Christmas Outfits for Men: The Art of Festive Style


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Updated October 28, 2023

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Discover the latest Christmas outfits for men.

As the calendar flips to December, many men face an intriguing sartorial challenge beyond daily routine: crafting the ideal Christmas ensemble. It’s more complex than piling on red and green. Crafting a well-curated outfit that sets you apart is an art form, transforming you from a guest absorbing the festivities to an active conductor of holiday style and cheer.

Christmas Outfits for Men

REISS Turquoise Slim-fit Velvet Single-breasted Blazer MenPin
Get festive in a colored velvet jacket like this turquoise REISS blazer. Photo: REISS

There’s no overstating the symbiotic relationship between Christmas—the global observance steeped in ancient lore—and the impact of a wardrobe consciously assembled for the occasion. 

Your attire is a visual narrative interwoven with the holiday’s tapestry of customs and values. This unique interplay between clothing and cultural celebration injects life into the yuletide atmosphere.

Ideas for Various Christmas Scenarios

For the Church Service

Massimo Dutti Grey Wool-blend SuitPin
Make a modest but sophisticated style statement in a grey suit. Photo: Massimo Dutti

When attending a Christmas church service, reverence and modesty guide the choice of attire. A classic navy or charcoal suit accompanied by a subdued tie creates an ensemble that respects the sanctity of the occasion. 

Alternatively, dark slacks, a crisp white shirt, and a cashmere V-neck sweater can also convey appropriate decorum. In both cases, the aim is to reflect the service’s spiritual significance through tasteful dressing.

Homeward Bound: Family Gathering

L.L. Bean Fair Isle Sweater MenPin
Embrace warm and cozy sentiments in a fair isle sweater and corduroy pants. Photo: L.L. Bean

The family Christmas gathering is a haven for sentimental favorites and comfort-driven choices. Consider donning a Fair Isle sweater paired with corduroy trousers for a touch of nostalgia. 

It’s an outfit that emits warmth both literally and figuratively. For those opting for a more polished look, a turtleneck under a wool blazer perfectly marries casual and formal elements, making you photo-ready for the family portrait.

The Corporate Celebration: Office Christmas Party

Bonobos Jetsetter Stretch Wool SuitPin
Infuse your sartorial wardrobe with the holiday spirit in the form of a colored dress shirt like green or red. Photo: Bonobos

Navigating an office Christmas party calls for a sartorial balance that marries festivity with professionalism. Consider a dark, tailored blazer as your canvas, elevated by a shirt in a holiday hue or a pocket square that nods to the season.

Complement this ensemble with leather loafers and a streamlined wristwatch. The result is a look that revels in the holiday spirit yet remains within the lines of office etiquette.

A Night to Remember: Romantic Christmas Dinner

French Connection Velvet Blazer Black Men ASOSPin
Wear a velvet blazer like this one from French Connection for a night out. Photo: ASOS

For an intimate Christmas dinner date, you’re aiming to capture the magic of the evening without veering into sartorial excess. A black velvet blazer emits just the right amount of romance and extravagance, especially with a light-colored shirt. 

Finish off the look with tapered black trousers and a sleek pair of leather Oxford shoes to encapsulate the blend of affection and formality the occasion calls for.

Winter Frolic: Outdoor Activities

Polo Ralph Lauren Quilted Shirt Jacket MenPin
Reflect the spirit of the outdoors in a quilted shirt jacket like this style from Polo Ralph Lauren. Photo: Zappos

Partaking in outdoor activities like ice skating or visiting Christmas markets demands practicality without sacrificing style. A quilted jacket over a sweater or thermal Henley shirt ensures you stay warm while giving off a sporty, rugged vibe. 

Opt for dark, slim-fit jeans or tailored wool trousers to maintain that dash of elegance. Finally, remember a pair of durable yet stylish boots that tackle icy paths while rounding off your holiday ensemble.

