Popular Man Bun Variations: A Hairstyle for Every Occasion

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Updated March 27, 2024

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Explore the variety of popular man bun hairstyles.

The man bun, a men’s hairstyle where the hair is pulled back and tied into a bun, has surged in popularity, evolving into a symbol of contemporary masculinity and style. The popular bun has diverse variations, each reflecting unique cultural and aesthetic nuances.

From the relaxed beach bun that evokes images of sandy shores to the slick back bun, synonymous with sophisticated elegance, the man bun suits many occasions.

Popular Man Bun Hairstyles

Jared Leto Man BunPin
Actor and musician Jared Leto sports the popular man bun. Photo: Josiah True / Shutterstock.com

The man bun is not simply tying up your hair with a rubber band—it’s an expression of individuality and a nod to historical influences, with roots tracing back to the samurai of feudal Japan.

Celebrities like Jared Leto and Orlando Bloom have brought this style to the forefront of modern fashion, influencing men’s hair care and grooming trends.

Beach Man Bun

Beach Man BunPin
The Beach Man Bun reflects carefree ease, where style meets comfort and practicality. Photo: Shutterstock

The Beach Man Bun embodies a carefree spirit and is often preferred for its low maintenance and ease of styling. To achieve this look, the hair is casually pulled back from the face and secured at a comfortable position, neither too high nor too low, allowing some strands to flow naturally.

The loose hair adds to the nonchalant charm, making it suitable for various settings, from a day at the beach to a casual outing. Regular conditioning is recommended to maintain the hair’s health, and a bit of sea salt spray can enhance the texture, providing a hint of that desirable beachy wave.

Curly Hair Man Bun

The Curly Hair Man Bun embraces the essence and style of natural texture. Pin
The Curly Hair Man Bun embraces the essence and style of natural texture. Photo: iStock

The Curly Hair Man Bun is a stylish way to manage curls. This approach allows the natural texture of the curls to be the focal point, adding volume and interest to the top knot.

It’s an excellent choice for curly-haired individuals looking to keep their hair out of their faces while showcasing their hair’s unique pattern. To achieve this look, the hair is loosely pulled back to avoid disrupting the curl pattern and secured with a hair tie.

A touch of curl-defining cream or light gel can help maintain the shape and reduce frizz, enhancing the hair’s natural beauty.

Half-Up, Half-Down Bun

Half-Up, Half-Down Bun MenPin
The half bun showcases a blend of control and freedom. Photo: Deposit Photos

The Half-Up, Half-Down Bun is a versatile hairstyle that effectively manages long hair while showcasing its length. By pulling the top section of hair back and securing it into a small bun, the style allows for facial features to be unobstructed, promoting a neat appearance.

The remaining hair is left to cascade freely, balancing the structured bun with a more relaxed vibe. This hairstyle is particularly effective for those with thick hair, as it reduces the weight and heat around the face and neck.

To keep this look in check, a bit of light-hold styling cream can help manage flyaways and maintain the shape of the bun.

Low Man Bun

Low Man BunPin
Embrace simplicity with the Low Man Bun. Photo: Deposit Photos

The Low Man Bun exudes effortless charm and relaxed sophistication. Positioned at the nape of the neck, this bun is loosely tied to allow some movement, making it a perfect choice for those who favor a more understated, casual look.

The style works well with various hair textures and lengths, offering a practical way to manage hair while maintaining a sense of ease. To achieve this look, a light touch of styling cream can add definition and a bit of texture without compromising the hair’s natural flow.

Man Bun Undercut

Man Bun UndercutPin
A blend of boldness and sophistication resonates with the Man Bun Undercut. Photo: Unsplash

The Man Bun Undercut combines the edgy appeal of closely shaved sides with the classic allure of a bun. This style creates a striking contrast by isolating the length on top, which is then swept back and secured into a bun.

The juxtaposition of the sharp undercut and soft bun atop gives it a modern, stylish edge well-suited for formal and casual attire. The maintenance of this look involves regular trims to keep the undercut neat, while the bun itself can vary in size and tightness depending on the occasion.

