ICON Presents Scenes from an Imaginary Western

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Published April 22, 2023

Photos by Vassilis Karidis
Styling by Michele Bagnara
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In the newest issue of ICON magazine, the lens of photographer Vassilis Karidis (SevenSix) transports readers to an idyllic world where contemporary fashion meets the classic cowboy aesthetic. Aptly titled “Scenes from an Imaginary Western,” this striking editorial features the talented trio of models Bert de Roeck, Tim Dibble, and Rosanna Georgiou. They embody a modern romanticism of western style, guided by the skillful hand of stylist Michele Bagnara.

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Bagnara artfully blends this season’s soft tailoring and rich leather textures with an overall attitude that has become synonymous with western attire, ensuring that the perfect accessories punctuate each look. Cowboy hats and leather boots harmonize with neckerchiefs, harnesses, and western belts, while bolo ties impart an air of sophistication. ICON’s western wardrobe exudes an undeniable allure, striking a balance between assertive and inspiring.

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Among the ensembles showcased are such timeless pieces as a pristine white linen suit by L.B.M. 1911 and a chic short suit from Dries Van Noten. These effortlessly current selections illustrate how this story transcends any specific season, making it eternally relevant. To complete the visual symphony, hair stylist Enez Manav and grooming artist Sophia Kossada contribute their expertise, further elevating the overall aesthetic.

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Captivating in both style and substance, “Scenes from an Imaginary Western” is a testament to the enduring influence of western fashion in the ever-evolving world of fashion. As we explore the pages of ICON, we are invited to reimagine this iconic aesthetic, discovering our connection to the romance and allure of the contemporary cowboy.

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Hair by Enez Manav
Makeup by Sophia Kossada

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