The Essence of Christmas Attire

ASOS Design Knitted Metallic Mesh Gold Sweater MenPin
Consider unusual fashion choices for the holidays, such as a gold sweater. Photo: ASOS

Unlocking the secret to impeccable Christmas attire for men is a journey that transcends the simplistic notion of pulling out red and green garments or wearing a kitschy reindeer sweater. Instead, it incorporates a keen understanding of occasion, place, and the season’s spirit.

Festivity Meets Formality

Calvin Klein Skinny-fit Wool Tuxedo Men MacysPin
The holidays are often associated with formal events that require ensembles like a Calvin Klein tuxedo. Photo: Macy’s

The holiday has a dual tone that often leans toward both festive and formal. Whether the venue is a highbrow cocktail soiree or a cozy family dinner around a crackling fire, your choice of clothing isn’t simply superficial—it reflects and often amplifies the unique mood of the gathering.

Cultural & Family Influences

Suitsupply Dark Grey Birds Eye Havana SuitPin
Dark grey is an excellent color for your suit when dressing for holiday festivities. Photo: Suitsupply

The tapestry of Christmas attire is deeply woven with cultural threads and familial traditions. Some might adhere to an Eastern European heritage that calls for a crisp, formal look during Christmas Eve services. 

Others might lean into an American custom of snug, matching loungewear for the quintessential family photo. These aren’t just whims. They evoke the histories and cultures shaping our celebratory attire.

The Rise of Men’s Festive Fashion Engagement

Man Santa Hat SelfiePin
Social media trends demand more opportunities to dress up in the holiday spirit. Photo: Deposit Photos

Gone are the days when men sat on the sidelines of festive dressing. A surge of engagement has been observed, especially on digital platforms. Men are actively sharing their holiday style choices on social media, blogs, and even TikTok in a dialogue that has modernized and enriched the art of seasonal dressing for men.

Fashion Industry’s Holiday Offerings

Holiday Snowflake TiePin
Holiday-themed clothing and accessories result in pieces like this snowflake print tie. Photo: Nordstrom

Seizing upon this newfound enthusiasm, the fashion industry has been astute in providing many options tailored to the holiday spirit—brands, whether luxury or high-street, now routinely offer holiday-centric collections. 

These aren’t limited to clothing but accessories that help articulate a more comprehensive festive aura. Think velvet blazers, snowflake-shaped cufflinks, and pocket squares in rich, seasonal hues.

The Color Palette: Beyond Red & Green

Lacoste Red V-neck Organic Cotton Sweater MenPin
Inject your style with holiday joy, courtesy of a bolt of red like this v-neck sweater. Photo: Lacoste

When it comes to curating a Christmas wardrobe, the importance of color selection can’t be understated. While red and green may be the tried-and-true hues of the holiday, the spectrum of shades that can elicit a festive spirit is far broader. 

Traditional Tones: Red & Green Reimagined

Burgundy Skinny-fit Suit Men H&MPin
Burgundy provides a rich alternative to holiday red. Photo: H&M

Nothing evokes Christmas quite like the classic pairing of red and green. But venturing beyond the fundamental, consider a deep burgundy suit with emerald green pocket square and tie. 

It retains the core color palette while adding a layer of sophistication. Another take could be a green wool blazer paired with a crisp white shirt and red chinos, embodying Christmas cheer without veering into the realm of the predictable.

Metallics: The Lustrous Appeal

Skinny-fit Tuxedo Jacket Gold Accent ASOS Design NordstromPin
Add an extra wow factor to your tuxedo with a gold accent. Photo: Nordstrom

Metallics offer a compelling alternative for those looking to infuse their outfit with luxury. A gold-accented black tuxedo can turn heads at any formal holiday gathering, while silver cufflinks and tie bars provide subtle yet impactful flourishes. 

Incorporating these gleaming elements is a nod to the season’s penchant for glitz and glamour.

