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Updated December 7, 2023

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Explore the different types of mustache styles.

The mustache, an ever-evolving symbol of style and persona, has captivated the attention of men through generations. It’s not just a feature of facial hair but a statement of character and a reflection of the times.

In this exploration, we journey through the most iconic and popular mustache styles, each holding a mirror to the shifting tides of men’s fashion and cultural trends.

Iconic & Popular Mustache Styles

From the thick and robust Chevron, a classic hallmark of masculinity, to the distinct and edgy Zappa mustache, these styles transcend trends—they embody personal expression and aesthetic preference.

The Chevron Mustache: Rugged Refinement

Brad Pitt Chevron Mustache PhotoPin
Embodying a rugged charm, the Chevron mustache worn by Brad Pitt offers a bold yet refined statement. Photo: French_Touch / Deposit Photos

With its thick, wide coverage across the top lip, the Chevron mustache is an emblem of masculinity. Hair icons like Brad Pitt champion this style and convey a no-nonsense attitude.

The Chevron’s neat yet prominent appearance can be effortlessly maintained with the right tools. For instance, the cut throat club shaving kit is perfect for crafting and upkeeping this and other mustache styles.

Requiring minimal styling, the Chevron thrives on natural growth and occasional trimming. Its bold visual impact and ease of care make it a practical yet robust choice for those seeking to make a statement with minimal daily effort.

The Full Mustache: A Timeless Classic

Nick Offerman Full MustachePin
A testament to timeless grooming, the Full mustache worn by Nick Offerman boasts a full-bodied impact. Photo: s_bukley / Deposit Photos

The Full mustache style is a tribute to the meticulously groomed, full-bodied facial hair that garners instant respect. Popularized by esteemed figures, it evokes a sense of tradition and commitment to personal upkeep.

The style’s ample volume paired with well-defined edges represents a deliberate choice, a nod to the past yet fully anchored in the present. Its signature says less about trends and more about timeless, individual distinction.

The Fu Manchu Mustache: A Spirited Undertaking

John Axford Fu Manchu MustachePin
The Fu Manchu mustache, worn by John Axford, makes a bold statement with its long, downward whiskers. IMAGO / ZUMA Wire

The Fu Manchu mustache is unique, with long, downward-pointing ends extending past the chin, often growing from the corners of the upper lip. This mustache is named after a fictional character and is often associated with a dramatic flair.

It requires patience to grow the whiskers to the desired length and maintain them well-groomed and separated from the rest of the facial hair. The Fu Manchu can project an image of wisdom and intrigue, and while it is not as commonly seen in everyday fashion, it remains a popular choice for those looking to make a statement with their facial hair.

The Handlebar Mustache: Twirled Ends of Personality

Rollie Fingers Handlebar MustachePin
With twirled ends, the Handlebar mustache worn by Rollie Fingers harkens back to a bygone era. Photos: Family Fun Centers via, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons / slgckgc, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Handlebar mustache is renowned for its curved ends that spiral toward the heavens, a distinctive feature that requires both patience and pomade to maintain. This style speaks of vintage charm and a playful spirit, often associated with baristas and bartenders in trendy establishments but also with actors such as Clark Gable in the golden age of Hollywood.

It’s a whimsical yet calculated choice for those who dare to don a dash of theatrical flair in their daily ensemble.

The Horseshoe Mustache: A Bold Statement

John Travolta Horseshoe MustachePin
John Travolta sports the Horseshoe mustache, which is distinctive in its boldness and unapologetic character. Photo: s_bukley / Deposit Photos

The Horseshoe mustache is distinguished by its thick, long bars pointing downwards, resembling the shape of a horseshoe. This style is assertively masculine and has been a chosen look for many, including the iconic John Travolta.

It’s a style that demands attention and conveys an intense, often rebellious personality. The Horseshoe is not for the faint-hearted; it’s a mustache that tells a story of adventure and an unbridled spirit.

The Natural Mustache: Effortless Style

Michael B Jordan Natural MustachePin
A natural mustache by Michael B Jordan exudes effortless charm, complementing the smile with its unforced style. Photo: imagepressagency / Deposit Photos

The Natural mustache is a versatile, low-maintenance style that works well for those seeking a subtle facial hair accent. It follows the natural growth pattern and shape of the wearer’s upper lip without the need for excessive styling or grooming products.

This mustache suits various facial types and is particularly appealing for its ease of care, making it an ideal choice for a man on the go. It adds a touch of sophistication and maturity to one’s appearance while maintaining an approachable and down-to-earth vibe.

