Styling Tips For Your Jamaican Beach Holiday

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Photo: Urban Outfitters

Jamaica, one of the most well-known of the Caribbean islands draws tourists from all across the globe because of its powdery white beaches and crystal clear waters. The island country is located in the Caribbean Sea and is the fourth-largest island in the Caribbean. Montego Bay and Kingston are the two best-known cities. With coolest hotel and stylish cottages popping up, Jamaica villa rentals with staff are still very popular among the travelers and guests because of their superb locations and excellent services. Rent one of those villas, and you will never be far from the beaches and other attractions. Moreover, you enjoy all the modern amenities at affordable rates.

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The Great Beaches of Jamaica

There is plenty to do and see in Jamaica, but the fascinating island is most famous for its beaches. Those beaches may be standard hotspots or hidden places; the fact is that you are sure to enjoy a great vacation on the Caribbean islands. Enjoy the colorful culture on the resort-heavy beaches that are immensely popular travelers. Some of the most sought-after beaches are Doctor’s Cave Beach, Seven Mile Beach, Treasure Beach, Boston Bay Beach and Reggae Beach. Those beaches are not just picture-perfect with a gorgeous backdrop but a surfer’s paradise too. Dotted with colorful fishing vessels, you can laze on the beaches, swim or enjoy water sports.

Photo: Urban OutfittersPin
Photo: Urban Outfitters

What to pack for Jamaican Holiday?

Well, while you holiday, you can also look stylish and fashion savvy, provided you know what to wear and when. Now that you are well aware of the adventures the beautiful island has to offer, it is essential to plan ahead and consider the options. Read on to get aware on some styling tips on a Jamaican beach holiday.
• Always go for comfort over style. Wear casual clothes during the daytime such as t-shirts or camisoles, shorts, and sarongs. As you would be participating in casual poolside activities and adventure excursions, ensure that your clothing is light and comfortable.
• As the temperatures are pretty warm, pack lightweight clothes in natural fabrics such as cotton, silk, and linen. As the nights get cooler, do keep a light wrap with you. So, carry lightweight and breathable fabrics as Jamaica is warm all the time.
• If you are going to a special event at night or a fine dining experience, go for a more formal dress code. Women can pack a range of sundresses, cocktail dresses while men should wear collared shirts and pants. Men are supposed to wear a collared shirt and long pants for a formal dinner.
• Wear comfortable walking shoes especially if you plan to go for long hikes or trekking. Wear flip-flops that are ideal for daywear around the island. Tennis shoes, sports sandals or water shoes are essential for beach and water activities.
• As you are likely to spend considerable time on the beaches, do pack a couple of swimming trunks and bathing costumes. It is essential to pack enough pieces especially if you are going to spend a couple of days here on the beaches. Go for a versatile and stylish beachwear along with shirts, shorts, and polos.
• Do pack cover-ups such as dresses, shorts, tees that you can wear o your costume and are walking around the beach. You can cover yourself up with a sarong or kaftan as you walk on around public areas near the beaches.
• Do not forget to pack sunglasses, a sunhat, and sunscreen. The idea is to get maximum protection from the sun as well as look stylish.
• Once it is dark and night time on the beach, hundreds of tiny sand flies can arrive, and it can be very itchy if they bite. So carry insect/mosquito repellent in your bag or avoid the beaches at night.
• If you have to spend some time on the beach in the evenings, cover yourself with a repellent and wear long sleeves and pants so that your arms and legs are adequately covered.
• Felt sandals are perfect for the beach. You can use snap-on decorations on your flip-flop bases and change your look almost every day.
• Using a hand sanitizer and disposable wipes are very handy when you want to keep your hands clean. After all, your hands and fingers are always brushing questionable surfaces that you might encounter on the beach. So keep your hands clean when on a beach holiday.
• Avoid wearing skimpy clothing when you are away from the beach. Dress modestly and do not wear revealing clothing as such attire is not cool for the conservative Jamaicans and you can attract unwanted attention.
• You can bring a pair of long pants, especially if you plan to go riding or zip lining. Jeans are okay, but they can be bulky and heavy. Moreover, they tend to absorb dirt and odors and take a longer time to dry. So, cotton and khakis are a better choice.
• Pack light and fewer clothes as it is very cheap to get your clothes laundered and ironed in Jamaica. So, you can wear the same set of clothes several times.
• To avoid over packing you can bring fewer cloth items and always mix and match or try new accessories to create different looks. The whole idea is not to just look cool and comfortable, but stylish too. Do not carry expensive jewelry but can wear fashion and well-chosen pieces of costume jewelry.

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