Sam Mallos Hits the Desert for Etro Campaign

September 13, 2022
Sam Mallos Model Etro Campaign Men Fall 2022
Sam Mallos stars in Etro’s fall-winter 2022 campaign for men. Photo: Henrik Purienne / Etro

The fall-winter 2022 advertising campaign for Etro features the desert that surrounds Los Angeles as its background. On the other hand, Etro considers its advertisement’s setting symbolic of broad geography. The landscape might appear somewhat familiar from Mauritania to Palm Springs—Mars included.

The Italian fashion house discovers a common language in terms of a nomadic voyage that emphasizes the natural world, scorched soil, and rich hues burned by the sun. This beautiful atmosphere of the Etro universe comes alive with the brand’s new campaign.

Etro Campaign Fall 2022 Men Sam Mallos Model
Embracing blue for the season, Sam Mallos fronts Etro’s fall-winter 2022 campaign. Photo: Henrik Purienne / Etro

Etro Fall/Winter 2022 Campaign

Sam Mallos stars as Etro’s male protagonist for its fall-winter 2022 campaign. The young model follows in his father’s footsteps, the model Keith Mallos. It’s a welcomed blast from the past, with Sam bearing a close resemblance to his father, a well-known face in the nineties, having appeared in advertising for fashion brands such as BOSS, Gucci, and GUESS. Sam, determined to forge his own way, gets into a classic Corvette and drives out into the desert with Etro.

Etro Campaign Mica Argañaraz Sam Mallos Model
Mica Argañaraz and Sam Mallos star in Etro’s fall-winter 2022 campaign. Photo: Henrik Purienne / Etro

Photographer Henrik Purienne works with art director Franck Durand to capture Etro’s fall-winter 2022 campaign. Sam Mallos and Mica Argañaraz are the new faces of the Etro campaign. The models and photos accurately represent Etro’s current way of expression.

Taking a break from the bustle of the city, Etro immerses itself in the natural world–reflected in the grainy appearance of the images and the tactile qualities of the new collection styled by Emmanuelle Alt.

Etro Men Fall 2022 Campaign Model Sam Mallos
Model Sam Mallos appears in Etro’s fall-winter 2022 campaign for men. Photo: Henrik Purienne / Etro

Kean and Veronica Etro bid their final campaign farewell to Etro as its creative directors. The Etros explain, “This campaign, the last as creative directors of Etro, is a journey to a place that is in time, but also out of time” The Etros add, “It is our road to nowhere to distant worlds, as far as the eye can see, strong in the nomadic and curious spirit that has always pushed us, because it’s never the destination that counts, but the journey itself.”