Model to Watch | Peter Bruder Exclusive

May 18, 2010

Model to Watch | Peter Bruder Exclusive

Following our exclusive look at Peter Bruder’s Berlin shoot with photographer David Fischer, we round out a fun effort with an interview with one of Viva’s bright young stars. Literally discovered on the footsteps of his university, Peter is a well-rounded model at the age of 21. From the unexpected evening in with a glass of wine in hand to an avid sports aficionado or a creative nature at heart, Peter possesses a certain charm that will no doubt aid him in his future endeavors.

How is life treating you?

Peter Bruder: I would not dare to complain…Life is good to me.

How were you scouted?

Peter: In my flat share, we were too lazy to apply Internet. That’s why I was always sitting in front of my university and that’s where somebody asked if [I was] interested in modeling. First I thought he [wanted] to fool me, but after a couple of emails I was convinced to give it a try. 🙂

Model to Watch | Peter Bruder Exclusive

How did your friends and family react?

Peter: I didn’t tell my friends, but my family was surprised and a lil disappointed. But after the first success I think they were quite proud.

How has modeling changed your day to day life?

Peter: It totally changed, now I really enjoy everyday and everyday I see something new. But I also miss my daily routine sometimes.

Model to Watch | Peter Bruder Exclusive

How long have you been modeling?

Peter: Half a year and a little bit more, I started in June 09.

What was your first show?

Peter: On my first working day as a model, I had three shows, Costume National, Burberry and Trussardi. I was so impressed by everything and shocked that I walked like a robot, staring at one point and if course my heart was exploding every second. 😀

Model to Watch | Peter Bruder Exclusive

Loved your editorial for Numéro Homme-what was the actual shoot like?

Peter: It was a really nice shooting day, especially because my roommate Theo was shooting with me. It felt a little bit like I was in a movie because Jean-Baptiste always said action and then we went in a group towards the camera. Before he gave us very funny instructions [on] how we [were supposed to] behave. I loved every picture we made that day, also those which were not used for the magazine.

So, how do you and fashion get along?

Peter: Before I never [thought] about fashion. I didn’t even know any brands when I started. Now I’m more critical towards it, but in general I love my job and if course the beautiful side of fashion.

Model to Watch | Peter Bruder Exclusive

How would you describe your personal style?

Peter: That’s always changing. I like colours, clothes and soft fabrics, but in general I look like the nice guy next door.

Google yourself?

Peter: That’s the business of my mother, but if course when I liked a job, I Google myself and save pictures for [memories].

Model to Watch | Peter Bruder Exclusive

What’s your favorite color?

Peter: A mix of grey-brown and blue =)

What do you like to do during your free time?

Peter: Doing, listening to music, doing photography, editing pictures, being creative in arts, hanging around and going to parties with my friends, but also staying at home with a good glass of wine and just relaxing. Also I like nearly any kind of sport, especially tournaments with my friends.

Model to Watch | Peter Bruder Exclusive

What are your plans after modeling?

Peter: I want to go back to the university, but not to continue studying law. I have so many ideas and wishes [about] what I can do after [modeling, but] I hope I’ll find the right thing for me during my [career] as a model.

Finally, create a playlist of five songs…

Peter: Mark Snow – Song for No One
Calvin Harris – Yeah yeah yeah La la la
Ben Harper – Burn One Down
Zero 7 – In the Waiting Line
nearly everything from the Jackson 5