Subdued Elegance: The Neutral Spectrum

COS Double-breasted Wool Tuxedo Jacket MenPin
Don’t underestimate the impact of subtle colors like dark green. Photo: COS

Neutral tones, often overlooked during the holidays, offer subdued elegance that contrasts sharply with the season’s more vivid hues. A dark green or charcoal grey suit with a neutral turtleneck can resonate with understated grace. 

Layering with a camel overcoat or a beige scarf can round out this serene palette while maintaining a festivity.

Patterns & Textures: A Yuletide Twist

Patterns and textures are pivotal in defining the season’s overall look. This is where fashion takes a deep dive into the nuanced aspects of design, offering a rich tapestry of options that can make your holiday ensemble truly stand out.

The Timeless Appeal of Fair Isle

Ralph Lauren Purple Label Fair Isle Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater Men Mr PorterPin
Elevate your knitwear with a fair isle sweater from Ralph Lauren Purple Label. Photo: Mr Porter

When one considers Fair Isle sweaters, a certain time-honored charm comes to mind. This iconic style hails from an isolated island in Scotland and has become a symbol of wintry coziness. 

The sweaters, boasting intricate patterns and a rich mix of colors, effortlessly channel the Christmas spirit. They’re not just a fashion statement but a nod to a long-standing tradition that enhances the festive air.

Velvet: The Fabric of Festive Opulence

J.Crew Ludlow Slim-fit Shawl Collar Velvet Tuxedo Jacket MenPin
Transition the velvet tuxedo jacket from formal to casual wear for unexpected flair. Photo: J.Crew

A velvet blazer epitomizes holiday indulgence, effortlessly transitioning from celebratory dinners to chic parties. The soft, plush texture of velvet speaks volumes, embodying the luxurious side of the holiday season. 

Pairing a velvet blazer with a crisp white shirt and dark trousers places the sumptuous fabric front and center, infusing your Christmas ensemble with elegance. Consider swapping the trousers for dark jeans for a more relaxed yet equally refined alternative.

Tweed & Wool: The Substance of Style & Comfort

RRL Slim-fit Plaid Tweed Suit TrouserPin
Tactile fashion enters the spotlight with a smart pair of tweed suit trousers. Photo: Ralph Lauren

Tweed and wool trousers provide more than just an added layer of warmth. They offer texture and depth that synthetic fabrics can’t match. These materials are winter staples that serve both functional and aesthetic purposes. 

Well-fitted wool trousers can be the perfect foundation for a layered holiday ensemble. Meanwhile, tweed adds an earthy, rustic touch, ideal for those who appreciate the tactile elements of fashion.

Christmas Sweaters for Men

ASOS Design Knitted Christmas Sweater Fair Isle Stag Green MenPin
For an effortless holiday style, add a sweater to your seasonal arsenal. Photo: ASOS

Born out of the intersection of holiday whimsy and knitwear craftsmanship, Christmas sweaters have evolved into iconic staples of the festive season. 

No longer confined to the role of quirky gifts from well-meaning relatives, these sweaters have become a significant part of the holiday narrative, ranging from tongue-in-cheek designs to sophisticated knit patterns that align with the season’s overall aesthetic.

A Sweater for Every Occasion

Tipsy Elves Gaudy Garland Ugly Christmas Sweater MenPin
Take your holiday style in a bold and fun direction with an Ugly Christmas Sweater. Photo: Tipsy Elves

Two categories reign in the men’s Christmas sweater universe: the delightfully Ugly Christmas Sweater and the more refined, festive options. The former flaunts maximalist designs—think three-dimensional reindeer or twinkling LED lights—and thrives at casual, themed parties. 

The latter showcases tasteful motifs like snowflakes and holly, offering a versatile choice for office gatherings and intimate holiday dinners. Each style shows how men can express their holiday spirit through knitwear.

The Advent of Men’s Christmas Suits

Shinesty Red Green Plaid Ugly Christmas SuitPin
Tackle the Ugly Christmas Suit with a bold print like a red and green plaid. Photo: Shinesty

If you thought the Christmas sweater was the pinnacle of holiday exuberance, brace yourself for the burgeoning trend of men’s Christmas suits. These aren’t your average tailored pieces. They are bold, visually arresting ensembles that challenge the fabric of holiday sartorial norms. 