The Painter’s Brush Mustache: A Stroke of Style

Tom Selleck Painter's Brush MustachePin
Tom Selleck sports a classic Painter’s Brush mustache. Photo: s_bukley / Deposit Photos

The Painter’s Brush mustache is characterized by its thick, full appearance, neatly trimmed to the shape of the upper lip. This style is straightforward and unpretentious, often chosen by men who prefer a robust yet refined look.

It’s been famously worn by actors like Tom Selleck. The Painter’s Brush symbolizes masculine poise, offering a versatile and timeless look.

The Pencil Mustache: The Touch of the Minimalist

John Waters Pencil MustachePin
Sleek precision frames the conversation with a pencil mustache worn by John Waters. Photo: s_bukley / Deposit Photos

Revered for its understated appeal, the pencil mustache is a fine line of sophistication that traces the upper lip precisely. This style became a hallmark of the silver screen’s golden era.

A subtle yet striking choice, famous men like director John Waters have sported the pencil mustache. It’s a look that complements a sharp wardrobe and a keen sense of style, requiring a steady hand and an eye for detail, evoking an artistic flair that’s as much about personal expression as it is grooming.

The Pryamid Mustache: Sharp Style Personified

Colin Farrell Pyramid MustachePin
Colin Farrell rocks the Pyramid mustache, a striking statement of precision and modernity. Photo: PopularImages / Deposit Photos

The Pyramid mustache is a distinctive style characterized by its triangular shape, with the base along the upper lip and the point centered below the nose. Its precise look adds a modern, edgy touch to the classic mustache.

This style, which adds a dash of artistic flair, has been embraced by actors like Colin Farrell, who carry it with a blend of intensity and finesse.

The Shadow Mustache: Subtlety At Its Finest

John Legend Shadow MustachePin
John Legend wears a Shadow mustache, which showcases effortless sophistication with a touch of modern edge. Photo: s_bukley / Deposit Photos

The Shadow mustache, often seen as the early stages of growth, offers a hint of ruggedness without overwhelming the face. This subtle style enhances the natural contours without maintaining a full mustache.

It’s been sported by stylish men like John Legend, who blends casual sophistication with effortless charm. The Shadow mustache works well for men who prefer a less-is-more approach to facial hair, delivering a touch of mystery and modernity.

The Toothbrush Mustache: Emblem of Silent Film

Charlie Chaplin Toothbrush MustachePin
Charlie Chaplin’s famous Toothbrush mustache reflects a bygone cinematic era—an iconic symbol of silent film lore. Photo: IMAGO / United Archives

The toothbrush mustache, often recognized as part of Charlie Chaplin’s legendary screen persona, stands out for its unique and defined rectangular shape. Though less common today, this distinct style remains a piece of cinematic history, instantly recalling the silent film era’s charm and Chaplin’s endearing comedy.

It’s a style that represents a bygone era, embodying early film actors’ simplicity and exaggerated expression.

The Walrus Mustache: A Sweep of Vintage Character

Sam Elliott Walrus MustachePin
Worn by Sam Elliott, the Walrus mustache is a grand, sweeping statement of classic masculinity. Photo: s_bukley / Deposit Photos

The Walrus mustache is a voluminous, often bushy style that drapes over the upper lip, reminiscent of the whiskers of its marine mammal namesake. It’s a style favored by men of substance and character, such as actor Sam Elliott, known for his roles as quintessential cowboys and rugged heroes.

This mustache requires confidence and patience to grow, serving as a statement of vintage appeal and contemporary boldness.

The Zappa Mustache: The PErsona

Frank Zappa MustachePin
The Zappa mustache, famously worn by Frank Zappa, stands out with its robust thickness and soul patch combo, offering a daring yet calculated look. Photo: Discreet Records, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The Zappa mustache, named after the legendary musician Frank Zappa, is an expressive style that combines a wide, bushy mustache with a prominent soul patch beneath the lower lip. This iconic look makes a strong statement of individuality and has been associated with artistic flair and a rebellious attitude.

It is distinguished by its full horizontal line that sits comfortably between the nose and the upper lip, typically extending slightly past the corners of the mouth. The Zappa mustache is perfect for those wishing to channel a bit of rock and roll charisma into their everyday style.

The Mustache: A Portrait of Persona

Jason Schwartzman MustachePin
Jason Schwartzman wears a popular Chevron mustache. Photo: Jean_Nelson / Deposit Photos

The mustache is a timeless icon, not just of style but of persona and cultural resonance. From the Chevron’s rugged simplicity to the Handlebar’s whimsical curls, each style we’ve explored carries its narrative, reflecting personal tastes and broader societal trends. These mustaches are statements of identity, blending the past sentiments with the present sensibilities.

Whether the boldness of the Horseshoe inspires you, the subtle sophistication of the Natural, or the artistic minimalism of the Pencil, remember that each mustache style is a journey of self-expression. Embrace the one that resonates with your personal story and fashion sense.

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