can be used to tame any flyaways.

The Natural Cascade

Surfer Cascading Hairstyle MenPin
Rugged and wild, a Cascading Hairstyle celebrates the spirit of the waves. Photo: Shutterstock

The Natural Cascade exudes a rugged charm with its long, layered locks that fall naturally, creating a cascade of waves. The style’s inherent movement and volume are reminiscent of the untamed sea, making it a perfect match for those who love the surf and a laid-back lifestyle.

Its layers are strategically cut to enhance the hair’s natural curl and wave, offering a dynamic look almost sculpted by the coastal winds. While it appears carefree, this look benefits from regular conditioning to keep the curls defined and the hair healthy, especially for those frequently out in the sun and sea air.

The Ponytail

Surfer PonytailPin
A Ponytail marries function and style for beach-bound adventures. Photo: Shutterstock

The Ponytail epitomizes the beach lifestyle with its uncomplicated and practical nature. The hair is gathered at the back of the head and secured to keep it out of the face, essential for active endeavors like surfing.

The ponytail allows for ease of movement while highlighting the hair’s natural texture, whether it’s the straight strands or waves often associated with time spent by the sea. This low-maintenance look requires only a hair tie and perhaps a touch of product to minimize frizz and maintain the hair’s natural waves after being in the saltwater and sun.

Side Swept Hair

Surfer Side Swept Hair MenPin
Side Swept Hair captures the essence of wind and creativity. Photo: Shutterstock

Side Swept Hair is styled side-swept, giving a sense of movement and attitude as if shaped by a coastal breeze. The length varies from shorter layers near the back to longer strands sweeping across the face, creating a contemporary, nonchalant, asymmetrical look.

This style is particularly suitable for those with natural wave and body in their hair, allowing the texture to play a key role in the overall appearance. Maintenance typically involves regular trims to keep the desired shape and a bit of styling product to maintain the sweep and control any flyaways.

Sunlit Beach Waves

Surfer Beach Waves HairPin
Golden and free-flowing, Beach Waves embody the spirit of the sea and sky. Photo: Shutterstock

Sunlit Beach Waves epitomize the quintessential beach-goer’s look with its long, sun-bleached waves that cascade with a natural, windswept appearance. The sun’s rays naturally highlight such hair, enhancing its texture and depth and creating a spectrum of light-reflecting tones.

The relaxed waves suggest a laid-back approach to hair care that doesn’t require constant attention but lets nature take its course. For maintenance, a light touch is vital; salt from the sea can naturally texturize the hair, and occasional deep conditioning can prevent dryness from sun exposure.

Surfer Man Bun

Surfer Man BunPin
Effortlessly cool, the man bun blends practicality and surfer flair. Photo: Shutterstock

Embracing the relaxed yet stylish aesthetic of beach culture, the Surfer Man Bun is a versatile hairstyle that suits a variety of occasions. This variation takes on a more laid-back approach, often seen with textured, wavy hair that hints at time spent near the sea.

It’s typically fashioned by gathering the length at the crown of the head into a bun, allowing some strands to fall loosely, which adds to its effortless charm.

Textured Top Undercut

Surfer Textured Top UndercutPin
A Textured Top Undercut offers a cool edge and a free-spirited wave. Photo: Shutterstock

The Textured Top Undercut combines the easy maintenance of an undercut with the laid-back vibe of longer, textured hair on top. The shorter sides make for a crisp, clean look that contrasts with the loose and carefree waves above, giving a nod to modernity and a surfer’s relaxed style.

This cut is particularly well-suited for warm climates and active lifestyles, offering a breezy feel and a stylish silhouette that stands out both on and off the beach. To keep this look fresh, regular trims are necessary to maintain the sharp distinction of the undercut, while the top can be styled with a sea salt spray to enhance the natural wave pattern.

The Tousled Shag

Surfer Tousled Shag MenPin
A Tousled Shag is as free-spirited as it is fashion-forward. Photo: Shutterstock

The Tousled Shag is a contemporary nod to the shaggy cuts of past decades, infused with an air of modernity and effortless style. Characterized by its layered look and feathery texture, the tousled shag is edgy and approachable.

Its unkempt grace is achieved through strategic cutting techniques that create movement and volume, particularly around the face, where the layers can soften and frame one’s features. The beauty of this style lies in its versatility; it works well with various hair types and requires minimal styling.

The Wet Look Slick Back

Surfer Wet Look Slick Back HairPin
Sleek and sporty, the Wet Look Slick Back reflects an active and stylish demeanor. Photo: Shutterstock

The Wet Look Slick Back is characterized by hair combed back from the forehead, giving a sleek and streamlined effect. This hairstyle’s ‘wet look’ aspect, often achieved through gels or pomades, is reminiscent of the fresh, just-out-of-the-water vibe that aligns with surfer aesthetics.

Cresting the Wave: Surfer Hair for Men

Surfer Hair StylePin
Channel the free spirit of a surfer with a half-up, half-down hairstyle. Photo: Ramiro Pianarosa / Unsplash

Surfer hair is a celebration of individuality, a nod to a lifestyle that values spontaneity and connection with nature. Each variation of surfer’s hair, from the textured tousles of the Tousled Shag to the wavy locks of Beach Waves, reflects a deeper story.

It’s about embracing your natural texture and letting your hair flow with the same freedom and ease as the ocean waves. Whether you’re a seasoned surfer or drawn to the aesthetic, adopting this style is about finding harmony between your inner self and outward expression.

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