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Updated October 20, 2023

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Explore semi-formal shoes for men. Photo: Shutterstock

Semi-formal shoes are pivotal in a man’s wardrobe, ideal for weddings and office gatherings. Investing in a pair equips you for a wide range of events. The contemporary market abounds with choices designed to elevate your signature style.

Explore our selection to discover top-tier dress shoes that align with your aesthetic. Here, you’ll encounter some of the most sought-after men’s options for semi-formal attire.

Semi-formal Shoes for Men


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Loafers are a sleek style that can navigate casual and semi-formal attire. Photo: Adobe Stock

When the term semi-formal shoes is mentioned, loafers from brands like Bruno Marc often come to mind. These days, loafers come in various styles and hues that pair well with semi-formal suits.

Leather penny loafers are another excellent choice, featuring breathable insoles and textured outsoles. With many options for semi-formal footwear, finding the right pair is within reach. These loafers enhance your appearance and are easy to slip on and off.

Additionally, loafers are available with soft upper materials in various colors like tan, brown, black, beige, and grey. Thus, selecting a design and color to match your occasion is straightforward.

Chelsea Boots

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Embrace a contemporary cool with Chelsea boots. Photo: iStock

For standout semi-formal footwear, consider Chelsea boots to elevate your ensemble. These boots, crafted in suede or leather, are versatile enough for nearly all seasons, including winter, fall, and summer. Paired with tailored trousers or suits, classic Chelsea boots make a compelling style statement.

Chukka Boots

Light Brown Chukka BootsPin
Add texture to your ensemble with suede Chukka boots. Photo: Adobe Stock

Chukka boots serve as excellent semi-formal footwear, adaptable for various occasions. Often shorter and featuring narrower toes than other boot styles, chukkas can be effortlessly teamed with trousers and a tailored jacket for a polished, semi-formal look.


Derby Brown Leather Shoes Patterned SocksPin
Adopt an elegant look with brogue dress shoes. Photo: Adobe Stock

Consider a shopping trip if you haven’t added brogues to your collection. These distinguished dress shoes pair exceptionally well with semi-formal suits. Featuring perforations on the upper, brogues allow for quick drying.

A classic pair of brogues is a solid choice for a smart appearance at semi-formal events. Characterized by longwings that extend around the shoe’s back, these shoes offer a distinct flair. Those seeking added detail might opt for cap-toe embellishments.


Mens Derby Dark Blue Suede ShoesPin
Show your appreciation for details with derbies. Photo: Adobe Stock

Derbies are quintessential semi-formal shoes, well-suited for anyone donning a suit. The leather construction around the vamp and laces makes them compatible with jeans and tailored trousers, allowing for versatile style.

If a workday staple is what you seek, derbies might soon become your go-to office footwear. Additionally, these shoes can transition smoothly to date nights, offering a stylish edge for a romantic evening.


oxford shoes men blackPin
Oxford shoes are a classic and versatile dress shoe. Photo: Shutterstock

Are you considering an investment in top-notch semi-formal shoes? Oxford shoes are a prime option, striking the perfect balance between formal and casual. These timeless pieces can significantly elevate your appearance. A sleek pair of Oxfords effortlessly brings cohesion to your look for any semi-formal event.

Monk Straps

Magnanni Matteo Monk Strap ShoesPin
Embrace sophistication with monk-strap shoes. Photo: Magnanni

Monk straps are a distinctive style that offers a buckle closure, skipping the lace in favor of a more streamlined appearance. With their clean lines and singular or double buckle options, these shoes offer a modern twist on traditional elegance. Whether it’s an office conference or an intimate soirée, monk straps are an astute choice for the man keen on nuanced style.

Dress Sneakers

Dress Sneakers Men Allen Edmonds Park Avenue OxfordPin
Complement semi-formal wear or elevate a casual outfit with dress sneakers. Photo: Allen Edmonds

In the contemporary landscape of men’s fashion, dress sneakers are emerging as a compelling alternative to traditional semi-formal footwear. Crafted with the comfort of athletic shoes yet bearing the sophistication of their leather-clad counterparts, a dress sneaker offers a harmonious blend of style and practicality.

Things to Consider When Shopping

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Consider quality and wearability when shopping for semi-formal shoes. Photo: Shutterstock

Before heading out to shop for a new pair of semi-formal shoes, keep the following points in mind:

  • Prioritize the right fabric. Consider both the style and the climate when choosing your semi-formal shoes. Leather may be ideal for summer but less effective for winter events.
  • Opt for timeless designs when in doubt. Classic styles like Oxfords or brogues, featuring closed lacing and rounded patterns, are foolproof choices for any occasion.
  • Expand your color spectrum. While neutrals like brown and black are safe, don’t shy away from other shades like tan, maroon, grey, and blue to match various outfits.
  • Explore trendy options for a bold statement. Consider monk shoes with buckles or Chelsea boots. Shoes with tassels or vibrant outsoles can also serve as eye-catching alternatives.
  • Choose loafers for convenience. These slip-ons, often crafted with leather uppers and cushioned footbeds, offer a hassle-free experience without needing constant lace-checks.

Semi-formal Dress Shoes

Selecting the right shoes for various occasions is vital in men’s footwear. A few pairs of semi-formal shoes in your collection ensure you’re prepared for diverse settings while maintaining a current look.

From office meetings to wedding celebrations, these adaptable shoes help you present a refined appearance. Browse recommended styles online to find the pair that elevates your aesthetic.

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