Emblazoned with vivid prints, ranging from candy canes to Santas in flight, these suits tap into the same playful spirit that made Ugly Christmas Sweaters a cultural phenomenon.

The Palette of Festive Pants

Completing the audacious look, festive pants offer another avenue for men to express holiday cheer. Whether tartan trousers pay homage to traditional Scottish patterns or velvet pants that capture the season’s luxurious mood, the options are as varied as the occasions they can grace. 

For those looking to make a statement without fully committing to a Christmas-themed suit, incorporating these pants into a more subdued outfit serves as a nod to the season without overwhelming the senses.

Footwear: Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Man Walking Outside Shopping HolidaysPin
Formalize your footwear for the holiday season. Photo: iStock

While the focus often falls on garments like sweaters, blazers, and trousers, one should pay attention to the critical role of footwear in completing a holiday ensemble. 

Shoes or boots need to resonate with the rest of the outfit and meet the season’s practical demands—be it the frosty weather or the nature of the event.

Sole Choices: A Guide to Christmas Footwear

Polo Ralph Lauren Bryson Leather Chelsea Boots Mr PorterPin
Leather boots are versatile enough to wear casually or dress up. Photo: Mr Porter

When selecting the ideal footwear, consider the activity and setting. Leather boots offer a polished appearance while providing a sturdy constitution for casual outings. They’re a foolproof match with jeans or wool trousers, bridging the gap between relaxed and formal wear. 

Christian Louboutin Penny Patent Leather Loafers MenPin
Make a formal splash in patent leather dress shoes like these Christian Louboutin leather penny loafers. Photo: Matches

For exquisite affairs like a black-tie Christmas gala, patent leather dress shoes add the finishing touch to a meticulously curated outfit, imparting a luminous sheen that exudes sophistication. 

ASOS Design Rubber Boots Green MenPin
Prepare for unseemly weather with a pair of rubber boots. Photo: ASOS

Insulated, waterproof boots are indispensable for those engaging in winter frolics outdoors. Designed to brave the elements, these boots don’t shy away from style, proving that practicality and fashion coexist even in the chilliest scenarios.

Accessories: The Finishing Touches

Tartan Lambswool Cashmere Fringe Scarf Barbour NordstromPin
Add a festive scarf to your outfits, looking to brands like Barbour for inspiration. Photo: Nordstrom

Accessories may be small, but their impact on an outfit is negligible. Mainly during Christmas, these minor elements are the final brushstrokes on a sartorial canvas, subtly weaving in festive charm or elegant flair. 

Seasonal Accents: Elevating Festive Style

For holiday accessories, a scarf adorned with tartan, stripes, or Christmas motifs such as snowflakes brings both whimsy and refinement, particularly in formal settings.

Consider a festive pocket square or tie for a more subtle nod to the season. These can range from understated patterns in classic holiday colors to designs that make you the life of the party.

And let’s not overlook the dual role of leather gloves. They provide a barrier against the winter chill and add a layer of sophistication to any ensemble, whether you’re strolling through a Christmas market or heading to a candlelit dinner.

Crafting Your Holiday Tapestry

Man Tuxedo Christmas TreePin
Celebrate the holidays in style, whether it’s casual or formal. Photo: Shamim Nakhaei / Unsplash

We’ve traversed the broad landscape of men’s Christmas fashion—from the tradition-steeped designs of Fair Isle sweaters to the contemporary allure of patent leather dress shoes. 

The takeaway is clear: the season offers a plethora of avenues for self-expression, each contributing to a richer, more layered holiday experience.

So, as you step into this festive season, remember that your attire is more than a personal statement. It’s a shared celebration. You’re not just dressing for yourself but for the collective spirit that makes Christmas a time of joy and unity. 

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