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Updated May 18, 2024

Grandpacore FashionPin
Explore grandpacore fashion and learn about its outfit essentials.

Grandpacore fashion is a style trend that brings the cozy, timeless appeal of our grandparents’ wardrobes into the modern era, much like dadcore but with a nostalgic twist. It combines classic elements like cable-knit sweaters, tailored trousers, and vintage accessories to create stylish and charming outfits.

Grandpacore Outfits

Grandpacore focuses on blending sophistication with a touch of old-world charm, perfect for those who appreciate a bit of nostalgia in their everyday attire.

Cable-Knit Sweater & Corduroy Pants

Grandpacore Cable-knit Sweater Corduroy Pants Lucky BrandPin
Blend texture and warmth with a cable-knit sweater and corduroy pants. Photo: Lucky Brand

Wear a classic cable-knit sweater in a neutral color like grey or beige. Pair it with wide-leg corduroy pants in a complementary shade such as navy or brown.

Complete the look with classic white sneakers or loafers for a relaxed yet polished finish.

Cardigan & Denim Shirt

Grandpacore Cardigan J.CrewPin
Modern comfort meets vintage style with a cardigan and denim shirt. Photo: J.Crew

A cardigan layered over a denim shirt captures the essence of grandpacore fashion, blending comfort with a hint of rustic charm. Opt for a chunky knit cardigan in a dark, versatile color like black or navy.

Wear a classic denim shirt underneath to introduce a casual, rugged element. Pair these with light-colored chinos and accessorize with a simple leather belt. Finish off with casual sneakers or loafers.

Chore Coat & White Jeans

Grandpacore Herringbone Chore Coat Todd SnyderPin
Elevate casual wear with a chore coat and white jeans. Photo: Todd Snyder

A chore coat paired with white jeans offers a refined take on the grandpacore trend. Choose a classic chore coat in a sturdy fabric like herringbone or twill.

Layer a simple grey or neutral-colored sweater underneath to maintain a cohesive and sophisticated palette. The crisp white jeans create a striking contrast that enhances the fit.

Flannel Shirt & Khakis

Grandpacore Flannel Shirt H&MPin
Achieve effortless style with a flannel shirt and khakis. Photo: H&M

Achieve effortless style by combining a flannel shirt with khakis. Opt for earthy tones or traditional plaids to enhance the nostalgic appeal.

Consider layering a light sweater over your shoulders for added coziness. Round out the outfit with clean white sneakers or casual loafers.

Graphic Sweater & White Trousers

Grandpacore Sweater Polo Ralph LaurenPin
Combine playful patterns with classic comfort in a graphic sweater and white trousers. Photo: Macy’s

Blend playful patterns with classic comfort by pairing a graphic or patterned sweater with white trousers. Choose a bold sweater with unique designs or whimsical motifs.

Layer it over a classic plaid or solid-colored shirt for depth and texture. The crisp white trousers provide a clean, fresh look that balances the boldness of the sweater.

High-Waisted Trousers with Suspenders

Grandpacore SuspendersPin
Channel a retro vibe with high-waisted trousers and suspenders. Photo: Shutterstock

Channel a retro vibe with tailored, high-waisted trousers in a versatile shade like blue or grey. The high waistline adds a nostalgic touch while providing a flattering fit.

Pair them with a simple, light-colored button-up shirt. Suspenders in a complementary color keep the trousers in place and add a unique, vintage flair.

Overshirt & Chinos

Grandpacore Overshirt QuincePin
Practical style shines with an overshirt and chinos. Photo: Quince

For a stylish ensemble, begin with a sturdy, well-fitted overshirt in a classic color like navy or olive. Layer it over a crisp, white button-up shirt to keep the look sharp.

Brown chinos provide a timeless foundation, while moccasins or loafers in a matching or complementary shade tie everything together.

Sweater Vest & Wide-Leg Pants

Grandpacore Sweater Vest ZaraPin
Classic comfort with a sweater vest and wide-leg pants. Photo: Zara

A textured sweater vest in a neutral or earthy tone, layered over a simple white T-shirt, perfectly encapsulates the grandpacore aesthetic. Wide-leg pants in a light color, like off-white or beige, provide a relaxed yet polished silhouette.

Furthermore, loafers or brogues add a touch of sophistication.

Trench Coat & Polo

Grandpacore TrenchPin
Revive vintage vibes with a trench coat and polo. Photo: Oliver Ragfelt / Unsplash

A classic beige trench coat adds a touch of old-world charm to your everyday ensemble. Underneath, opt for a well-fitted polo sweater in a complementary color.

Tailored trousers in a neutral shade maintain the outfit’s cohesive look.

Tweed Blazer & Trousers

Grandpacore Tweed Blazer MageePin
Embrace classic sophistication in a tweed blazer and khaki trousers. Photo: Magee

Start with a tailored tweed blazer in a warm, earthy tone like brown or rust. Layer a green or neutral-colored sweater underneath to create a rich, layered effect.

Well-fitted khaki trousers maintain a relaxed yet polished look. Finish the outfit with leather loafers or dress shoes.

Grandpacore Accessories

Accessories can elevate the grandpacore aesthetic, adding the finishing touches that complete the ensemble. Here are key accessories to consider:

Newsboy Caps/Flat Caps

Grandpacore Flat Cap ASOSPin
Add a nostalgic charm to your look with a flat cap. Photo: ASOS

A newsboy cap or flat cap in tweed or wool is an excellent finishing touch. This cap pairs well with a tweed blazer and khaki trousers or a chore coat and white jeans, adding a rustic, vintage appeal.

Round or Vintage Glasses

Grandpacore Round GlassesPin
Add a quirky element to your look with round glasses or vintage frames. Photo: Maksim Goncharenok / Pexels

Embrace a vintage vibe with round glasses. They add a scholarly and refined touch, working well with high-waisted trousers and suspenders or a sweater vest and wide-leg pants.

Consider vintage-styled frames that align with the grandpacore aesthetic for a modern twist.

Patterned Socks

Grandpacore Argyle SocksPin
Finish off your ensemble with the bold addition of patterned socks. Photo: Shutterstock

Patterned socks are a subtle yet effective way to inject personality into your outfit. Choose classic patterns like argyle or fair isle to add a touch of charm.

These socks pair perfectly with loafers or brogues and can be worn with outfits such as a flannel shirt and khakis or a cable-knit sweater and corduroy pants.

Embracing Nostalgia in Modern Fashion

Grandpacore Crewneck Cardigan OctobrePin
Adopt a unique interpretation of the grandpacore trend by embracing single elements such as the crewneck cardigan. Photo: Octobre

Grandpacore fashion seamlessly integrates classic and modern elements, creating distinctive outfits that capture the essence of nostalgic style. Whether it’s the sophisticated combination of a tweed blazer and khaki trousers, the relaxed vibe of a cardigan over a denim shirt, or the playful patterns of a graphic sweater with white trousers, each look is thoughtfully curated.

By incorporating accessories like newsboy caps, round glasses, and patterned socks, you can elevate your ensemble and make a unique fashion statement that pays homage to the past while embracing contemporary trends.

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