A Guide to Polarized Sunglasses for Athletic Men

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Sunglasses are undoubtedly one of the top accessories that stylish men must own. Although these eyewear pieces ranging from anti-reflective to polarized sunglasses, can elevate an outfit, surprisingly, many people admit they don’t wear accessories very often.

A OnePoll survey commissioned by Maui Jim revealed that 39% of Americans believe that sunglasses should only be worn for summer. Approximately 24% of respondents even admitted that they’re unaware that playing sports in the sun can affect their eyes, so they don’t wear their sunglasses during sporting activities.

So, consider wearing polarized styles if you want to play better and look better during games. And here’s why you need to wear polarized sunglasses over any ordinary pairs:

Why Polarized Sunglasses Are Important for Athletic Men

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Ordinary sunglasses are undoubtedly a great accessory. However, you’ll need the unique features that come with polarized sunglasses if you want to protect your eyes, improve your vision, and look stylish all at the same time.

In fact, high-quality polarized styles are one of the essentials that you should bring to the beach because they can effectively block 100% of UVA and UVB rays. They can effectively shield your eyes from the sun, even while you go fishing or boating on overcast days.

Polarized styles have also become popular among men that ski, fish, golf, or do water sports because they can improve visual performance. The special filters of these lenses block intense reflected light from the water and other types of surfaces, which can boost the visibility of your surroundings and even reduce your likelihood of getting eye strain.

3 Styles of Polarized Sunglasses for Fashionable & Sporty Men

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Classic Aviator Style

The aviator was first developed to protect pilots’ eyes from the sun’s glare. However, aviators have become somewhat iconic thanks to movie stars like Tom Cruise.

Due to the model’s rich history, it’s not surprising that aviators remain one of the best-selling styles for polarized sunglasses on retailers like Eyebuydirect. The sunglasses were initially made to block the sun’s glare, and cutting-edge polarized lens technologies have only gone on to improve overall performance. 

In addition, the unique teardrop shape on Eyebuydirect’s Good Vibrations aviator sunglasses complements various face shapes, which is why it can help elevate sporty outfits or casual athleisure looks.

High-wrap Frames

If you like experimenting with your style, you may enjoy wearing high-wrap frames whenever you go out. These sunglasses have curved bases, making them look quite futuristic.

One of the best-selling sunglasses for men is Oakley Split Shot, which has a high-wrap frame. Oakley is quite famous for their sports sunglasses, which is why the Split Shot has a high wrap frame for better protection and coverage. You can even get Oakley Split Shot sunglasses with HDPolarized lenses to block the sun’s glare as you play different sports.

Sporty Silhouettes

The features most sports sunglasses incorporate are generally there for practical reasons. However, these key features can also add a pop of color to your outfit and make you look more sophisticated.

For instance, Maui Jim’s polarized rectangular sunglasses, Pokowai Arch, has a red mirror coating that gives the lenses a beautiful gradient effect. This feature enhances the impact of polarized lenses by increasing your vision’s color enhancement and clarity. You can even make these sporty sunglasses look more stylish by giving their frame a matte or glossy finishing treatment.

Final Words

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You don’t have to choose between style and comfort when it comes to polarized sunglasses for men. These sunglasses have effective features and come in a wide variety of designs, making them perfect for athletic men. Whether choosing aviators, high-wrap frames, or sporty silhouettes, you can be a style star.

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