A high-quality pomade can help keep the longer hair sleek and in place for a more polished finish.

Man Bun Undercut Fade

Man Bun Undercut FadePin
Sharp contrasts and sleek style come together for the Man Bun Undercut Fade. Photo: Shutterstock

The Man Bun Undercut Fade strikes a balance between edgy and stylish. It features a sharp contrast with the sides of the head closely shaved in a fade cut, which gradually blends into the longer hair on top.

The hair at the crown is then gathered into a small, precise bun, also known as a top knot. This hairstyle highlights the clean lines of the fade while adding the visual interest of a bun, making it a statement look that’s both modern and versatile.

Pomade or wax can help keep the longer strands in place for a sleek finish.

Man Bun with Braids

Man Bun with BraidsPin
A braided bun is an intricate blend of tradition and trend. Photo: Deposit Photos

A Man Bun with Braids offers a textured and intricate take on the traditional bun. This particular look starts with multiple rows of tight braids along the scalp, often known as cornrows, leading up to where the bun is formed.

This hairstyle is practical for those with thick or curly hair, as it neatly contains the hair while displaying a complex pattern. Maintaining this style involves regular moisturizing to keep the scalp and braids healthy and using a satin headscarf at night to prevent frizz.

Man Bun with Dreads

Man Bun with DreadsPin
The dreadlock bun sees a meeting of intricate twists with modern styling. Photo: Ilya Mirnyy / Unsplash

The Man Bun with Dreads combines traditional dreadlocks with the modern bun style. The dreadlocks are twisted or braided together and then wrapped into a bun, often positioned at the crown of the head for a striking silhouette.

This hairstyle requires a commitment to maintenance, ensuring the dreadlocks remain clean and tight. Regularly applying natural oils can help maintain the health and sheen of the dreadlocks.

Man Bun with a Headband

Man Bun HeadbandPin
Combining a man bun with a headband or bandana provides a practical hairstyle. Photo: Deposit Photos

Incorporating accessories into men’s hairstyles has become a popular trend, and the Man Bun with a Headband exemplifies this fusion of fashion and function. The hairstyle involves pulling the hair back into a bun and securing it with a headband to keep stray hairs in place.

This not only adds a practical element, preventing hair from falling into the face, but also introduces a stylistic touch. The headband is a functional and fashionable accessory, making this look versatile for various activities, from working out to casual social gatherings.

A touch of medium-hold hair product can ensure the style remains intact.

Messy Man Bun

Messy Man BunPin
The Messy Man Bun champions the relaxed rhythm of life. Photo: iStock

The casual Messy Man Bun is a popular hairstyle for its easy styling and laid-back aesthetic. It’s achieved by loosely gathering the hair at the back or top of the head and securing it to allow strands to fall naturally, giving an effortlessly tousled look.

This style is perfect for a relaxed day out or when aiming for a comfortable yet trendy appearance. It suits various hair types and lengths, with longer layers adding to the carefree vibe.

A texturizing spray can enhance the messy effect while keeping the bun in place without looking overly styled.

Slick Back Man Bun

Slick Back Man BunPin
The Slick Back Man Bun is the epitome of sleek sophistication. Photo: Shutterstock

The polished Slick Back Man Bun embodies sophistication, making it suitable for formal occasions. The hair is slicked back smoothly from the forehead to the crown and then secured into a tidy bun.

This look is characterized by its sleekness, requiring a quality pomade or hair gel to achieve the glossy finish that defines the style. The slick back bun is a contemporary twist on classic grooming, conveying a sense of refined masculinity.

Tying It All Together: The Man Bun

Sleek Man BunPin
Elevate your style with a man bun. Photo: Shutterstock

Each man bun variation, from the relaxed messy bun to the intricately woven braided bun, uniquely reflects individual personality and style. Far from just being ways to manage long hair or emulate celebrity trends, these hairstyles are expressions of personal identity.

The man bun represents a shift in fashion and cultural attitudes towards grooming, highlighting the importance of self-expression in modern style.

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