100 Years of Men’s Hairstyles: 1910 – 2010s

November 3, 2015
1910s Men's Hairstyle
1910s Men’s Hairstyle: Samuel pulls off a neat, short slicked back hairstyle.

Cut.com celebrates Movember with a new video featuring one hundred years of men’s hairstyles. Model and musician Samuel Orson is front and center for the intriguing outing. Easily adapting to quite the series of transformations, Samuel pulls off everything from a severe 1920s center part to a 1990s grunge hairstyle inspired by Kurt Cobain.

1920s Men's Hairstyle
1920s Men’s Hairstyle: Samuel rocks slicked back hair and a severe center part.
1930s Men's Hairstyle
1930s Men’s Hairstyle: Inspired by Clark Gable, Samuel wears slicked-back hair with a side part.
1940s Men's Hairstyle
1940s Men’s Hairstyle: Samuel gets a chic coif as he champions sailor style.
1950s Men's Hairstyle
1950s Men’s Hairstyle: Modeled after Elvis Presley, Samuel gets a pompadour hairstyle.
1960s Men's Hairstyle
1960s Men’s Hairstyle: Samuel rocks a Beatles-style bowl cut.
1970s Men's Hairstyle
1970s Men’s Hairstyle: Samuel channels his inner hippie with long hair parted down the center.
1980s Men's Hairstyle
1980s Men’s Hairstyle: Inspired by Michael Douglas in Wall Street, Samuel dons a medium-length hairstyle styled with product.
1990s Men's Hairstyle
1990s Men’s Hairstyle: Looking to grunge icons such as Kurt Cobain, Samuel wears a no-fuss long hairstyle, a style great for men with curly hair.
2000s Men's Hairstyle
2000s Men’s Hairstyle: Samuel gets a boost in the volume department with a stylized faux mohawk.
2010s Men's Hairstyle
2010s Men’s Hairstyle: Samuel taps into the current man bun trend.

Men’s Hairstyle Inspiration References

Research: Christopher Santo Domingo Chan
Hair & Styling: Michelle Rein
Facial Hair & Styling: Guy Rodriguez
Makeup: Katya Gudaeva

Images courtesy of Cut.com