Men’s Fall 2024 Fashion Trends: From Faux Fur to Grandpacore

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Updated May 21, 2024

Fall 2024 Men's Fashion TrendsPin
Explore the fall 2024 men’s fashion trends.

The fall 2024 men’s fashion trends offer a captivating blend of tradition and cutting-edge style. From the nostalgic echoes of grandpacore to the opulent allure of faux fur, designers are reimagining classic staples with daring modern twists.

Men’s Fashion Fall 2024 Trends

This season’s trends not only defy expectations but also celebrate the versatility and boldness of contemporary menswear. Whether it’s the shimmering glamour of sequined pieces or a plunging deep V-neck, fall 2024 promises a sartorial journey that merges the timeless with the contemporary.

The Crewneck Cardigan’s Return

Men's Fall 2024 Fashion Trend Crewneck CardiganPin
The fall-winter 2024 season receives a touch of elegance courtesy of the crewneck cardigan. Art: The Fashionisto

The crewneck cardigan is a key player in fall 2024 men’s fashion. This timeless wardrobe staple is reimagined by various designers, showcasing its adaptability and enduring charm.

Coach fall-winter 2024 collection men's crewneck cardiganPin
Coach fall-winter 2024 collection. Photo: Coach

Coach takes a daring approach, combining a crewneck cardigan with leather shorts and slouchy boots. The juxtaposition of the refined knit and rugged leather creates a captivating contrast.

Gucci fall-winter 2024 collection men's crewneck cardiganPin
Gucci fall-winter 2024 collection. Photo: Gucci

Gucci presents a polished take on the crewneck cardigan. The muted hue and sleek, tailored fit elevate the piece, demonstrating its versatility when paired with tailored trousers and dress shoes.

Louis Vuitton fall-winter 2024 collection men's crewneck cardiganPin
Louis Vuitton fall-winter 2024 collection. Photo: Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton embraces a Western aesthetic that meets a bohemian style, adorning a black crewneck cardigan with vibrant floral embroidery. Styled with distressed jeans and western boots, this look embodies a carefree, artistic spirit.

Short Intentions: Defying Seasonal Norms

Men's Fall 2024 Fashion Trend ShortsPin
Defy the cold season with designer shorts that make the cut from casual to formal. Art: The Fashionisto

Designers defy traditional cold-weather dressing by incorporating shorts into their fall collections. This trend caters to diverse climates and showcases the flexibility of modern menswear.

Ferragamo fall-winter 2024 collection men's shortsPin
Ferragamo fall-winter 2024 collection. Photo: Ferragamo

Ferragamo emphasizes functionality, pairing tailored shorts with chunky sweaters and leather shoes. This dynamic and visually striking look defies seasonal expectations.

AMI Paris fall-winter 2024 collection short suitPin
AMI Paris fall-winter 2024 collection. Photo: AMI Paris

AMI Paris embraces the short suit, combining shorts with fitted blazers, dress shirts, and leather boots. The draped silhouette offers a provocative yet undeniably stylish tailored ensemble.

Isabel Marant fall-winter denim shortsPin
Isabel Marant fall-winter 2024 collection. Photo: Isabel Marant

Isabel Marant incorporates shorts into its fall lineup, catering to its global audience. Classic denim shorts, paired with an oversized bomber and leather boots, create an edgy, urban look that transcends seasons.

Plunging into Fall: The V-Neck’s Statement

Men's Fall 2024 Fashion Trend V-neckPin
The return of the v-neck offers a subtle fashion to reveal skin. Art: The Fashionisto

The classic v-neck makes a triumphant return, captivating with its versatility and sophistication.

Dolce & Gabbana fall-winter 2024 collection men's v-neckPin
Dolce & Gabbana fall-winter 2024 collection. Photo: Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana leads the charge, adopting a deep plunge v-neckline. The Italian fashion house expertly balances the depth with precise tailoring, creating a refined look.

Versace fall-winter 2024 collection men's v-neck sweaterPin
Versace fall-winter 2024 collection. Photo: Versace

Versace Men follows suit, infusing the classic v-neck silhouette with contemporary details such as a slouchy fit, elongated sleeves, and bold prints.

