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Published April 13, 2023

Pedro Pascal April May 2023 Cover Esquire
Pedro Pascal covers the April/May 2023 issue of Esquire. Pascal wears a Dolce & Gabbana leather jacket with an AMI tank and a Werkstatt necklace. Photo: Norman Jean Roy / Esquire

After making a bold statement in brilliant yellow at a recent event for the third season of The Mandalorian on Disney+, Pedro Pascal finds himself at the center of attention again. Gracing the cover of the April/May 2023 issue of Esquire, Pascal exudes effortless style, donning a Dolce & Gabbana leather jacket coupled with an AMI mesh tank.

Capturing Pascal’s gritty edge, the talented Norman Jean Roy is the photographer for the occasion. At the same time, Bill Mullen oversees styling, assembling a rugged wardrobe from reputable brands such as Double RL. To complete the look, Coco Ullrich leads Pascal’s grooming.

Pedro Pascal Esquire 2023 Photoshoot

Pedro Pascal Photoshoot 2023 Esquire Dolce Gabbana
Pedro Pascal wears a red leather jacket and distressed henley by Dolce & Gabbana with a necklace by Werkstatt and a Title of Work bracelet. Photo: Norman Jean Roy / Esquire

Pedro Pascal talks to Esquire Editor-at-Large Dave Holmes for the magazine feature. Regarding middle age, the 48-year-old actor shares, “I had a moment of thinking, You’re in your forties, and you don’t own a home? Grow up.” However, Pascal explains, “I’m relinquishing expectations around what it is to be middle-aged and what it means to be fully grown up. Why am I trying to force a square shape into a triangle? I just don’t want to make any decisions.”

Pedro Pascal Photoshoot 2023 Esquire Double RL
Actor Pedro Pascal wears a Double RL vest and jeans with a Britt Bolton ring and a bracelet and ring by Title of Work. Photo: Norman Jean Roy / Esquire

When reflecting on his career path, Pascal expresses his concerns and doubts, stating, “I died so many deaths. My vision of it was that if I didn’t have some major exposure by the time I was twenty-nine years old, it was over, so I was constantly readjusting what it meant to commit my life to this profession and giving up the idea of it looking like I thought it would when I was a kid. There were so many good reasons to let that delusion go.”

Discussing the trajectory of his character in the second season of The Last of Us, Pascal reveals, “It wouldn’t make sense to follow the first game so faithfully only to stray severely from the path. So, yeah, that’s my honest answer.”

On working with the Grogu puppet in The Mandalorian, Pascal shares his appreciation for its natural features, stating, “Its eyebrows and eyes and lips and jaw muscles and ears and everything move in the most realistic way; it feels like a very real scene partner.”

Regarding plans and aspirations, Pascal admits, “What’s next? I have no f*cking idea. I just hope that I have the maturity to not chase something that would mean more from the outside.”

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