The Revolution of Men’s Jewelry

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Men’s jewelry has been growing with a lot of interest over the last few years. And now, younger Millennials and Generation Z are the primary focus of many menswear brands, which led to changes in creativity all around the market, including jewelry.

The concept of men in pearls symbolizes a time of artistic culture. And you can stay assured that men in pearls are only the beginning of the jewelry revolution in menswear today. A long time ago, cultural boundaries separated masculine and feminine jewelry. Today, however, the two jewelry types appear to be joining closer and closer together.

The Revolution of Men and Menswear

Younger millennials and Generation Z are happily expressing their newfound wealth, measured by personal experience instead of monetary gain. They are looking for more bespoke items rather than corporate giants while trying to carve out their sustainable and ethical path into the future. With that being said, marketers perceived an untapped demand for a brand new type of traveling menswear consumer who combines the luxury style with their ambitious vision.

So, today the menswear market is seeing a revolution in style, where men wear jewelry created for braver male customers inspired to stand out from the crowd.

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Men Are Becoming Free to Express Themselves

Even though jewelry is worn more and has long been considered the domain of women, now we can see more and more men experimenting with it more than ever. Naturally, this revolution is not going without bumps, as there are still those who are attached to masculine stereotypes. However, people wore jewelry back in the old days to present their power and social status. Today, people enjoy showing off their wealth and abundance by also wearing jewelry.  

It may seem women have experienced the most fun with jewelry; maybe that’s why menswear has been relatively dull lately. But it’s very energizing to see the expansion in accessories, especially when united with various daring styles of decision. From gold chains to platinum bracelets, men can also dress up their looks with glittering adornments. 

Even More Options from Online Jewelry Stores

Today, jewelry stores can’t be sure whether they will sell more women’s or men’s jewelry. So, Aaron Changpo came up with a brilliant idea to create gender-neutral jewelry. 

“Now, men are comfortable wearing jewelry, and women wear more masculine things,” says Aaron Changpo

Aaron from his online jewelry shop Varon has created plenty of beautiful pieces that can’t be easily grouped as either female or male. He goes around the gender by creating pieces with a solid geometric plan and sharp, smooth lines. Continuing with his work, he uses the concept of gems to feature the consumer’s singularity instead of fortifying specific gender generalizations. He is altering the views of gendered jewelry, challenging the gender traditions and norms ingrained in culture and fashion.

Jewelry designers may have to carry more inventory and sizes for jewelry. But now, they no longer create gender-specific pieces. These designers are eliminating all these gender norms that categorize jewelry as “masculine” or “feminine.” And by doing this, they are giving online jewelry stores the chance to offer more and more options for both genders simultaneously.

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Final Thoughts

There shouldn’t be rules regarding people’s personal sense of style. Everyone should be able to express themselves in any way they want, including wearing jewelry.

Jewelry is all about expressing one’s self. It’s used to present other aspects of one’s personality and to feel more powerful and confident. People should be able to wear whatever gives them strength, makes them laugh, and anything that tells the world who they are.

People should also rethink the idea of gender norms and traditions about jewelry and fashion to open up their own sense of style.