Burberry fall-winter 2024 collection men's v-neck sweaterPin
Burberry fall-winter 2024 collection. Photo: Burberry

Burberry elevates the v-neck to new heights, pairing sweaters with baggy check trousers and outerwear with modern proportions. The muted color palette and contemporary fit emphasize the timeless appeal of the v-neck.

Grandpacore: A Sartorial Revival

Men's Fall 2024 Fashion Trend GrandpacorePin
Find comfort in the relaxed shapes and essentials fueling the grandpacore aesthetic. Art: The Fashionisto

Men’s fashion takes a nostalgic turn with the grandpacore trend, drawing inspiration from the cozy, relaxed styles of the quintessential grandfather’s wardrobe.

JW Anderson fall-winter 2024 collection grandpacore trend sweaterPin
JW Anderson fall-winter 2024 collection. Photo: JW Anderson

JW Anderson embodies the essence of grandpacore, showcasing oversized, soft knit sweaters in earthy tones, perfect for layering over relaxed-fit trousers. Subtle textures and muted colors evoke a sense of familiarity and ease.

Filippa K fall-winter 2024 collection grandpacore trend sweater vestPin
Filippa K fall-winter 2024 collection. Photo: Filippa K

Filippa K takes a minimalist approach, blending simplicity with nostalgic elements. Streamlined silhouettes and neutral palettes feature key pieces like oversized v-neck sweaters and tailored wool trousers, offering understated elegance.

Tommy Hilfiger fall-winter 2024 collection grandpacore trendPin
Tommy Hilfiger fall-winter 2024 collection. Photo: Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger brings collegiate style to grandpacore, integrating preppy elements with traditional grandfatherly attire. Cardigans paired with button-down shirts, wide-legged chinos, loafers, varsity jackets, and knitted vests add a youthful twist to the nostalgic theme.

All That Glitters: Shimmering Menswear

Men's Fall 2024 Fashion Trend Shimmer and SparklePin
Add shimmer and sparkle to your fall-winter 2024 wardrobe for a bold statement. Art: The Fashionisto

Fall 2024 is set ablaze with the shimmer and sparkle trend, infusing an air of glamour and opulence into the season.

Dsquared2 fall-winter 2024 collection men's sequin bomberPin
Dsquared2 fall-winter 2024 collection. Photo: Dsquared2

Dsquared2 boldly showcases a sequin-adorned bomber jacket and trousers. The luxurious texture and eye-catching shine elevate the tailored silhouette, balancing sophistication and daring style.

Dior fall-winter 2024 collection men's beaded topPin
Dior fall-winter 2024 collection. Photo: Dior

Dior offers a more subdued interpretation, incorporating subtle metallic threads and delicate beading. Fluid tailoring complements the gentle luster, creating a mesmerizing effect.

Valentino fall-winter 2024 collection embellished jacketPin
Valentino fall-winter 2024 collection. Photo: Valentino

Valentino embraces glitz and glamour, presenting striking pieces featuring embroideries and embellishments. The bold use of sparkle celebrates the joy of dressing up and makes a statement about modern masculine style.

Faux Fur: The Luxe Rebellion

Men's Fall 2024 Fashion Trend Faux FurPin
Texture arrives in faux fur that affords the season a luxurious quality. Art: The Fashionisto

Men’s fashion embraces opulence with the faux fur trend, infusing a touch of rebellion into classic luxury.

Alexander McQueen fall-winter 2024 collection men's faux fur coatPin
Alexander McQueen fall-winter 2024 collection. Photo: Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen captures the essence with a dramatic, oversized faux fur coat that commands attention. Paired with sleek, minimalist underlayers, it creates a striking contrast.

Emporio Armani fall-winter 2024 collection men's faux fur coatPin
Emporio Armani fall-winter 2024 collection. Photo: Emporio Armani

Emporio Armani takes a refined approach, showcasing tailored faux fur outerwear that blends seamlessly with traditional menswear. Luxurious textures and deep, rich hues are highlighted.

Loro Piana fall-winter 2024 collection men's faux fur shirt jacketPin
Loro Piana fall-winter 2024 collection. Photo: Loro Piana

Loro Piana introduces a subtle interpretation, featuring a faux fur shirt jacket that exudes understated elegance. Paired with tailored trousers and classic turtlenecks, this collection offers a modern twist on timeless silhouettes.

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