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Updated March 31, 2024

Men Wearing PearlsPin
Men Wearing Pearls: Explore how the modern trend is shaping men’s fashion and style.

The trend of men wearing pearls has seamlessly woven itself into the fabric of contemporary fashion, subtly challenging traditional notions of gender-specific accessories. No longer just the hallmark of feminine elegance, pearls have emerged as a favored jewelry choice among men keen on infusing sophistication and a touch of rebellion into their attire.

This evolution reflects a broader shift in fashion, where the boundaries of gender norms are increasingly blurred, allowing for a more diverse and personal expression of style. With their inherent luster and understated luxury, pearls offer men a versatile option to accentuate casual and formal outfits.

Men Wearing Pearls: The Modern Trend

Asian Man Pearl NecklacePin
Defying traditional fashion boundaries, men don pearl necklaces as a bold statement. Photo: Shutterstock

The adoption of pearls by men underscores a significant cultural transformation, where personal style transcends conventional barriers, empowering individuals to explore beyond the traditional confines of men’s jewelry.

Celebrities Leading the Pearl Revolution

Machine Gun Kelly Performance Pearl NecklacePin
Machine Gun Kelly adds an oversized pearl necklace to his stage outfit. Photo: L Paul Mann /

The landscape of men’s fashion has witnessed a remarkable transformation, largely thanks to influential style figures like Pharrell Williams, Machine Gun Kelly, and Harry Styles. Their embrace of pearls has shifted public perception, positioning pearls as a coveted accessory for men worldwide.

Pharrell Williams Pearl NecklacePin
Pharrell Williams elevates his casual denim look with a long strand of pearls, blending casual streetwear with a hint of old-school glamour. Photo: Jaguar PS /

Pharrell Williams: A true trendsetter, Williams layers pearl necklaces to create bold statements. His unique approach encourages men to explore beyond conventional accessories, embracing pearls as a symbol of luxury and versatility.

Harry Styles Pearl NecklacePin
Harry Styles complements his double-breasted with a classic pearl necklace. Photo: Fred Duval /

Harry Styles: At the forefront of this sartorial revolution, Harry Styles challenges conventional fashion norms by seamlessly incorporating pearls into his casual and formal looks. His ability to pair pearl necklaces with various outfits has cemented his status as a fashion fluidity and innovation symbol.

Jaden Smith Pearl NecklacePin
Jaden Smith makes a subtle yet impactful statement with a layered pearl necklace complementing his colorful scarf. Photo: Silvia Elizabeth Pangaro /

Jaden Smith: Smith’s eclectic fashion sense incorporates pearls in a way that blurs the lines between art and personal expression. By choosing pearls, he invites his followers to see fashion as a platform for individuality and creativity.

Machine Gun Kelly Pearl NecklacePin
Machine Gun Kelly is striking in a white sequined jacket contrasting with a traditional pearl necklace, merging punk-rock vibes with classic refinement. Photo: lev radin /

Machine Gun Kelly: Embracing the pearl trend with a rockstar twist, Machine Gun Kelly integrates pearls into his distinctive, edgy style. His penchant for combining pearls with bold outfits showcases the gem’s adaptability to various fashion genres.

Timothee Chalamet Pearl NecklacePin
Timothée Chalamet showcases a fresh take on casual luxury, sporting a pearl choker with a whimsical sweater. Photo: IMAGO / ZUMA Wire

Timothée Chalamet: Known for his avant-garde red carpet appearances and trademark wavy hair, Chalamet has sported pearl embellishments that blend classic elegance with a modern edge. His choices have inspired a younger generation to experiment with their style, proving that pearls can enhance masculinity and charm.

Pearls: Redefining Masculinity

Pearl Necklace Man CloseupPin
Pearls are helping to shatter the confines of gendered fashion norms. Photo: Adobe Stock

Pearls are casting a new light on men’s fashion, moving beyond their traditional image as classic gemstones to become emblems of contemporary masculinity. This shift sees men embracing pearl jewelry for its aesthetic appeal and as a tool for expressing individual identity and challenging dated gender norms.

Media Influence on Pearl Adoption

Toby Aromolaran Love Island Pearl NecklacePin
Toby wears a pearl necklace on Love Island All Stars. Photo: Screencap / ITV

Programs like Love Island have played a crucial role, showcasing men who confidently embrace pearls. This visibility has spurred a move from gender-specific attire to a more inclusive fashion sense, fostering a dialogue on gender fluidity and expression.

The Impact of Social Media

Andrew Pavlunin Pearl NecklacePin
Social media influencers like Andrew Pavlunin make the pearl necklace accessible to young men. Photo: Eugene Powers /

Previously seen as staples in women’s jewelry collections, pearl necklaces have emerged as icons of forward-thinking style among men. This transition represents a broader acceptance of crossing traditional fashion boundaries.

Social media platforms, especially TikTok and Instagram, have played a pivotal role in elevating the visibility of pearls in men’s fashion. Influencers frequently sport pearl pieces, amplifying their appeal and inspiring a broader audience to explore their use as fashionable statements.

How to Style Pearls for Men

Pearls have broken free from the confines of traditional femininity to become a sophisticated element in men’s fashion.

Pearl Necklaces

Man Wearing Pearl NecklacePin
Define your neckline with pearls for a subtle or bold moment. Photo: Shutterstock

For men, choosing the right pearl necklace hinges on the length and size that best suits their style. Opting for a shorter strand adds a discreet touch of elegance, whereas a longer necklace asserts a more pronounced statement.

A classic approach involves a single-strand pearl necklace that gently sits at the collarbone, offering versatility that complements trendy button-downs and timeless sweaters.

Pearl Earrings

Emanuele Bicocchi Freshwater Pearl Stud EarringPin
A single freshwater pearl stud earring perfectly balances understated elegance and contemporary cool. Photo: Neiman Marcus

Pearl earrings for men navigate the fine line between understated style and bold fashion statements. On the one hand, a solitary pearl stud reflects minimalist elegance, perfect for those who appreciate a standard piercing with a discreet nod to sophistication.

Missoma Single Baroque Pearl Drop Tunnel Mini Hoop EarringPin
The Baroque pearl drop earring brings artistic flair to an everyday ensemble. Photo: Missoma

On the other hand, opting for larger pearls or designs that incorporate multiple pearls can serve as a daring statement, capturing attention and elevating a look with a distinctive flair.

Pearl Bracelets

Dower & Hall White Pearl Bracelet MenPin
A pearl bracelet pairs well with a striped button-up, blending casual charm and polished poise. Dower & Hall

A pearl bracelet enhances a man’s accessory lineup with its refined appeal. Pair it with leather bands for a more textured look, creating a striking contrast that blends sophistication with ruggedness.

Exploring Color & Design

ASOS Design Faux Pearl Necklace Dark GrayPin
Personalize your look with colored pearls for a standout piece. Photo: ASOS

Experiment with colored pearls to match your style. Darker hues, for instance, lend a sophisticated edge to outfits, enhancing versatility across various looks.

The Evolution of Pearls

NAiiA Venice Pearl Necklace MenPin
Embrace the transformative journey of pearls, from historical status symbols to modern personal style and identity expressions. Photo: NAiiA

With their rich history, pearls have evolved from symbols of wealth and status to versatile fashion essentials. Historically worn by men of power, such as monarchs and warriors, to denote their high status and authority, they’ve transitioned into modern staples that transcend gender, embracing individuality and expression.

This shift reflects a broader movement towards gender fluidity and challenges traditional fashion norms. Today, real or faux pearls enrich men’s fashion as enduring symbols of refined personal style, bridging past elegance with contemporary appeal.

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