11 Creative DIY Fashion Ideas for Men

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Published May 23, 2018


Updated January 2, 2023

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Sometimes all we need is change. For example, you don’t have to move out of your apartment to feel happier. Instead, you can paint the walls, rearrange furniture, throw away unnecessary stuff, buy new decorations, etc. These actions can make a massive difference in how your apartment looks; plus, you can feel happier by making simple changes.

DIY Outfit Ideas

In the same way, you can change your home decor; you can make changes to your appearance and style. Sometimes, we don’t have enough money to buy new clothes or refuse to spend money on them as we have other things on our minds, which is fine.

However, you can still look fantastic with a touch of your imagination! That is why we will present to you eleven DIY clothes ideas for guys so that you can recreate your clothes and awaken the creative genius inside you.  

1. Paint a T-shirt

Using water-based print making ink to paint a custom t-shirt or bag is an easy and fun way to express your creativity. With this DIY clothes technique, you can create unique designs on fabric that stand out and make a statement.

The process is simple and requires minimal supplies, such as inks and paintbrushes. You’ll be able to customize any piece of clothing with your design in no time!

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2. A new pair of shorts

Repurposing old jeans into shorts is a great way for men to save money and have fun with DIY men’s clothes. It is also an eco-friendly option, as it reduces clothing waste. To get started, measure the desired length of the shorts and mark where they will be cut.

After trimming away the excess fabric, you have a brand-new pair of shorts. If a worn-in look is desired, use a razor to make cutting marks for an aged effect. Or, if your skillset permits it, employ either a sewing machine or needle and thread to render the cutoffs complete with smooth seams—this will yield an expertly tailored finish!

3. Pocket T-Shirt

This is suitable for those who like to stand out. You can create an entirely new t-shirt with a single pocket. To create a pocket t-shirt, you must know some basic sewing tricks.

However, if you don’t know, you can always learn or ask someone who knows to do that for you. It is cheaper than a new t-shirt and looks more unique! Also, you can add a custom label, tag, or sticker to mark your masterpiece.

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4. DIY Tie

Friends, let me introduce you to the DIY Tie! All you need is an old tie as a guide, and your creativity will take care of the rest. At first, it may seem tricky, but keep at it—once you get going, there’ll be no stopping how many beautiful ties can come out of this project. Plus, since these are custom-made by YOU—they look perfect with any suit or formalwear when worn.

5. Leather Belt

Making your leather belt is a great way to add personality and style to any outfit. It can be done quickly with just a few essential tools, some leather, and your creativity. You can create a unique belt with the proper techniques that will last for years.

6. A Tank

Ready to get innovative? Grab a pair of scissors and an old shirt, then let’s get started! Gym-goers and hobbyists alike are sure to appreciate this tip. Smell that eco-friendliness in the air? This is one of the most creative ways to reuse an outdated tee. Have you ever seen advice like this before? Then, consider yourself thankful for today.

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7. Add Patches

If you’re looking to breathe fresh life into one of your favorite pieces, you can consider the addition of patches. Clothing patches go great on denim and even accessories like backpacks.

Clothing Patches

A denim jean jacket is a timeless essential and ideal for an update, courtesy of patches. Patches also tend to give clothes a beloved worn-in feel and vintage vibe. Custom patches may be the best choice.

You can freely design your favorite patterns, iron them or place them on your clothes with Velcro or adhesive. You can have a brand-new piece of clothing for as little as $0.336 per piece, which is an excellent investment—not to mention

Elbow Patches

You can buy leather or fabric elbow patches if you want to skip the stitching for less than $10. Otherwise, it would be best if you had an old sweater, iron-on adhesive fabric, and an iron.

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8. Button-up Shirt

You can save a fortune on this DIY project! Prepare some fabric (basically anything), or you can choose something specific, and you will need two yards of it. However, finding a pattern to create your authentic button-up shirt would be best.

9. Renew Your Favorite Old Sweater

If a particular sweater holds emotional significance to you, we have some good news; it can last longer than ever! To make that happen, all you need to do is quickly remove the pilling. It’s as easy as that!

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10. Re-dye your Jeans

Believe it or not, this works like a charm—and you can use any jeans. If your jeans look dull and have lost color, why don’t you try dyeing them? It’s easy to do and will make them look brand new again.

Get ready to discard them if it doesn’t turn out great, but if they look amazing, you’ll be rewarded for your investment. $3 dye can give you a considerable return on your money—especially when we consider how stylish homemade jeans are!

11. DIY Bow-Tie

Crafting your perfect bow tie doesn’t have to be a hassle! With the help of various online tutorials, you can transform those old neckties into delightful creations in no time. It’s so easy that it’ll seem like a breeze!

Final Words

We hope you found these creative fashion ideas helpful in providing some DIY goals for the near future. From upcycling old jeans into shorts or repurposing a t-shirt to paint on fabric with water-based ink, there are plenty of possibilities for expressing yourself through your wardrobe without breaking the bank. With creativity and determination, anyone can create unique pieces that stand out from the crowd. So don’t be afraid to try something new.

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